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MacCrocodile is spewing Lisa Frank stickers from his mouth.
Jan 21 MacCrocodile commented on Seattle Police Union Calls Top Civilian Oversight Official a "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing".
Oh jeez. I don't think I'm getting nearly enough Early Identification System and Chain of Command in my diet.
Jan 18 MacCrocodile commented on Oh, Right, That's What It Looks Like When Adults Have a Debate.
@14 - I'm not sure I follow you. How is Trump's hair relevant to anything about the job? Can people really not find anything worse than fatness to call out Chris Christie for? Entire books could be written on what's wrong with Donald Trump without any pictures at all, and I know a retired New Jersey schoolteacher who has some strong words for Governor Christie, and none of them are "fat".
Jan 18 MacCrocodile commented on Oh, Right, That's What It Looks Like When Adults Have a Debate.
@11 - Yes. Absolutely.

And while we're at it, Donald Trump's hair, Chris Christie's weight, and basically everything about everyone that has nothing to do with their qualifications to be president.

I think it was Cecily Strong at the White House Correspondents' Dinner who made them all vow "I solemnly swear not to talk about Hillary's appearance, because that is not journalism."
Jan 18 MacCrocodile commented on Oh, Right, That's What It Looks Like When Adults Have a Debate.
@1 - Seriously.

Matt, please just stop it. It's not cute. I like your writing in general, but commenting on candidates' appearance is not necessary. There are enough conservatives holding Clinton's femininity against her without you piling on.
Nov 25, 2015 MacCrocodile commented on Still The Best Sex Tip for People Who Just Ate an Entire Thanksgiving Dinner.
@1 - "No, not tonight, honey. We just ate a lot of food, and although it would be fun to have some nice slow sex, it just wouldn't be optimal. We should have had sex several hours ago. Now, what would even be the point?"
Nov 20, 2015 MacCrocodile commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Porch Theft Leads to Soup Assault.
One year of the only thing worth reading on Slog! Congrats, buddy.
Nov 10, 2015 MacCrocodile commented on In Latest Ballot Count, West Seattle Council Candidates are Separated by Just Six Votes!.
As for "Why did you motherfuckers write people in" for District 1, I would venture a guess that the people who wrote in a vote didn't care for either candidate? As similar as those two are, it really seems likely that there are District 1 residents who saw both candidates and would rather voice displeasure with that choice.

Seems legit to me. If you don't like either option, why should you have to pick one of them when there's a blank line right there.

It's why I wrote in my vote in District 7.
Nov 7, 2015 MacCrocodile commented on About This Anti-Choice Billboard's Hair Raising "Facts".
@3 - An unplanned child is less likely to be financially cared for, and poverty correlates with being less educated, which correlates with voting Republican.

They can't know the child won't grow up to be the next JFK, but there's good evidence it won't if the mother is forced to carry it to term.
Nov 6, 2015 MacCrocodile commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Teaches Robber Value of Friendship.
@4 - Elite possum training.
Nov 6, 2015 MacCrocodile commented on Damn Fine Police Work: Over Half the Student Body of One Colorado High School Facing Felony Charges.
@19 - Everyone tried as an adult should be automatically granted the rights and privileges of a 21-year-old adult.

"No, it's okay, I was arrested on some bullshit child porn charges last year. Now hand over the booze."