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kwodell is supporting the assault on str8 marriage.
Jun 23 kwodell commented on This Ball Game Bigger Than That Ball Game.
The whole world is dying to get America to fall in love with their beloved Beautiful Game. I can't figure why. Anyone who has paid any attention to American culture in the last century or so must realize that when we fall in love with something, we ruin it. We dominate it, we bully it, we change to something it wasn't before. No one markets crap like America does. To market crap, first we turn everything into crap and then we market the crap out of it. Soccer won't be beautiful after America has fucked her every orifice and turned her out to every fucker with a dollar or two (billion). Look what we did to baseball. She's just a bloated old juice whore these days. And the NFL is a half-way house for murderers and other assorted violent criminals. If the World were smart, they'd leave us the hell alone and not wake the sleeping giant. FIFA corruption won't stand a chance against Good Old Yankee Corruption. Besides, a tie is just a waste of everyone's time. When you tie, you both are losers.
Jun 20 kwodell commented on Falling Out of Love With New Pope.
The gay hating Christians have begun to opine that they are being persecuted and held up to public ridicule for screaming their hateful ignorance for all to hear. The comments of SB cause me to fervently wish that SB and its ilk be subjected to the same kind of treatment that they have been dishing out to LGBTs forever. Karma is a bitch, SB. Your zombie carpenter can't save you from Karma. Besides, didn't Jeebus say that you will reap what you have sown? And yeah, the Pope is a fraud. If you didn't understand that from day one, you were naive.
Jun 16 kwodell commented on Youth Pastor Watch.
Poor persecuted Protestants. They should get themselves their own little city state where their molesters can hide to avoid that evil secular thing known as courts of law. It works well for the Catholic Church.
Jun 13 kwodell commented on Fuck Off, Texas.
It seems that the bloom is off the yellow rose.
Jun 13 kwodell commented on Fuck Off, Texas.
Sorry to report that I have spent a lot of time in Texas, I have family in Texas, and I have fist hand experience with the idiots who far outnumber the non idiots in that sinkhole of ignorance. The first thing Texans say to defend their state of idiots is to accuse critics of not knowing anything about Texas. Texas is like a dog turd. It looks like a dog turd from a distance and getting up close and personal with it only reinforces your understanding of what a dog turd looks like. And you can now smell it, as well. I can only attribute non horrible people defending Texas as an example of the Stockholm Syndrome. Someone in a previous comment made mention of the Jim Crow laws in the South. I would remind them that Jim Crow only ended when the rest of the nation got sick of it and supported the federal government stepping in. Texas will never change on its own. The non horrible people who elect to remain in Texas to fight the good fight have too much Alamo on their minds.
Jun 12 kwodell commented on Shit Is Going Down In Iraq.
As I said before, (to the offended Trans people) Dan is not the Enemy.

How many apologies are enough? For anything and everything?
Jun 12 kwodell commented on Fuck Off, Texas.
Of course there are some very intelligent, sane and educated people in Texas. Not a damn one of them is a Republican. No one here is bashing on Texans who are trying to make things better in that horrible place. I think it's reasonable to question why a not horrible person would want to live in a horrible place that shows damn few signs of becoming appreciably less horrible. I can think of no reason why a not horrible person who choose to raise children in a horrible place if they didn't absolutely have to. No amount of family, friends, good jobs, etc. can make up for exposing a child to the rot that runs through Texan society and institutions. Texas is not becoming blue or purple in our lifetimes. Latinos and others will be more and more kept away from the polls by the horribles. Unless these folks take to the streets with a willingness to die for the cause (and where in America does that happen?) their numbers are irrelevant as long as they can't or won't vote.

What the offended Texans here need to understand is that, while you live there and have an inhuman tolerance to the obscene filth that pours out of Texan politicians and other horrible Texans, the rest of us do not have such a tolerance and we are sick to goddam death of hearing it. We would gladly see Texas return to Mexico, or slide away into the Gulf. Whatever rids of the non-stop idiocy that is Texas. Go ahead and live among the wildings if you must, but don't expect us to understand the whys and hows of your choice. Not all have the choice, but if you do and you stay, well, God bless you. And I mean that in the true Southern way that it was meant when a Texan blessed us with the same words a few comments before mine. Know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em, Texans. Is Kenny Rogers a Texans? He sure seems like one.
Jun 12 kwodell commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
The LDS Church is a cult and cults say anything to rope in new members for brain-washing. Mormon leaders will always have contempt for anyone who won't get yoked to the plow.
Jun 12 kwodell commented on The Advocate Covers the Southern Baptist Convention Attack on Trans People.
Dan loves poking the Trans thin skins with a stick. Raku's army should be here any time now...

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