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Mar 22 Billy Chav commented on Seattle Needs to Start Behaving Like a Big City.
Jesus Charles, just get a tumblr already.
Mar 17 Billy Chav commented on Another Alleged Hate Crime This Weekend on Capitol Hill.
@4: Nope, suspect is short Hispanic male. But don't let that interfere with your knee-jerk bigotry.

Why a publication would elide the race of a suspect, when the whole point of the story is a racial altercation, is really beyond me.
Mar 13 Billy Chav commented on Tragedy At South By Southwest.

Suspect is Rashad Charjuan Owens, 21. Now go crawl back in your loser-hole.
Mar 9 Billy Chav commented on Five Ways to Make the City Better for People of Color.
"Why are people getting so upset about this post?" Because it's the same trite, played-out pablum we hear constantly, only this time by some kid who's only been here a few months but feels it's her duty to tell us how it is. It's stupid , shallow and aggravating and that puts people off. Not so hard to understand.
Mar 9 Billy Chav commented on Officers Cleared in Columbia City SWAT Shooting Inquest.
"They don't know what its like to live in a city where your skin color makes you a target for the state, and at any time some racist cop with a hard on to shoot someone can murder you or your kids and get away with it. "

Get real. This fucker was wanted for armed robbery, they're warranted shooting at him just for fleeing, let alone aiming his vehicle at them. You people need to get a grip.
Jan 24 Billy Chav commented on How Privilege Protects You.
@86: transsexuals ARE mentally abnormal, if abnormal has any meaning at all. You and the other dimwits on this thread won't accept general tolerance for abnormality-- which all your opponents are willing to extend-- but insist we join in your delusion that there is no such thing as abnormality at all. It's not a fight you're going to win, and the further you and your fellow-travelers push your absurd beliefs into the mainstream, the more severe the likely blowback. Not that any of you are really thinking long term, but maybe you could try? Now and then?
Jan 23 Billy Chav commented on How Privilege Protects You.
@49: You're just wrong. We speak of normal embryonic development, normal weather patterns, normal distributions, etc et etc. These all refer to an objective reality, one that is out there beyond your or my value judgments, and consists of regular patterns of occurrence. In this precise but common sense, transsexualism is abnormal. You can't just make words mean what you wish they would mean.
Jan 23 Billy Chav commented on How Privilege Protects You.
@39: No. Transsexuals are what, .01% of population? That means that objectively, irrefutably, they are abnormal. Or what the hell do you mean by normal,or by "objective reality," for that matter?

The central points of all Rights discourse is protecting the rights of minorities, but now that notion is being tossed aside by whining babies who take direct neural feeds from Gawker and Jezebel and believe there's no such thing as a minority or an outlier, that we're all special snowflakes except for Republican men, and how dare anyone hurt our feelings by denying that we're not super super special when we want to be but totally normal when it's convenient.
Jan 23 Billy Chav commented on How Privilege Protects You.
What pathetic drivel. Sorry, but whatever you think about their rights, transsexuals are not normal, if the word normal has any meaning left in it. I know, Slog's version of "cogito ergo sum" is, "but it might hurt someone's feelings, therefore it's not true," but Slog is only one demented part of the wider, real world.
Jan 20 Billy Chav commented on A Place At The Table: Mayor Murray Listens To Seattle's African American Leaders.
What the hell does Murray mean by "our diversity is stagnant"? I'd honestly like to know.

1. If by "diversity" you just mean "non-white", just say that Ed. Don't be a weasel. Is Detroit's diversity "stagnant" as well?

2. What do you mean by "stagnant"? Not moving? Our diversity isn't moving? Where is it supposed to move to? To what purpose? And how fast and far?

Or do you just mean, "the percentage of white people in Seattle is still too high"? If so, why not just say that , Ed?

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