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  • If you could bring one dead person back to life, who would it be?: John Lennon
  • I hate living in Seattle or I wish I lived in Seattle
  • Presse or Pichet
  • What song or movie makes you cry?: movie: "Color of Paradise" by Majid Majidi
  • What song do you never want to hear again?: "Last Christmas..."

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Sep 20, 2011 nyker commented on SL Letter of the Day: Crushed Out? Take a Time Out.
Missing a lot of prepositions and modifiers, Dan. Did your copyeditor get laid off?
Aug 31, 2011 nyker commented on Sing It, Stockard.
Is that really Stockard Channing singing or someone's else's voice? I've always wondered.
Aug 30, 2011 nyker commented on Savage Love.
@4 - Dan doesn't think that Mr. LAH is cheating on his wife because he initiates sex less than her or because he believes in non-monogamy. He thinks he's cheating on his wife because he's a bully and a manipulative asshole and is twisting Dan's words. And I agree:

"And while it doesn't sound like your husband has grounds, it certainly sounds like he's fucking other people. I suspect that your husband is fucking someone you know—a coworker, a neighbor, a friend, a relative (shudder)—and, realizing that it's only a matter of time before you find out, he's bullying you into retroactively giving him permission to fuck other people and unfairly dragging me into it."
Aug 30, 2011 nyker commented on Hair, Apparent.
@33 - Thanks, I'm good. I was ribbing him. I think I've got it figured out. Maybe one day you'll figure out what sarcasm is.
Aug 30, 2011 nyker commented on Hair, Apparent.
Class of '82??? Dan, how long are you going to keep up the lies?
Or perhaps you're going to claim that you were 8 years old in this pic and when you graduated high school?

LOVE the Jewfro - are you sure you're Catholic?
Jul 25, 2011 nyker commented on Maddow on Santorum on Maddow.
Who is the senile gent in the 10 gallon hat? Is it bad that I don't know? In my defense, I don't have a tv and mostly listen to the radio, so I don't know what most people look like.
Jul 17, 2011 nyker commented on Momma and Louise.
@ 20 - "Like"
Jul 17, 2011 nyker commented on Momma and Louise.
@12, 13 - that my first thought! Should I be concerned about my penchant for being more worried about animals than people?

Anyway, what a story...Wow.
May 18, 2011 nyker commented on Savage Love.
@20 - totally. I have never seen another clit, at least not one on someone older than 2, so I have no idea if I have a big or small clit. Would love to know actually, now that you mention it!
May 17, 2011 nyker commented on Savage Love.
@14 - When did @11 mention pedophilia? You're the only one who used that word. I agree with JrzWrld that a shaved snatch is weird, but I don't think that men who prefer them are child molestors. But I'm not willing to go bald.

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