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Feb 11 dirge commented on Protesters Must Stop Attacking Public Forms of Transportation.
Is the SLUT actually public transportation?
I'm sure someone I know has used it once, probably.
Jan 28 dirge commented on Ridiculously Wealthy Man Apologizes for Comparing the Persecution of the Wealthy in America Today to Nazi Germany.
If he is so worried about the coming revolution against the 1%, there's an easy way for him to protect himself.

Jan 13 dirge commented on Nothing in America Ever Really Goes Away.
From here on out I'm just going to replace Driscoll in my mind's eye with season 1 Boyd Crowder, for comfort's sake.

Too much Driscoll on the mind leaves me feeling slimy.
Jan 8 dirge commented on Atheists Rejoice: Elected Official Takes Oath of Office While Wearing a Colander on His Head.
I'd like to apologize for the hostility displayed by my fellow TFSMer, #2.
We're not all like that.

I respect the intensity of his belief, but think that we should all just be happy that a elected official used his noodle.
Jan 2 dirge commented on Greedy, Greedy Minimum Wage Workers Ruin Everything!.
@13 I love your documentation. The studies you cite really opened my eyes. Reasoning from shaky foundations is the only way to design an economy.
Jan 2 dirge commented on Why We Eat.
In the South black eyed peas are comparatively a health food, so perhaps you are more likely to have good 'luck' if you have them at least one day a year.

Also, performing local rituals helps confirm you as part of the tribe. Being an 'other' is never good.
Dec 24, 2013 dirge commented on Amazon Cracks Down on Bigfoot Cock.
So vampire porn is fine (Anne Rice et al), but sasquatch porn is a nono?
Where do they stand on blackulas and wendigos?
The Tarrasque?
Dec 24, 2013 dirge commented on Six Californias? We Can Barely Stand the California We've Got!.
If people in California (or WA) want to live in different political climates, then they should move. Besides the fact that it's politically nigh-impossible, splitting up states or redrawing borders, just to meet the ephemeral whims of the political opposition, is a terrible idea. Any 'fix' would be outdated within a decade. We have open borders between states for a reason.

Nobody born since 1900 should be all that surprised by the current nature of CA politics. Not all that much has changed: subsidized extraction vs. environmental NIMBYism, industry riding big government contracts vs. labor wanting their cut, 'nativist' vs. immigrant, and everyone concerned about the water. "Forget it, Tim. It's Chinatown."
Dec 23, 2013 dirge commented on Bogus Craigslist Ad Unleashes Tornado of Stupidity, Confusion, and Threats of Legal Action.
Not B&E as there was no breaking.
Trespassing, maybe.

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