Nov 11 cracked commented on A Few Thoughts About Those Missouri Protesters Blocking That Student Photographer.
Good to see that this journalist confrontation is being reported and discussed more broadly than any of the original underlying events! Don't want anybody asking what was so relentless about the environment there that even the football coach had to back his players who were going to walk out if something wasn't done. Could there be more going on than just the two incidents that the press is reporting and being so dismissive of? Who cares! Let's talk about how these college students being overly protective of a hunger striker is a Major National Incident, so we don't have to ask anything else. Better yet, let's not mention the hunger striker at all. Everybody knows how stupid college students are, right? And that hunger striking student is stupid too. Everybody is so stupid - and ineffectual at things that they are stupid to try to do anyway.
Nov 11 cracked commented on Keynote Speaker for UW's Conference This Week on Socially Engaged Art in Japan Is Denied Visa, He Says.
But isn't he an advocate of old fashioned "the sound of snow falling" kind of aesthetic that Stranger writers have been so dismissive of? Do you care about his views just because it is trendy to care?

That aside, this visa rejection is clearly unwarranted based on the history we are presented with and looks like right-wing bureaucratic muscle flexing, an opportunity to remind us all who's boss.
Nov 2 cracked commented on The Move Seattle Levy Projects Aren't Guaranteed, but That Doesn't Mean It's a Slush Fund.
After many many years of voting for every levy, for the benefit of the people of Seattle, I'm voting no on this one.

I hate being on the same side as the Seattle Times no-taxers, but this just looks like it reflects the developers vision of how to create an environment that most benefits them, rather than any kind of overall vision for the citizens. But then, that is my take on Murray generally.
Sep 30 cracked commented on What Are the Porn Consumers of All Nations Looking For?.
Straight sex porn mostly doesn't have enough kissing, hugging, or soul.
Sep 30 cracked commented on The Woman on CNN Making $7.50 an Hour Received an Outpouring of Help—and Then Was Accused of Being a Gold-Digger.
@16 So you hate this woman and her child, and want the rest of us to hate her too. But many of us don't want to hate our fellow humans for their bad luck or for their weaknesses. See, to us,it isn't the bad luck, quasi-slavery, and demoralization of the less well off that causes societal insecurity and inhibits social and economic progress and well-being - it is the self-centeredness of hateful people like you, who believe that taking for yourself is a virtue and giving to others a sin.
Sep 4 cracked commented on Ben Kingsley Meets the Ultimate WASP in Learning to Drive .
@3 it isn't new really, just the increasingly transparent nature of the "product elements." hey, I might even enjoy this film.
Sep 4 cracked commented on Ben Kingsley Meets the Ultimate WASP in Learning to Drive .
This is another bland film industry product very carefully designed to target the boomer market, a slice of the "adult" pie. This new subset of films is like Trader Joe's food, it often reasonably good, occaisionally delicious even, but it is extremely hard to shake the deep feeling that is was produced by a flagship class Federation shipboard food replicator.
Aug 27 cracked commented on Wine Tour Company Apologizes for Kicking a Book Club of Mostly Black Women Off Its Train.
@37 You've given up on hearsay? Awesome! We won't have to deal with your posts anymore, except regarding events where you are/were an on the spot eyewitness! Sweet.
Aug 26 cracked commented on Federal Judge Calls The Stranger's Reporting on SPD "Inflammatory," but It's Clear He Learned from It.
Cracks me up. Judge Robart acts like a power freak and then talks like his feelings are hurt when he notices that a huge block of ordinary citizens think he's being an unhelpful dick.

And I am soooo not impressed with the Obama DOJ on the intersection of policing and race. The just look purely political to me, with the default objective being preserving calm (ie the status quo), not achieving justice.