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Nov 28 Michael of the Green commented on New Star Wars Trailer Features No Wars Fought Among the Stars.
"Wouldn't it be cool if" is part of how I loved the originals. So yeah, I've a boner for rolling robot.
Nov 28 Michael of the Green commented on Ho-Ho-Holy Shit: Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas Is Fucking INSANE!.
Just curious: how are 2 theaters supporting this movie? How many people were at your showing? Even the trailer was pity-inducing. Obviously, not much was spent on the movie, but how can this possibly make anything at all? Who is going? Guess I'm naive about this stuff, but I don't imagine that even bible-belt, best-buy-campers would waste their time on this.
Nov 22 Michael of the Green commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
Effervescing Elephant was the first song I learned on guitar. Get that one on your zoo playlist. Terrapin is easy guitar also. .
Nov 19 Michael of the Green commented on Christian Sex Toy Store or Missing Spice Girl?.
Funny they sell products labeled "naughty". How's that work?
Nov 10 Michael of the Green commented on The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club: G.I. Ginger!.
This was awful, like awful enough to consider ditching this show. The "monsters" are even more hilariously not-dangerous than usual, what with people brushing them off like flies, and blowing their heads off with... water. You'd think that, even with a toss-off episode like this, they could at least manage a scare or two. As it is, I think a zombie would make a novel pet.

And I admit I didn't watch last season, so I might be unqualified here, but I think ginger has an emotional disorder that cannot be explained by things taking place.
Nov 9 Michael of the Green commented on Imagine a Columbia Center Packed with Micro-Apartments.
Like a cruise ship stood on end.
Nov 6 Michael of the Green commented on Kelly O, Can I Nominate This Guy for Drunk of the Week?.
I've done this walk home, and I still think Nipper is an asshole. Only one layer of this is funny, and it's not Mike's reposting on SLOG. Intern, I'm guessing?
Nov 4 Michael of the Green commented on Anti-Gay Haters Reserve the Right to Discriminate Against Homosexuals On the Down Low.
Can someone please figure out what that woman's business is? And the business of the father of the child being made to wear that other one? There must be a way.

And I know CPS couldn't (and shouldn't) be involved for this sort of thing, but ugh, I feel for that child's future. Nice to saddle the children with things they'll be ashamed of in 10 years.
Nov 3 Michael of the Green commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Butt Plug Blooms in Pennsylvania, Readers Respond to Jonathan, Jonathan Responds to Readers.
To be fair, Jonathan's reaction is just the sort that Dan loves to elicit, and it's easy to imagine Mayberry folks being at least a little taken aback by what must be a jarring first look at a savage love column! What are the chances that his introduction to Dan Savage would be one where the guy recommends buying a butt-plug for his son? It's worth a laugh and easy to judge the guy, but have some empathy for the poor fella. It's like getting screwed for the first time without any foreplay or adequate lube!

If you're still reading comments, Jon, take a listen to this monologue by Dan Savage that might move you a little and give you some perspective on Dan as a parent:

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