Jan 27 Clara T commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She's Wonderful! She's Perfect! (But I'd Like Bigger Boobs...).
Cleaning the poop off your chest before making extended eye contact with your Uber driver?
Jan 27 Clara T commented on UW Instructor Gets Doxxed, Harassed and Threatened After the Milo Yiannopoulos Protests.
Yeah Cauce is a weak leader, peter-principle type.8

And anyone who can't see the bright lines between free speech and hate speech and free apeech and criminal harassment is blinded by ideology.
Jan 25 Clara T commented on Trumphoria: Dow Jones Industrial Average Hits 20,000.
Correction is coming sooner rather than later - market has close to tripled in 8 years but gdp hasn't. Whole market's already a bubble as far as P/E goes. Recovery has been slow and steady but that just means the normal historical down-cycle will happen a little later than usual. Trump will do and say enough crazy destabilizing shit that eventually (and soon) some critical mass of investors will get spooked and the dominoes will go down.

That's my take anyway - went to all cash last week, so got my nickel behind the narrative I see playing out (admittedly from the cheap seats). 20-30 percent correction by summer 2018 is what I see in the crystal ball, might get left standing at the station but would rather bet that the dicks running shit now flame out sooner rather than later.
Jan 6 Clara T commented on Tacocat to Play Coachella Despite Its Owner's Odious Political Views.
Tacocat is one of the most saavy bands at staying in the media that I've ever scene. Someone in the band is a PT Barnum-type promotor in punk clothing. All news is good news apparently.

It's too bad that some other band hasn't filled this cultural slot because Tacocat is the most awful type of watered-down throwback no talent fun fun for the masses excuse for music and "movement." They're the Cherry Poppin' Daddies of this decade. In ten years you're gonna feel embarrassed every time you skim past them on your phone.

Jan 3 Clara T commented on Buffy the Psych Prof: Someone You Should Follow On Twitter.
Makes me cringe inside when college faculty pat their own backs by making public their students' struggles, even anonymously. That kid crying in your office wasn't about you.
Dec 16, 2016 Clara T commented on The Eternal Stupidity of the Trump Christmas.
Christmas lights are amazing - archetypal symbols in the darkest days of the year that light and fecundity will return to the world. I'm always touched that people will burn some calories to broadcast this deep ancient tradition. This year in particular when I took the time to hang mine it felt cathartic, like 2016 sucked but everything's gonna be alright.

Nov 22, 2016 Clara T commented on Getting High with the Queen Kisser.
Nice - like a not-overproduced episode of High Maintainance. @1 is right this would make a great column.
Nov 22, 2016 Clara T commented on Guest Editorial: Sawant’s Response to Mudede’s “Brazenly Dishonest” Argument About Anti-Trump Protests.
@13 yeah, aside from those 1.75 million more votes she won, she surely couldn't win American votes. Maybe if people like you would have stopped spouting the Breitbart-in-a-mirror paranoaic horseshit, right now, with back of hand to forehead, you'd be ruing the most left ever platform transitioning into the White House? Think how much cakier-and-eat-it-too that would be than this current genuine disaster you catalyzed. You could have remained the political hip and not have brutal run down the less-enfranchised in the process.
Nov 22, 2016 Clara T commented on Guest Editorial: Sawant’s Response to Mudede’s “Brazenly Dishonest” Argument About Anti-Trump Protests.
"Defeating the right wing will require everyone who agrees on opposing Trump's agenda to stand together against him ..."

And the obvious to everyone time for this was after Hillary won the nomination. Well, obvious to everyone who wasn't in a self-serving narrcissistic idealogier-than-thou snit. Those people thought they could continue to spew the sort of ridiculously out of balance vitriol at Clinton because deep down you thought she'd win, so why not get in some more shots and score some more points.

But guess what? Those of us who fucking told you that Trump certainly could win, so knock it off and get realistic, were fucking right. Don't tell me that in your heart-of-hearts if you could go back you wouldn't do it any different. You would go back and fight tooth and nail for the warty left centrism (and its most left ever platform) that you relentlessly demonized. If this isn't the case then you are actually a bad person, not just an insulated ideological narcissist.

So now we get a cataclysmic disaster of unprecedented at the federal level that is going to grind up the less-enfranchised like leftover pig parts. What you should be doing instead of acting aghast and outraged is ablutions and an apology tour for letting your narcissistic, self-serve idealism blind you to the part you were playing in increasing the chances this insane outcome was allowed to happen. Of course you'll never own this, because people who did what you did for the reasons you did as a pathology never do.

So probably I'm wasting key stroke talking truth to power here, but Charles is right - you ran the car into incoming traffic so for just a fucking minute why don't you regroup and let someone else steer? Note this is coming from a Bernie supporter and popularly-requested delegate who turned many voters his way without running down Clinton.
Nov 17, 2016 Clara T commented on "Awash in False Conspiracy Theories and Petulant Immaturity, Liberals Put Trump in the White House".
Hey, it's a big country - plenty of room for POC like Sawant to also ignore the collective wisdom of the bulk of POC.

You do realize that Clinton won more that 1 million more votes than Trump? And yet your camp keeps lunging at the "bad candidate" theory of why she lost. Wrong. You need to look at the self-involved, grandstanding, privileged white-left poor citizen theory for a better answer. We all live here - we all know exactly who this type is. You all fucked up but given the mindset of course you'll never own that.