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May 2 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Look at These Stunning Photos From Seattle May Day 2017.
@3 - yeah, I didn't get that one either, other than a facile toss of red meat to the base.
May 1 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Live Updates: May Day 2017.
I think it's great when people march for what they care about. Keep it legal and it's all good. This is basic, foundational American Constitution and, I'm sorry, there's no argument against that.

Also, as someone who has some economic comfort, I am sincerely interested and invested in ensuring that the working class people in our city have housing, safety and a good life for themselves and their families. There's no argument against that, either.

Sorry / So / Sassy!!!

Happy May Day, everyone, and stay off the damn freeway!
Apr 29 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Three Days Before May Day, FBI Arrests Protester from Last Year's Anti-Capitalist March.
Somewhere in my childhood, can't remember if it was my mom or my dad's lesson, I learned not to throw bombs at police. I'm glad I learned that lesson.
Apr 20 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Quick Poll: Who Would You Vote For Mayor If You Could Vote Right Now?.
@2 - He dropped out. No love for keeping up with the news?
Apr 20 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on I, Anonymous: File Under: If I Were Single.
This is The Stranger. You should have fucked him.
Apr 20 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Safe Streets Advocate Andres Salomon Drops Out of Mayor's Race.
This says a lot about both these men. I never thought Andres was the best candidate but he's clearly got his heart in the right place and bless his ambition. It also shows McGinn to be honest and ethical in that he didn't play Andres and stick the shiv in in a surprise move. A good news story, for sure.
Apr 20 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Row House Cafe Owner Erin Maher Wants to Set the Record Straight.
"I had a pretty predetermined notion of what my take on Row House would look like: Beloved place gets denied historic status, regulars and locals moan in despair about Seattle losing its character, developer gets villainized, and the phrase “inevitable march of progress” is used at some point. Then, you file that shit, you go get a beer at some bar that opened less than two years ago without even stopping to acknowledge the intrinsic irony, and you call it a day."

Isn't it funny what can happen when you have to abandon your bias and do actual reporting? Good times!
Apr 17 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on There Was A Break-In at the CoCA Archives This Weekend.
I'm sure that now you'll be able to count CoCA among those who believe that what we need is a cultural shift that actually acknowledges the human rights dignity and sovereignty of all people and then we’d see a decrease in crime.