Nov 9 Clara T commented on Live Reports from Election Night 2016: We're Everywhere, Watching Everything!.
66 no, Wall Street knows Trump is a dumbass isolationist loose canon we a history of colossal financial fuck ups. The market know what it got and is reacting rationally.
Nov 9 Clara T commented on Live Reports from Election Night 2016: We're Everywhere, Watching Everything!.
I don't think it matters who was the Dem candidate. Hillary flogged Trump in the debates. She was rational and caring; he was crazy and flailing. Voters knew it, polls showed it. But general discontent always crept back stronger. Reason had less to do with this election than maybe any in history. Happy now Bernie or Busters and 3rd party paranoids? Because this election was lost to an epidemic of the cognitive bias that underwrites conspirtorial ideation. Mostly it overwhelmed reason on the right, but if you were a part of that vector a node in that network of infectious conspiratorial bias that crossed ideolgical lines - it's partly on you regardless of your politics. So flail your recriminations about our candidate was unelectable, but the reality is she certainly was but for people like you wanting to play Slackers-the-Movie conspiratorial thinking cool guy so much smarter that the rest of us sheeple. Nice fucking job, enjoy your president.
Nov 5 Clara T commented on The Morning News: State Prisons to No Longer Label Prisoners "Inmates," SPD to Give Bodycam Contract to Taser.
@47 that's a wicked bit of petard-hoisting rhetoric in your third paragraph - if one argues that what the prisoners are called means something in one way (that they should be labelled as criminals so they know what they are) then one agrees that labels influence identity. And so it's wildly illogical to then say prisoners shouldn't be called something that would influence their identity to make them less likely to reoffend. Well-conceived and air-tight as far as I can see, clearly neutralizes virtually all the anti arguments in this thread. You sonetimes flow a bit out of control but this point is a clear-eyed checkmate. Hat off to you. I don't buy the premise that labelling makes much if any difference when it coes to identity - the sanitation engineer on the inside is still the garbage man - the truck and the cans all day tell him that, not his job title. But that's a different argument altogether - nice job wacking the purely vindictives off at the knees
Nov 5 Clara T commented on Seattle High School Teacher Gets a “Teaching Moment” After Wearing Blackface.
I love all the semantic bickering over the term "blackface" in this thread, as if some dictionary definition or another determines whether an, apparently, mildy on the spectrum white math teacher putting on a black celebrity mask is offensive or not. What a bunch of clueless pedants.
Nov 4 Clara T commented on The Morning News: State Prisons to No Longer Label Prisoners "Inmates," SPD to Give Bodycam Contract to Taser.
Wasn't labelling theory as it applies to criminality invented by sociologists in the 1960's and debunked by sociologist in the 1990's? Didn't we figure out that identity is a signified that supercedes arbitrary signifiers? If a new label actually makes these guy less likely to reoffend good - call them St. Warhero McSavesbabies if that helps. If it doesn't, then aren't we really just broadcasting the congratulatory sound of us patting our own backs?
Oct 28 Clara T commented on Acquittal of Bundy Brothers Reveals Much More Than White Privilege.
It's okay to round up some buds and some guns and take over Federal facilities? WHO KNEW! Takes fucking forever to get a reservation at the lodge at Paradise but now problem solved!
Oct 26 Clara T commented on Westneat Weighs In On the "ATTACKIEST ATTACK AD EVER!".
Is she a bigot for stereoytping him as the evil backstabbing bitch of a homosexual? Oh wait Brady didn't play that card because he's not an asshat
Oct 25 Clara T commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Mom's Boundless Boundary Issues.
from a poster who's sucked-through many a haystack - if life's not clicking along as you'd like and you're smoking a lot put the pot aside for a while. Might not matter, sometimes it does, best way to know is to give it six months or a year on the shelf and see how things are then.
Oct 25 Clara T commented on Supporters Rally Around Pramila Jayapal in Wake of Opponent's "Attack" Ads. seems to level concrete criticisms. Are we bothered by them because she's our candidate? If she wasn't The Stranger would without doubt fling around these charges like confetti.
Oct 23 Clara T commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 2016 General Election.
Where do you stand on the elevated park on the waterfront SECB? I'm a maybe.