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Jun 18 dirge commented on A Victory in the Long War Over Seattle Math Education (and Yet the Struggle Is Not Over).
This is fantastic news.
Hopefully the new curriculum will be given a chance to succeed.
Jun 11 dirge commented on Dave Brat Says "Free Markets Is Not a Right or Left Issue," Also Says His Win "Came Straight Out of Heaven".
I don't understand how this is even a question.
Even the topic he was prepared for last night (minimum wage) elicited a nonsensical response.

I'd say that I pity this guy's students, but I actually pity the people that will be forced to listen to his students blather about the invisible hand and Mises and takings and all that.
Jun 11 dirge commented on Mayor Murray Hires Kate Joncas, “Highly Influential” Downtown Business Advocate, As Deputy Mayor.
So her reward for undue influence is more influence?
Jun 11 dirge commented on The Morning News: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Gets His Ass Handed to Him By a Tea Party Brat.
Apparently some Fox News personalities were in Brat's corner.
Sounds like Cantor just ran a staggeringly lazy campaign.
Jun 9 dirge commented on A Word on Thomas Piketty and Kindle.
I think the Kindle version just blames the poor for being shiftless. Or at least it will after the next update.
Jun 3 dirge commented on Thomas Piketty on The Colbert Report.
@2 The word doesn't fit at all.
Maybe Brissey thinks it means mild-mannered.
Jun 2 dirge commented on Youth Pastor Watch.
The article almost reads like an Onion piece, but it's too sad.
May 20 dirge commented on No Refunds In the Strip Club—And No Harry Potter DVD Givebacks.
She is named Nomi... is that ironic or meta or...
May 19 dirge commented on I'm Jewish, I Was at the Macklemore Show, and Here's What I Saw.
Witches' noses are always offensive.

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