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Nov 15, 2015 sissoucat commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.
@73 LavaGirl

When I'll be less upset, in a week or so, I'll be happy to read your objections to my post #72. Now I'm not quite in my usual state.

Thanks all for your outpouring of love towards France and Paris.

Nov 15, 2015 sissoucat commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.
Just in from the supervisor : school reopens on monday, staff to wear all black, to talk with students instead of teaching (internet resources provided to do it right), classes cut short for assembly of all staff and students outside and minute of silence at 12:00.
Nov 15, 2015 sissoucat commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.
@LavaGirl : oh, I'm sorry, I think I mistook you for Grizelda yesterday - it seems I was a bit too shocked to really pay attention.

I think I'll have to let my students express themselves on monday, and probably on tuesday as well, so we can work afterwards. Our highschool was closed on saturday, we're waiting for an official statement of reopening from the highschool supervisor later today. Our students are allmost all born and raised in France, but many of their parents have multicultural origins - so we have to deal with students having both multicultural sensitivities and French stubborn loudmouth know-it-all-ness, aggressivity and self-misery. This will probably be an interesting time.

And for us adults, many thanks for providing a safe space for expressing ourselves on this occasion, Dan. It helps.
Nov 15, 2015 sissoucat commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.

While I completely agree with you about France and other European countries having exploited foreign countries where Islam is the predominent religion, I disagree about your point that what happened in Algeria, of all those countries, during its conquest almost two centuries ago, or during its independence war some 60 years ago, has anything to do with the current events.

It has a lot more to do with France currently participating in the Western coalition against ISIS, or however these bloodthirsty, enslaving male Arab supremacists call themselves, than on two wars that happened when the parents of the current barbarians were not even born.

Besides, France has had, since 1962, a long history of very cordial state-level relationships with Muslim countries. France easily gives refugee status to Middle East or Africa political opponents of all sides.

Ayatollah Khomeini was once a refugee in France - not the wisest of moves, but still, it happened. France didn't participate in the war against Iraq, and strongly advised the US against it, remember ? I remember the backlash from the US, the Freedom fries, the hate online, and an American teacher visiting France telling me, to my face, that if France didn't join the US on that war, the US would declare war on France. Utter bullshit. France also has had a listening ear to the plight of Palestinians and Arab Israelis, with our UNO diplomacy always trying to curb the murderous wars Israeli far-right rulers frequently launch against these populations - and Nethanyou hates it so much he keeps asking French citizens of Jewish heritage to leave everything behind and come 'home' in his own warring country. Most are not that stupid and stay home in France.

And, last but not least, wealthy Muslim World rulers and their families love spending time in Paris, and Qatar, not the most democratic of Muslim states, does own the best of the French soccer teams.

Of course, Arab rulers of current Algeria love to point the finger at France's responsability from that Algeria War whenever things go bad in their country, because when one can deflect blame from their own shortcomings elsewhere so easily, why not do it ?

One thing that has everything to do with Algeria's War though, is that despicable party Front National, founded by Lt Le Pen who made a name for himself because of his torturing skills and glee in the whole of Algeria, in both the Indigenous and European populations. "Do not fall in Le Pen's hands" remembered my grandmother, a teacher who lived part of that war in Algeria. Nowadays Le Pen's daughter is trying to exclude him from his own party because he hurts her chances politically with his obvious and provocative racist and antisemitist and holocaust-denying ways.
Nov 14, 2015 sissoucat commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.
Thanks LavaGirl.
Nov 14, 2015 sissoucat commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.

Sorry I missed on first reading your concern for me. I'm probably more okay than most, since I stayed clear of news sources for the day, and kept the kids inside playing on the computers. I'm not aware yet of anybody I know being a victim. Thanks for your kind thoughts.
Nov 14, 2015 sissoucat commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.
Hi Grizelda. Thanks for your kind concern. Everyone I know is safe. Following official recommandations, we stayed at home today. Besides, schools and colleges were shut for saturday. Music academies were shut as well. Monday, classes will open again.

As far as I know now, there are over 127 dead and around 200 hurt people, half of them in critical state ; the dead count is expected to raise. Many of my friends are deeply shocked. I've avoided TV or radio reports of this tragedy to stay sane. Most people are not afraid, they are very angry, and feel in chaos.

What happened in Strasbourg has nothing to do with terrorists. A essay train that was run to safeproof a new track derailed. Engineers and technicians on board died. It's an industrial disaster, not a terrorist one.

@Ricardo : Algeria was under the thumb of the Ottoman Empire when it was conquered by France. It's never been a free standing country, ever since it was conquered by the Arabs in the 7th or 8th century, and forcingly converted to Islam. There are deep divides in that country, the Berber people hate being under control (and under fire) of the Arabs. Many Algerians leave their country to come and find a better life in France - something they would never do, if resentment against France was slowly building up as you say.

Besides, when Algeria's rulers fall sick, they run to France to be cared for in French military hospitals.

As for the way people from Mahgreb are treated in France, it pales in comparison with the way Black people are treated in the US. Mahgreb people are very eager to become French citizen and thus to be spared being sent back to their country. Sure there is racism in France, but not to the point of systematic murder by policemen or so-called vigilantes.

Front National is a far-right party, akin to your Republicans. They represent 20% of votes. They are the people who regret that the Nazis didn't stay in France, and who want a "white" country. They are our scum, and the only ones likely to assault Berber, Arab, Black French citizens. I couldn't be friend with a FN voter. They're morons regretting the Nazi collaborationnists loosing WWII.
Nov 6, 2015 sissoucat commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Not a Rescue.

You seem to misunderstand the effects of a minor being raped by a relative. It's a lifelong trauma. She must get professional help as soon as possible, but that won't make the rape disappear. She will live with the consequences of what happened to her for the rest of her life, whatever help she gets : the help she needs is in learning how to have a good-enough life from now on, and how to manage the inevitable down periods she'll have for the rest of her life.

@Ricardo, Crinoline

I quite agree with your analysis.

Oct 29, 2015 sissoucat commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Red Sweater Code.

If you like that much to revel on atrocity happening to others, for the sake of it being "a good story that hasn't been told", there are a world of websites out there who are made to cater for your morbid curiosity. Why don't you go and have a look at them instead of stalking Dan ?

I find your posts on this thread totally self-centered and insensitive. Do tell what happened in your life to behave as a such jerk. It's a story that hasn't been told yet ! Come on, spill the beans !
Oct 27, 2015 sissoucat commented on SL Letter of the Day: Does Nothing For Her.
@4 I vote for a typo. Being annoyed or turned off is not 'nothing happening' at all.