Nov 18, 2014 ruthw commented on Death to Self-Checkout Machines.
I never looked at it that way. Never again --I'll wait in line so that someone who needs the job can keep their job! Thanks.
Jul 15, 2014 ruthw commented on Performing Race and a Dangerously White Production of The Mikado.
I've got a little list.....
Mar 6, 2014 ruthw commented on Widow of Murdered Ballard Man Forgives His Alleged Killer.
I'm a bit confused... at first there was all this talk about this kid being homeless -- where did that come from? Mr. Mudede even included a precious little anecdote quoting a black Ballard High student saying how hard a home was to get....
Why was this drivel reported in the first place?
Jan 30, 2014 ruthw commented on New Campaign Urges Parents to Ask "Is There a Gun in the Home?" Before Allowing Children Over to Play.
I've asked this question and the hostility with which it is met is amazing. I've also learned to ask about dogs... at my daughter's little school one family had "the sweetest" pitbulls and thought nothing of inviting kids over --mine never went.
So mine was the kid who stayed home a lot and read...
Sep 19, 2013 ruthw commented on Secretly Feeding Chicken Stock to Vegetarians.
"meat" shows up in all sorts of places you wouldn't expect it Gelatin is in yogurt!!!! I read the ingredients list on vanilla yogurt at the store and UGGGHHGG seriously Tillamook yougurt has gelatin in it!…
Apr 16, 2013 ruthw commented on Predictable Trolls Are Predictable.
Sue them -- An old fashioned response that works -- for emotional distress and sue them for every cent they have and the shirts off their backs.
Feb 21, 2013 ruthw commented on Note to Newsbusters.
Here's hoping a lot more people do click on Tim Minchin's pope song! Only probelm I have with it is its ear-worm quality that has =me hummung duptdaduptduptaaa duptdaduptduptaaa duptdaduptduptaaa duptdaduptduptaaa......
Feb 8, 2013 ruthw commented on Grand Jury Refusers: Five Months and Counting, Plus Solitary Since December.
Hey everyone, let's send them VALENTINES! THey need cheering up and need to know that people are thinking of them. Thanks for the addresses # 20,21
Feb 8, 2013 ruthw commented on Grand Jury Refusers: Five Months and Counting, Plus Solitary Since December.
These two young people are kind, nice Evergreen college kids and this is torture plain and simple by a reactionary and paranoid police state. WHERE DO I WRITE?? and To WHOM do I address this this EVIL situation???
Jan 29, 2013 ruthw commented on Yeah, I'm Sure All Those Millionaires in Congress Are Quaking at That "No Budget, No Pay" Provision.
This proves once again that the Republican Party is indeed the Party of Stupid . And that they think the rest of us are stupid too.