May 24 Root commented on Your Donald Trump Reader.
@36. Exactly. I can't believe people are still claiming he said that. Infuriating!
May 24 Root commented on Your Donald Trump Reader.
@12, I don't disagree with you but your (our, I voted for him too) candidate lost this election. The next step is that you hold your nose and vote for the person who doesn't intend to destroy everything you care about.

The important next step that many (especially liberal) voters ignore is to keep working at it. Keep working until the liberal 18-29 year olds are 30-39 year olds and have "trained in" a new generation of 18-29 year olds. We get to watch the over 60 crowd die off and leave the country to a new generation.

The strong liberal agenda isn't happening this year, and realistically might not happen next year. The kind of serious change we want takes time and if liberals get dispirited and lazy (as often happens in non-presidential election years) then conservatives win.

You want to see real change happen, get your liberal friends to reliably vote in state and local elections. The only way to get the House back from extremist conservatives is to undo their redistricting which happens at the state level.
May 17 Root commented on Report: At Safe Consumption Sites the World Over, Not One Person Has Died of an Overdose.
You seem to be under the mistaken impression that anti-SCS conservative politicians think keeping drug users alive is a valid goal. Unless it's their own child, they're happy to see every drug user's corpse piled in every alley.
May 9 Root commented on Strolling Past Fox News This Morning.
Sure, what could be more natural than pumping children full of hormones?
May 3 Root commented on Carly Fiorina Pulls a Bob Dole/Gary Bauer.
I'm glad she didn't get hurt but I find it funny that Cruz never even seemed to notice her sudden departure.
Apr 29 Root commented on UW Sophomores Invent Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Text and Speech.
If you want to get technical, they're probably actually translating Signed Exact English, not actual American Sign Language. ASL has it's own grammar and very different sentence structure so from the look of things they're actually doing SEE translation which is a bit simpler. It obviously helps the deaf individual communicate with others but it doesn't solve the other issue of them not being able to hear the response.

Still, great invention.
Apr 26 Root commented on Meanwhile in Michigan: Substitute Teacher Fired For Using the Word "Vagina".
You can't say Vagina? So, she should have said twat instead? Maybe say the paintings look like bearded clams? Fish tacos? If you can't use the actual medical term (leaving aside that vulva would indeed be more accurate) then what the fuck can you say?

Honestly though, I don't think O'keefs paintings of flowers look like vulva's. Her paintings of vulva's however do look quite a bit like flowers.
Apr 20 Root commented on Starbucks Baristas Are at Risk of Being Poked by Dirty Needles.
A junkie tossed a needle in the garbage. He got poked. His manager told him to go straight to the Dr and he didn't. How are you blaming Starbucks? Is every business nationwide supposed to put sharps containers in every bathroom because some fucked up junkie might use a bathroom to inject? Then you're going to trust every fucked up junkie to properly dispose of the needle they just injected with? Are you still going to blame Starbucks when they still toss the needle in the trash instead of the sharps container?
Apr 11 Root commented on Let Us All Rejoice in What a Lousy Time Trump's Been Having Lately.
Cruz may be worse, though Trump is awful. I just really hope Trump wins the nomination. The world has had plenty of time to see how awful Trump is. I think a lot of people see Cruz as the sane one. A nasty brokered convention with plenty of ugly political tricks, regardless of who wins, would be great.
Mar 1 Root commented on Scalia Communicates Through Clarence Thomas from the Grave.
Only Maudede could write this article and spend a whole paragraph talking about African mediums but never once tell us what Thomas actually said.