Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Oct 2 Gus commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sarcasm Uptake Inhibitors.
Treating someone like crap, on their birthday, without an explanation/apology ("Sorry, I wish I wanted to, and I tried to want to, but I'm all depressed about my dog dying.") -- that alone is a sign that they want out but are too chicken/stupid/confused to end it.

I think the right response is to break up with them on Facebook, or maybe via a text message.
Sep 23 Gus commented on Raising Awareness of "Lopsided" Bisexuality During Bisexuality Visibility Week.
I think the bi but hetero-amorous crowd are probably just damaged by growing up in a society where they are expected to be straight, marry a member of the opposite sex, and have kids. They bought into the vision at an early age, and it affects who they want to date later in life.

But, that's ok. People are damaged by all sorts of stuff by the time they leave adolescence, whether they end up with a fondness for hats, blondes, Santa suits, or members of the opposite sex. You work with your limitations.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were a lot fewer bi-but-hetero-amorous in the next generation, as same sex relationships are less stigmatized. Or perhaps I am full of shit. 25-30 years from now, we will know.
Aug 31 Gus commented on Sunday Comic.
Several weeks ago, there was a funny comic. I miss that.
Aug 26 Gus commented on Today's Terrible Place-Shutting-Down News: Catfish Corner.
If neither an erotic bakery nor a catfish place can survive in Seattle... Do they need to join forces and make an Erotic Catfish place?
Aug 26 Gus commented on The Morning News: War In Europe, Awards in Los Angeles, Ebola In America?.
Have there been any comparative studies between the black men who shoot themselves while handcuffed, compared to the white men who do so?

Or is this just a black thing, like loud rap music?
Aug 26 Gus commented on The Morning News: War In Europe, Awards in Los Angeles, Ebola In America?.
"Libertarians" are usually just Republicans who either want to smoke pot or want to distinguish themselves from the Christian Conservative wing of the Republican Party.

If they actually smoked pot, or didn't support the same policies as the Conservative Christians, they wouldn't be so terrible.
Aug 25 Gus commented on SL Letter of the Day: Dude, Take My Free Advice!.
If this is all on the up and up, and if she hasn't been a crazy, controlling freak for years (did SNAP leave that part out?) then the only way her behavior makes any sense to me is if she was victimized in child pornography. The "best friend's cousin" may have been after her.

SNAP should get his crazy-ass wife into therapy. Suggest couple's therapy if she is unwilling to go on her own.

And then maybe get the fuck out of there... Presumably he has stayed with her because he cares for her, and if she has an identifiable problem and is getting help, he might want to stay.

Aug 16 Gus commented on SL Letter of the Day: Potential Murder, She Wrote.
She should get out, and this man should never get involved with another woman.

He might be a lovely man, who would never do these things he fantasizes about because he would never, ever want to hurt someone, but I'm pretty sure most pedophiles start out suing the same things, and those who don't stay away from kids are way more likely to lose their gold-star not-actually-a-molester status.
Jul 28 Gus commented on Slog Poll: Are You Ready for Another Try at a Seattle Monorail? Because It's Gonna Be on Your Ballot This Fall.
Did all you nay-sayers somehow miss that this also has a gondola system?
Jul 28 Gus commented on Executive Director of Gun Owners of America to a Congresswoman: "You Should Do Your Job in Constant Trepidation".
Open Carry enthusiasts would change their tune pretty quick if armed brown folks were to stroll through their neighborhoods, carrying signs claiming that carefully manicured lawns need to be periodically watered with the blood of white people.


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