Aug 21, 2014 dirge commented on The Morning News: Twenty-One Former Mars Hill Pastors File Formal Charges Against Mark Driscoll.
Now launching a kickstarter for Mirrored Doggles.
Aug 11, 2014 dirge commented on Atheist Cancels Kickstarter for a Book Comparing God to an Abusive Boyfriend.
Other groups that police themselves better: the gluten-intolerant, cat owners, people that don't completely hate Counting Crows, people that have never read the Harry Potter books.
Aug 7, 2014 dirge commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Does This Viral Video Make You Want to Stop Eating Beef?.
I don't eat it myself but I have no problem with people eating beef, provided they're willing to pay the true cost.

Without the massive subsidies the beef industry currently enjoys that T-bone would $50 at the store. That price is only going to go up as the nationwide drought becomes the new normal.
Jul 24, 2014 dirge commented on Paul Ryan Has a New Plan to Fine Poor People for Being Poor.
@6 Bush, Perry, Rubio
Jun 26, 2014 dirge commented on Dear Matt Lauer: Are You Kidding Me with This Shit?!?.
The basis for the first question is more legit, even if it's phrased horribly, with the weaselly "some people are speculating" phrase. Asking if it's why she got the job is low.

Barra has been tasked with rehabilitating GM's image and in her first video to the company said about the recall scandal, "As a member of the GM family and as a mom with a family of my own, this really hits home for me." She's the one being questioned by Congress and grilled by the media, so it's reasonable to question how a female CEO might change those optics.

The 2nd question is just pure sexism.
Jun 25, 2014 dirge commented on New Redskins Name Suggestions.
They should hold onto the Hog references.

Washington Pigskins
Washington Razorbacks
Washington Warthogs
Washington Swine
Washington Pork

Uniwatch had a more serious attempt at this:……

Jun 25, 2014 dirge commented on In Culture News: West of Lenin Burglarized, Big Book Distributor Buys Small Book Distributor, and Gary Oldman Is an Insufferable Prick.
Oldman is an old white man. Give one a podium and they'll say something wrong.

But he likes Krauthammer? That was too far.
Jun 18, 2014 dirge commented on A Victory in the Long War Over Seattle Math Education (and Yet the Struggle Is Not Over).
This is fantastic news.
Hopefully the new curriculum will be given a chance to succeed.