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Dec 19, 2013 give me pom commented on Today in Hero Worship: The Bespectacled Guy on the Bus.
First thing I thought when I saw this video: That's not a bus!
Oct 26, 2013 give me pom commented on Your Favorite Restaurant Wants You to Vote YES on 522.
ditto oubliette. It sounds like the problem aren't the genetically modified foods, but the pesticides that some of them require because they have been immunologically neutered or something as a result of their human-assisted evolution.

This is like making weed illegal because of the violence it causes in mexico. Ok, not exactly like that. Still, the whole GMO thing is sooo way overblown. So many more worthwhile causes. I mean this one is not worth any whiles.
Oct 26, 2013 give me pom commented on Former Washington State Attorney General Endorses Yes on I-522!.
If you love the security that comes with knowing that every restaurant you will ever dine in is required to remind you that its seafood dishes may harm you if undercooked, vote yes on I 522!
Oct 7, 2013 give me pom commented on Fox News Goes Big.
Ohmygodimdying. The 30-something foot-long screen that allows him the revolutionary new journalism-furthering technique of shuffling photos. Cannot wait to see the live on-air havoc this expensive, useless shit, causes.
Aug 8, 2013 give me pom commented on For We're All One or None! GMO Labeling Campaign I-522 Releases Video with Dr. Bronner's Family.
Ugh. GMOs are not inherently bad. How did this rallying cry every get started? It must be science illiteracy, because genetic modification is happening constantly, and it is why complex organisms exist, and now we are just becoming more efficient at it.

As long as we are not using it to breed dogs with worse breathing problems than pugs, what's the problem here?
Jul 23, 2013 give me pom commented on If Kids Got Raped at Denny's As Often As They Get Raped At Church....
Haha, I know you've used that title line before, but I get a good chuckle every time. So fucking true.
Jun 17, 2013 give me pom commented on President Obama Says NSA Spying Is "Transparent".
I think it is a really amazing and powerful tool that we should use. In fact, we should be expanding its use beyond just fighting terror. I really don't understand this obsession with right to privacy, especially when it comes to the kind of banal data that they are collecting. It can put some dots together that would take incredible effort to accomplish through other means.

Even if it accidentally discovers unnecessary information about innocents in the pursuit of wrong-doers, who is harmed? We share way more of that personal info with Apple and Google every day and in return get an amazing services that we couldn't enjoy without the sacrifice. This kind of system could revolutionize our ability to fight some of the worst crimes imaginable.

That said, obviously we should have strong checks and balances, and the system has no need to exist in secret. Just by its existence it forces so-called evil doers to be unable to use technologies which we are practically dependent on to work efficiently.

Although, come to think of it, if they applied it to the drug war, we'd all be screwed....
May 15, 2013 give me pom commented on We Can Do It!.
I think a little bush should have been peeking out the top, or a little scrote pinched between the thigh and hammock.
Mar 14, 2013 give me pom commented on How Does a Megachurch Pastor Treat Depression?.
This, Dan, is why I love you.
Mar 6, 2013 give me pom commented on Dear Nerds: Don't Do Blackface.
Yeah, I disagree. It should not be a big deal. It has an unfortunate history. But lets get over ourselves.