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Jan 24 Clara T commented on Rape Jokes Aren't Edgy, but W. Kamau Bell Is.
As long as a rape joke doesn't target or belittle a victim then it's okay - is that the standard what's okay for a comedian to say? I'd need to watch it again and see if any of the maybe 50 rape-related jokes was angled that way. I think there was something about Grover Cleveland being upset by Cosby returning for a second rape, a heckler's thoughts being moved to Vatican City from "rape town" and other like cracks. These were okay?
Jan 24 Clara T commented on Rape Jokes Aren't Edgy, but W. Kamau Bell Is.
You must have despised the festival of rape jokes that was Larry Wilmore's 2nd episode of The Nightly Show. Or are some rape jokes okay and others not? Does it matter that he's a Black liberal comedian?
Jan 23 Clara T commented on Elysian Brewing Company Sold to Anheuser-Busch.
@27 yeah JR is quite the decent Xmas Ale! Compared to many others it actually shows some restraint (relatively to its genre) and doesn't embarrass itself with disgusting over-spicing for the set who apparently think butt funneling grandma's McCormick extract rack is the height of gustatory sophistication.
Jan 23 Clara T commented on Elysian Brewing Company Sold to Anheuser-Busch.
@26 speaking as a 30 year plus beer geek I'm right there with you on American IPAs. There's a boorish set of ugly fat dudes in sandals, shorts and free t-shirts who dominate taste in American microbrews and their dead fucking hotdogs and too much garlic piggy palates equate more of everything with better. They love residual malt because it triggers their sugar-addicted hormonal systems to give them a little reward. I'm deeply bitter that this beer pig palate crams every supermarket cooler with row after row of horrid undrinkable glop. But many of the newer brewers are seeing past the high gravity triple dry hopping yuckfest and making crisper, more balanced beers that show complexity too. We'll never be totally safe from the Backroom Broomsticker Double Deep IPAs of the world but we're going in the right direction.
Jan 23 Clara T commented on Elysian Brewing Company Sold to Anheuser-Busch.
Fucking sell outs to shitty low-grade corporate beer. Gonna pedal my fixey down to the Fred Meyer and pick up a 12er of PBR to drown my sorrows.
Jan 14 Clara T commented on 2,000 Seattleites Have Given Up a Personal Car in Favor of Car2Go.
The very best thing about car2go is that it makes the city's worst drivers easy to spot
Jan 6 Clara T commented on Why the Seattle Woman Who Wants to End Mass Incarceration Is Defending Pot Prosecutions.
the "low THC strains don't get you 'high'" is a myth that for some reason everyone just takes w/o question. I've not found that to be the case at all, have taken pure CBD, zero THC gel caps and guess what? It's an experience extremely similar to pure THC. The first is more of a "body high" maybe, the later a little more "cerebral," but both make you "high." If you don't believe me take 30 to 50 milligrams (I think that's the common measure) of CBD. If I had to drive on either (which I don't), or go to work even, it would be THC for sure - CBD can make you totally fucked up. You can argue some type of semantic distinction (the altered I feel on THC is "high" the altered I feel on CBD is "not high") but really it's a stupid, groundless dichotomy that's trotted out as policy convenience. It all pretty much gets you high.

Also what a dickhead Holcomb is - classic "burn the village to save it" power-hungry ideologue.
Dec 27, 2014 Clara T commented on Worst Name Ever for Best Restaurant.
Vision Street Wear
Dec 13, 2014 Clara T commented on The Song of the Day Is: Ahamefule Oluo’s “Crinoline”.
I know this guy is talented, but I'm still annoyed that he publicly threatened a fellow comedian for needling his activist girlfriend for being fat. The whole pack of Seattle lib prog finger waggers gave that only obvious wrong in that fuzzy speech debate a pass because jokes are worse than actual threats apparently. Or no wait because thems ours. Or maybe because (somewhere deep in our colonial souls) we don't expect a black man to be able to control himself when it comes to his significant other? And also you sir are not a quail regardless of the quail colored suit. Quail are annoying birds. Okay fuck it I like the music I'll buy it nevermind.
Dec 13, 2014 Clara T commented on Forbes Calculates the World's Best Paid Musicians.
Do we give all these ultra-elite tax avoiders a pass because they do something cool?

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