Apr 29 Root commented on UW Sophomores Invent Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Text and Speech.
If you want to get technical, they're probably actually translating Signed Exact English, not actual American Sign Language. ASL has it's own grammar and very different sentence structure so from the look of things they're actually doing SEE translation which is a bit simpler. It obviously helps the deaf individual communicate with others but it doesn't solve the other issue of them not being able to hear the response.

Still, great invention.
Apr 26 Root commented on Meanwhile in Michigan: Substitute Teacher Fired For Using the Word "Vagina".
You can't say Vagina? So, she should have said twat instead? Maybe say the paintings look like bearded clams? Fish tacos? If you can't use the actual medical term (leaving aside that vulva would indeed be more accurate) then what the fuck can you say?

Honestly though, I don't think O'keefs paintings of flowers look like vulva's. Her paintings of vulva's however do look quite a bit like flowers.
Apr 20 Root commented on Starbucks Baristas Are at Risk of Being Poked by Dirty Needles.
A junkie tossed a needle in the garbage. He got poked. His manager told him to go straight to the Dr and he didn't. How are you blaming Starbucks? Is every business nationwide supposed to put sharps containers in every bathroom because some fucked up junkie might use a bathroom to inject? Then you're going to trust every fucked up junkie to properly dispose of the needle they just injected with? Are you still going to blame Starbucks when they still toss the needle in the trash instead of the sharps container?
Apr 11 Root commented on Let Us All Rejoice in What a Lousy Time Trump's Been Having Lately.
Cruz may be worse, though Trump is awful. I just really hope Trump wins the nomination. The world has had plenty of time to see how awful Trump is. I think a lot of people see Cruz as the sane one. A nasty brokered convention with plenty of ugly political tricks, regardless of who wins, would be great.
Mar 1 Root commented on Scalia Communicates Through Clarence Thomas from the Grave.
Only Maudede could write this article and spend a whole paragraph talking about African mediums but never once tell us what Thomas actually said.
Feb 26 Root commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Coming To Tears.
I had an ex who cried every time she came. Could be unrelated to all of her issues.
Feb 23 Root commented on Seattle Police Release Video of Che Taylor Shooting.
That video doesn't actually tell you anything. Maybe he was going into the car for a gun. Maybe he was getting down on the ground with his hands behind his head. The suspect is entirely hidden by the car once he goes down. This case will be down to the testimony of the only living witnesses, the cops.
Feb 23 Root commented on Hillary Clinton Used to Be Terrible On Marriage Equality.
@40, "In our democracy, the person with the best idea wins because of popular support."
Wow, do you actually believe that? You're so cute and naive. Yeah, leave out the money and the lies. Leave out whether the person with the best ideas can get out the vote. Leave out if the person with the best ideas is short and ugly and a bad speaker. Boy, I so wish you were right, but you're so demonstrably not. If Trump wins do you really think it's because his ideas were the the best ideas?

The Supreme Court wouldn't rule against the wall because it's not a constitutional issue. Demonstrations only work if politicians have shame, which Trump does not, or fear, which Trump wouldn't if he was working with Republican majorities. I fully support your fantasy of electing a Democratic Congress for Trump to fight against. What's the plan? How will you undo decades of gerrymandering that have entrenched an almost unbeatable Republican House majority? Senate is comparatively easy but not a lot of help without taking the House too.

I'm a big fan of voting third party and I do it whenever it makes sense. That is, whenever there's a good third party candidate in a local, state or even congressional race. Voting third party for president, in fact even running a third party candidate for president, is idiotic. Third parties have to be built from the ground up and you do that by electing them to all of the other positions I mentioned. You don't start a third party from the top down by throwing completely ignored candidates at the top position in the country. It's pissing away your money, votes and energy. I'm sure Jill Stein is a great person but she's wasting her time on a presidential "run" that nobody knows about. She should be running for Congress.
Feb 22 Root commented on Hillary Clinton Used to Be Terrible On Marriage Equality.
@3, Well that's a fun sentiment. Yes, Hillary lies, just like every other politician and frankly most people in general. So, here's the real question. Let's say we get to next November and Bernie has gracefully bowed out (just a hypothetical I'm not saying he should or will lose the primary. He's doing quite well and I'm happy he is.) and you're down to choosing to vote for Hillary or Trump. What do you do? Do you vote for Trump because Clinton lies? Do you stay home and let other people make the decision for you because Clinton's husband signed a Republican bill that repealed Glass-Steagall? Do you write in Bernie Sanders as a protest vote because you're a fucking moron?

I'm honestly curious. I ask that of all the staunch Bernie and Hillary supporters. If your preferred candidate loses the primaries will you ignore the fact that the other will give you 80% of what your preferred candidate would have and instead let someone win who will give you 100% of what you don't want? In reality, for the foreseeable future we're stuck with a Republican house so Bernie and Hillary will only realistically be able to give us 20% of what they're promising anyway. Will you take that 20% or will you pour gasoline all over everything and watch it burn (bern?) out of spite? It's worth thinking about in advance so you don't have to decide on short notice.
Feb 16 Root commented on Bernie's More Popular than Ever, So Why Is He Still Losing So Badly?.
@14 "Hillary is a liar who'll say anything to get elected" like every other politician.

If we can have another 8 years like we had under Bill Clinton then sign me up. Best federal budgets in decades, fastest economic growth in decades, relatively progressive legislation. Sounds good to me. You do remember that Bill was so popular with minorities that he was considered our "first black president" right? I don't know how you could expect to get to where we are with gay rights without starting with things like DADT. Admittedly DOMA was pretty shitty. If you're expecting liberal purity you're living in a fantasy land. There isn't a candidate anywhere who will give you that, especially when fighting the current congressional lineup.

Look, I'm a Bernie fan too and I'll probably vote for him in the primaries. I would have preferred O'Malley but Bernie is fine. Hillary is fine too. She's not ideal but this is a democracy (loosely) and you're never going to get ideal. The best you'll get is a good compromise. The worst you'll get is Trump. So, you are absolutely welcome to your opinion but if you don't come out and vote for whoever the Democratic candidate is in November then you're handing the country to the absolute worst of the worst. An extremist Republican president with an extremist Republican congress. The only hope is that Obama can get a good replacement to Scalia to hold them back for 4 years.