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Apr 14 sissoucat commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
Your ex has excellent taste. I love Django à la Créole and have their 3 CDs, which is no small feat since I'm not the collecting type. I try to go to their concert at least once a year when they're in France.

Evan Christopher is very cute in addition of being an amazing clarinettist, and on top of all that he's quite nice and friendly, and totally the gentleman. Whenever I mention Django à la Créole my kids joke "E-van is her boy-friend !" - even when I insist I don't have crushes on wedding-band wearing men. I've been told Don Vappie will join them in remplacement of Dave Blenkhorn, who can't tour as much since he's got a young family.

They're often in the US as well, and if you can go see them, I engage you to : you will definitely not lose your time !

Apr 13 sissoucat commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
@laurax Oh, I get it now - sorry, non-native speaker here. Thanks for your kind explanation !
Apr 13 sissoucat commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.

It sounds like a male invented this question. How can anyone who's had periods, ever consider the possibility of the occurence of "a period of two weeks or more, inducing no depressed feelings" ?
Apr 13 sissoucat commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
@62 I think I'm falling in love all over again : on top of everything else you're Creole with winemakers in your ancestry ! Swoon !

If you ever come to France, tell people your family is from Louisiana, they'll love you instantly : we're very big on distant sons and daughters who've been smothered by the evil Anglo-Saxons - probably because for once we're not the ones who did the smothering. Ask the Quebecois : we love them to bits.

Do you, by any chance, like New Orleans jazz and the band Django à la Créole ?

As for nicer laws for workers, well, we wouldn't ever have had them, had we not been in close proximity with communist states, and had the capitalists not been so afraid of losing all of their money in a sudden revolution, that they were ready to accommodate for some basic rights (like 30mn of paid time, used for the midday meal : do you have that ?). Nowadays communism is gone and the capitalists push back and we're gradually losing all those rights our ancestors fought for. Because "recession" and "austerity". There is no austerity for the 1%.
Apr 12 sissoucat commented on Police Beat: The Chicken of the Dog.
Chickens are locked chickens or are dead chickens in rural France.

Of course dogs chase chickens and kill them if they can, just like cats chase mice and kill them if they can ; doesn't mean they'll eat them, because they do it mostly for FUN. Just like we humans do. Have you never seen human kids chase pigeons ? Young kids would definitely kick them if they could catch them.

As for the training idea, farm dogs learn pretty fast not to chase their own chickens once they've killed their first, but chickens will never learn not to invade the neighbour's land. So in any case those chickens must be fenced, and then training the dog becomes optional. Besides, with no killed chicken to shame the dog into "never again", I don't see how the training could take hold.

As for chickens flying over the fence : any responsible chicken owner knows how to cut just one feather on the tip of one wing so that the bird can't fly.

So, nothing new under the sun.
Apr 12 sissoucat commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.

Has your "rhone" anything to do with our Rhône river ? I've been wondering, cher étalon zain.

I think there is a French legislation that allows workers to have their own set of toilets, separate from the public ones, even in a bar - because as far as I know, there's always a locked door labelled "private" or "employees only" in close proximity to the bar toilets, and I've often wished I could have access to those less filthy toilets. I can't see that happening on the bar owners own good willing, there must me some legislation at work. But I could be mistaken, and that door could just hide a clothes closet ; I don't know.

In the early 20th century, I'm definite that female field workers in southern France peed clothed and standing. They had panties on that had no cloth between the legs, and long dresses. So they would just stand still for some time and there would be a puddle undernearth and voilà ! That's how the grannies in southern France remembered it in the 80s.

As for toilets being made dirty by women who won't sit and pee all over them, as another commenter mentioned, I don't go in male toilets, but unisex toilets are by far more pee covered than female toilets in France (so I would never sit on them). And I don't think females can pee on the walls, can they ?
Apr 11 sissoucat commented on Fox News Blows Lid Off Spring Break Blow.
Edit : "for real" ?
Apr 11 sissoucat commented on Fox News Blows Lid Off Spring Break Blow.
What's weirdest is that those Fox segments are real.
Apr 11 sissoucat commented on Murrysville School Knife Attack: "The dead take no selfies.".
@1, 24

Yummy handle.

I'm hungry now.
Apr 11 sissoucat commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
@48 I was so glad of the link,

I forgot to yell at you for finding an excuse to put a fucking fictional patriarchist up there,

thanks, ha ha, to the Red Sea of Exodus, which is just the Septuagint mistranslation of Yam Suph, the Reed Sea, so a shallow (and a lot less dramatic) salt lake, actually claimed to have been crossed on dry footing in the Torah.

Very bad taste there.

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