Jan 14, 2013 sara commented on Golden Globes 2013: Girls Rule.
I honestly could not tell if Jodie Foster was coming out or just extremely high...
Jan 10, 2013 sara commented on Amazon Reviewers Are Big Whiny Babies.
These people are clearly being over the top, but I don't think it's unreasonable to be pissed that an ebook version is not available, especially for a huge book like this (by, huge, I mean lots of pages). And lowering the rating by giving it 1 star is kinda the only leverage you have over publishers to pressure them to offer the book in the format you would like to purchase (or not purchasing at all and pirating instead, I suppose).

Yes, I have room in my apartment for a hardback book, but I don't necessarily want to carry it around everywhere with me, and it's going to be totally impractical for reading at the gym, reading on the subway if I have to stand, etc. etc. I totally support people not being into the ebook thing if they're not, but there's nothing inherently evil about people wanting a more portable method of carrying around books (plus, I can indulge my ADD tendencies...I'm currently switching around between at least 6 different books...). If price point is a concern, make the ebook more expensive for the first 4-6 months, but at least make it available!
Dec 28, 2012 sara commented on The Quiet Rise in DIY Abortions.
@ 5: I mean...it's bad if you don't want to be pregnant, which she did not...
Also, in general, pretty much always bad if you are FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. Did you read the article?
Dec 28, 2012 sara commented on The Quiet Rise in DIY Abortions.
@ 5: I mean...it's bad if you don't want to be pregnant, which she did not...
Dec 5, 2012 sara commented on Windows 8 Sure Isn't Wowing Them.
13: They should pay attention, because who is buying a lot of Office software? Businesses - may not buy every year, but they buy in volume. Older people who can actually afford to pay for it. I would guess most people under the age of 25 pirate stuff like Office rather than purchasing it.

And I did buy the new Office with my new computer, because it was all that was available - the menu thing is an add on.
Dec 5, 2012 sara commented on Windows 8 Sure Isn't Wowing Them.
I'm not sure Microsoft / Windows understands its core demographic, at all. They seem to want to compete with Apple as "cool" technology. Sorry, that market niche is already filled! You may not like it, but your core demographic is people who do not want things to look different or change, people who want things to be fundamentally easy to do for non-experts, people who don't want to invest time in learning a new system - corporate users, older users, and people who aren't as tech savvy. And actually, that's not a bad demographic to have - it is the majority of people - they just need to get over their egos and serve that demographic! (I include myself in this group - I still have yet to get used to the new Office fully even after using it for years and have installed a program that brings back the menus because I do not want my fucking word processor to be constantly changing/difficult to use).
Nov 26, 2012 sara commented on Let's Crowdsource This One, Shall We?.
This is totally normal vaginal discharge...also, I wonder if it's possible she has a yeast infection or just something funky going down there and is embarrassed, and that's the real reason she has not been up for sex?
Nov 8, 2012 sara commented on Ken Schram Says People Who "May Actually Be Pedophiles and/or Perverts" Could Be Posing as Transgender to Hang Out in Women's Locker Rooms.
Gotta say that I agree with 15 here! The video is obviously ridiculous, but this issue itself seems like a difficult one. I wonder if one solution would be to provide some private stalls/private showers - not perfect, but maybe an improvement over the current situation. I feel like acting like this is no big deal is pretty dismissive of all the women out there who have been victims of sexual assault and may be rightly freaked out by suddenly seeing a penis in what they perceive to be a single-gender area. And if I were a parent, I probably wouldn't want my kid randomly seeing a stranger's penis either (dad/brother is really, really different). Bottom line is, in a naked-person situation, it's going to be impossible to tell what 'gender' someone is when they've got a penis hanging out there, and given the context of sexual violence against women in our society, it's not hard to imagine while many women and girls will be really uncomfortable.

Note - I think this is really, really different from general bathroom issues where there is no public nudity. In that case, presumably no one is the wise and I don't see the issue.
Dec 22, 2011 sara commented on Top Four Ways to Get Kicked Off Your Southwest Flight Home.
I think commenter 2 is correct here - it's often more how people will deal with a complaint than the actual thing they were doing in the first place. I've actually usually seen SW flight attendants be OVERLY nice to people who are doing ridiculous things (i.e. a five minute argument with a man who wanted them to let him out onto the tarmac so he could smoke when our flight was delayed! And he didn't get kicked off, although it was threatened!)

However - so not cool with the kissing, that's something people should have the right to 'escalate' over because it's a ridiculous policy!

With 'being fat' - well, most airlines have this policy now, honestly. If the flight isn't full, they won't charge you for two seats, but if it is a full flight and you need two seats, they will - which seems fair enough, honestly. For example, you can choose to bring a young kid on a plane and have him/her sit in your lap for free, but you have to pay if you want an extra seat. You are paying by the seat, not by the person, and the airline would have to bump someone else off a full flight to accommodate someone who needs two seats.
Nov 30, 2011 sara commented on Fine. Balance the Budget Your Damn Self..
Easy, raise taxes?