Jul 3 Clara T commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.
@100 The largest faction of Bernie supporter are disaffected white men over 40. I know several of them, and I guaran-fucking-tee you that underneath all the tin foil vomit there's a sexist psycho-dynamic at work wherein the bulk of these frustrated dudes are invoking unconscious sexism. You can the women in their lives "strong" or "domineering," but literally all of the rabid Or-Busters I know live in lady-shaped shadows.

One guy's mom is a wildly successful mediator who always gets her way 100% and always comes off as compromising. As a younger senior she still humors him. It's like watching an episode of Archer.

Another rabid one is married to a bowling ball wrapped in battle-axes of a crystal worshiping she-guru who manipulates him into veganism every other year and is high-mindedly disappointed when he relapses to fish.

A third is almost laughable - he's a freelancing-here-and-there commercial arts hipster with great talent. By simple luck of the draw, he never achieved the fame and fortune he continually rolled the dice on in his high-risk high-reward career ventures. 50 is closing fast, and from the outside it's looking more and more like it's never gonna happen. His wife is an opposite type: went to law school, plugged along in house at a major corporation, work's boring as fuck but brings home an ever growing check and 401k. She's constantly putting the brakes on his next scheme for hipping-up the house with the latest designer addition, opening that restaurant that'll certain be the darling of Seattle Met Mag, quitting the current steady paycheck to get into something with a higher ceiling and more glory. She actually looks a lot like Hillary even - same body type and haircut. It's almost laughable the vitriol he has for Hillary considering he more or less married her!

There are more but you get the point. I think this dynamic holds up famously for most of the frustrated white dudes who're the core of the Bernie movement. They can't express sexism openly because as self-avowed progressives it would grate against their politics and sense of self, but a world wherein some women are socially and economically superior to them is not a native concept to them. Their irrational hate of Hillary Clinton is textbook displacement. It's just like the irrational hate for Obama that's so obviously displaced racism (which the Bernie or Busters I know, ironically, easily identified as such and have railed against).

I write this as a person who stood up to caucus for Bernie and brought several undecided to the Sanders camp.

@101 weakest type of argument is by analogy they say, and while I think that's kind of a BS bumper sticker that has no place in real evaluation of rhetoric, your analogy demonstrates the point. One could just as easily say (and more easily defend) that while Trump is a shit sandwich, Hillary is the political equivalent of two slices of stale bread. Maybe you'd rather cut off the corner or two showing blue-green speckles, but the distinction is absolutely stark; any shit you're seeing is your own.
Jul 1 Clara T commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.
Bernie or Buster: Loogit me now mommy - you thought I'd never amount to anything. But I'm important! I'm important! I'm kinda stupid. Nope, not great at critical thinking or evaluating sources. Or articulating specific arguments. But loogit me now mommy, I'm importanter than ever!!!
Jun 28 Clara T commented on I, Anonymous.
I don't get why people are possessive of their likeness - it's not "you" - it's the light that bounced off you at a given moment. Seems fucking weird to get wound up about that.
Jun 13 Clara T commented on Invitation Declined.
Nice work Dan! I remember telling my preschool kidlet when it asked that most of the time women and men marry, but sometimes men marry men and women marry women, either way is fine if the people love each other and are kind to each other. Kid was like, okay thanks, and instantly moved on. No drama, no weirdness, no but how can that be, etc. Not even so much as a shrugging alright cool that's how it is. Struck me how utterly and totally socially constructed the concepts are, completely held by adults and not at all by kids. Also how easy it would have been to subtly cue the kid to make concrete any given set of norms and then be able to point to that and call it "natural." I should have convinced the kid that normal people marry dolphins and everything else is the variant ... :)
Jun 10 Clara T commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Dramatists Club.
In my America writing ten more paragraphs after writing "fast forward to now" would be a capital offense.
Jun 8 Clara T commented on The Most Highly Paid CEO in America Lives in Washington, a State with No Income Tax.
@7 because this specific man is probably a shitty cowboy.

We need to tax incomes proportionally. The super wealthy need to pay a proportion similar to the average programmer, dentist, teacher, waiter, and admin assistant. If you think this is unfair you're ignorant to the most basic economic understanding of what money is in terms of opportunity cost, dude.
Jun 8 Clara T commented on The Most Highly Paid CEO in America Lives in Washington, a State with No Income Tax.
Yeah but the dude can buy as much soda as he wants. Can you imagine how much we're wringing out of him in junk food taxes? I predict yachts for the homeless by 2021.
May 9 Clara T commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Missing Person Report.
I call bullshit on this letter. The voice doesn't fit the narrator.
May 5 Clara T commented on Twitter Trend Tells Hillary to Drop Out.
I caucused for Bernie and turned plenty of votes his way.

Here's the problem with hardcore Sanders supporters: All along they've spouted half-truths as fact to each other in their echo chambers (I've been there) and everyone nods in agreement no matter how outlandish the distortions.

And so since they all agree they must be right.

Then Bernieorbusters trot the same malarkey out on Facebook etc, and Hillary supporter ignore them (mostly because Hillary supporters realize that further alienating Bernie Bros is counter productive) the same way scientists ignore people who post memes about chem trails and the New World Order.

And since no one opposed them they must be right.

But here's the thing Bernie diehards: the government isn't trying to kill 1/2 of us off with airplane exhaust, and Bernie is never going to flip the super delegates. Nearly all of the are party insiders, and nearly all of them FUCKING HATE BERNIE SANDERS. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Like a two year old beaming over a "good job beautiful gift" first poopie in the potty, you are being humored. That's it. The rest of us know you are delusional fountains of paranoiac misinformation, mostly co-opted from Fox New's 20 year smear campaign against the admittedly not perfect but also not the devil incarnate Clintons, but instead of spending energy battling you point by point, we're simply waiting you out.

You're likely feeling disenfranchised to begin with, and so you're that much more eager to assume that everyone else is in some sort of state of shamed conflict at the feet of your superior reason and better grasp of political facts. You love how this feel, finally being the man, dealing your truth of truths to the cowed mass of suckers and frauds.

But like a steak in the Matrix, deep down you know it's an illusion. Enjoy it for now. Then get butt hurt and throw a little hissy fit WHEN Hillary wins. Enjoy a little "there, there" back rubbing from the establishment - you're still the center of attention! Mama still wuuuuuvs you!. Then in November tell everyone about how you finally decided you had to "hold your nose and vote not for Hill but against Trump" but the revolution will ... (this, just so you know, is when everyone stops listening again).

You hate it, but this is the script and you fucking know it.