Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Aug 19 cracked commented on "Five cops go drinking and shoot at a middle class black couple—whatever.".
@18 etc. I believe we should hold police to a higher standard than gang members or mafia members.

All this comparison to "black on black" violence just tells us you believe the job of the police IS to act like a violent street gang holding territory for their criminal bosses. It is a sick screwed up comparison and wholly sociopathic, but clearly one of your standard Klan gun-nut talking points.
Aug 14 cracked commented on Why Did Mayor Murray Bash a Veteran's Family After Intervening to Stop Their Eviction?.
Thank God all these people were here in the comments to **splain it to us.
Aug 14 cracked commented on Attorney General Says "the Scenes Playing Out in the Streets of Ferguson... Cannot Continue".
What bullshit from Holder. Offering federal help when it is the feds that have been pushing the military equipment and advanced police surveillance equipment on the local police forces in the first place, and encouraging them to develop systems for using it. The problem is that these tools are the tools of an occupying army, and the police institutions and policies internalize the logic of the tools they are using or preparing themselves to use. So any underlying tension between the police and the population starts to become the tension that exists between an alien invading force and an occupied people.

I don't see Holder or Obama trying to walk any of that back.
Aug 14 cracked commented on President Obama Set to Give a Statement Any Minute Now.
@10 ftw. 'nuff said.
Aug 14 cracked commented on President Obama Set to Give a Statement Any Minute Now.
Perhaps they'll get a conviction for Brown's murderer, especially if they haven't been able to tamper with the forensic evidence in and on his body. The bullet evidence has good chance of making starkly clear which story is true.

But even if the cop doesn't get off with a racist jury or a light sentence from some kind of Twinky defense - without a sustained push, far more intense even than that so far in response to Ferguson, a conviction of one man will just function as a detraction from the ongoing and growing problem.
Aug 14 cracked commented on President Obama Set to Give a Statement Any Minute Now.
The Feds are the ones selling the local police and sheriff's offices all this gear and encouraging them to militarize their equipment and their outlook - encouraging them to see themselves as an occupying force in an alien landscape.

Maybe Obama should say we need to stop doing that, but his mind set is expressed in what he said about CIA torture last week, excusing people who "tortured some folks."

Nobody in authority there, and certainly no one on the ground, is afraid of Obama or the Feds. They all know that police never get convicted for killing when it can be remotely connected to the line of duty, even less so when the victim is a person of color or a hippy or whatever outgroup won't be properly represented or instructed on a jury, even if it gets to trial.

And they know there in Missouri, that the established order, all the way to the top, approves of this militarization. The authorities in Ferguson just screwed up the PR part of the process, by failing to hide the underlying immoral and anti-democratic nature of this militarization.
Aug 14 cracked commented on President Obama Set to Give a Statement Any Minute Now.
Anything that only focuses on the single incident is just bullshit. The militarization of our police apparatus and the police immunity for killing and other bad acts IS the problem. Not one more frickin killing in a long list, that just happens to get people more riled up than usual. One more long smooth-the-waters fed investigation is just bullshit.

There needs to be an honest call for real cultural and institutional change - from "keep the [Black, Mexican, poor, etc] rabble in line" to "protect and to serve."

I do not accept that police should be held to the same standard as street thugs or mafia soldiers - who just happened to be equipped with modern military gear and possess immunity from conviction for their evil deeds.
Aug 1 cracked commented on It Could Happen to You: King County's Plague of Excessively Sticky Election Envelopes.
I and another person in my house couldn't get the return envelope open without a knife. This is pretty fucked up.
Jul 30 cracked commented on Why I'm Done with the Democrats: The Blood Is Too Much.

Baaaa. Baaaaa.
Jul 18 cracked commented on KIRO Host Dave Ross Ties Himself in Knots Trying to Defend His Participation in The Mikado.
@23 But right now, these critics aren't aroused by a minimalist production, are they?

If the piece doesn't require the faux Japanese setting and yellowface, than perhaps after today, to keep them will show either the stereotypes are important to the producers' conception or that they are purposely thumbing their noses at people to whom it is offensive for no other good reason.

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