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Aug 19 Tingleyfeeln commented on Want to Help Ferguson? Get Behind Reparations.
Enough time and generations have passed, not to mention all the waves of white (& passable as white) immigrants, that reparations could only serve to divide the very people who should be united-all who have been adversely effected by our economic system and national policies.
Lets build up social services, lets ad hand-ups to our hand-outs, lets rebuild our public education and public infrastructure systems, lets close tax loopholes for the rich and make it harder to profit from exploitation. Reparations is only good as a soundbite.
Aug 4 Tingleyfeeln commented on Guest Editorial: We Need to Fight for Affordable Housing on Many Fronts.
Will the Stranger please do an in depth exposé on the vacancy rates at many of the new apartment buildings? Interview people who were turned down, people who turned down the apartments, property managers.
Some people claim that building more units will control rent increases, but that's not happening. Allegedly, the highest vacancy rates are in Ballard, where the greatest increase in units has also occurred.
Jul 30 Tingleyfeeln commented on Dick Wagner, Guitarist for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Has Died.
I checked out the first Frost album because of this. Fucking brilliant. How in the fuck had I never heard them until now?
Jul 28 Tingleyfeeln commented on Slog Poll: Are You Ready for Another Try at a Seattle Monorail? Because It's Gonna Be on Your Ballot This Fall.
The problem with this is the same problem as our last go-round with the monorail. We don't need another agency, we need the existing transit agencies to be receptive to all available technologies in creating a region wide rapid transit network.
I still believe monorail is the best technology for a Ballart to West Seattle run, but it needs to be built in a way where if ridership outpaces capacity it can be split into 2 lines meeting in the middle.
Monorail, costs less than digging tunnels, can be built quicker, is less disruptive of the surrounding area during construction, and takes up less visual space than light rail. Most importantly, it doesn't get stuck in fucking traffic like the bus!
Jul 15 Tingleyfeeln commented on If There Can Be Six Californias, There Could Be Two Washingtons.
How about a state level equivalent of a so-autonomous zone for "pugetopolis"?
Jul 9 Tingleyfeeln commented on Today Washington Tackled One Drug Bogeyman—So What's Next?.
Start with simple decriminalizing of possession.

Not likely since our state only seems motivated by what it can make money from.

@10, this should apply to prostitution as well. There shouldn't be fake ads of cops posing as ho's. If they are not causing a public disturbance, are of age, and not being exploited, leave everyone involved alone.

This all comes from our nations Puritan heritage. Should we continue to follow a set of values established by a group of people who promoted a very narrow set of morals?
Jul 9 Tingleyfeeln commented on Rachel Maddow Shreds Tucker Carlson.
@2, that is a great question.
Jul 8 Tingleyfeeln commented on Hillary Clinton Does Not Have All the Right Answers.
Most important, it is shameful and fatiguing that we are talking about potential 2016 candidates in 2014. It's even worse that we've practically coronated a winner.
This nation needs better than another pro Wall Street pseudo-liberal.
Jul 5 Tingleyfeeln commented on Tonight in Music: Steely Dan, Aan and the Notwist!.
They are, after all, the best band named after a sex toy from a William Burroughs book!

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