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Jun 14 Billy Chav commented on Hillary Crushing Trump In New Poll.
This poll is the definition of an outlier, and the 9% for Gary Johnson raises huge questions about methodology.
Jun 14 Billy Chav commented on After Standoff, Police Arrest Seattle Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Open Fire on Northgate Mosque.
Yes, Radical Christian Extremism, and yet, the worst mass murderer in American History is a gay Muslim.
May 4 Billy Chav commented on Lawyer Who Allegedly Told City Council Members to "End Themselves" Already Facing Possible Bar Suspension.
That's a lot of words for a silly and trivial incident. Almost comes across as hysterical.
May 3 Billy Chav commented on Donald Trump Wins Indiana, Will Be GOP Nominee.
@35: None of the stalwart anti-racists who vow to leave the country if Trump wins ever mention moving to Mexico, for some odd reason. It's the Canadians who'd need to build a wall.
Apr 28 Billy Chav commented on Mayor Ed Murray Wants to Tax Businesses to Hire Cops, Not Enforce Labor Laws.
Lol Sawant, don't ever change. Do people who voted for her cringe when she continues to propose these preposterous plans or do they genuinely think like her?
Mar 8 Billy Chav commented on The Bad Joy of Donald Trump's Supporters.
The usual empty patronizing from Chaz. 35% tariff on offshore manufactures, fighting wage deflation by ending mass unskilled immigration and H1B indentured STEM labor, repudiating TPP: how are these stated Trump positions not in the interest of the people you are trying (but failing) to ridicule? Not to mention he's the only candidate who's willing to tell Israel that we're not going to be fighting their proxy wars for them any more, thanks all the same.

Oh yeah, forgot, he's Hitler, and he probably never even heard of Nabokov. If he has his followers sure haven't. Probably the only book they even own is Art of the Deal, and it's on audiotape. Fucking no-class losers.
Jun 30, 2015 Billy Chav commented on Dylann Roof and His Fascination with a Seattle-Based White Power Group.
One thing I didn't miss: the white power skinhead on the ferry was some "mentally disabled" charity case well known around Port Orchard:…

Of course Ansel knew this too, but he couldn't resist the awesome Nazi armband-ferry combo pic for his incoherent story.
Jun 30, 2015 Billy Chav commented on Dylann Roof and His Fascination with a Seattle-Based White Power Group.
To summarize: White Racial Terrorism is getting worse, but it's not really getting worse, but it potentially could be getting worse. Maybe I missed something.
Jun 19, 2015 Billy Chav commented on Seattle Gangs Unite to March Downtown Tomorrow #UnitedHoodMarchSeattle.
Murderous gangs marching for police accountability? Got it. How many people have Seattle police killed last five years? And how many people have been murdered by gangs? Maybe the gangs should march for their own accountability to the communities they ruin and families they destroy?

But it still give Sloggers a little self-righteous thrill to be down with the Bad Black Kids. Nothing has changed since Tom Wolfe wrote Radical Chic nearly half a century ago.
Jan 29, 2015 Billy Chav commented on Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole Orders Review of Officer Cynthia Whitlatch's Conduct.
@43: Your reasonable and moderate comment will surely be received in the same spirit by the always temperate commenters on Slog.