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GlibReaper just found out that a friend had a stroke.
Aug 11 GlibReaper commented on The Mystery of the Central District Surveillance Cameras.
@33 some privacy enthusiasts are also drone operators.

Putting a bag over the ATF cameras would probably constitute interference with a federal investigation. I wouldn't touch that with someone else's airjacked drone.
Jul 31 GlibReaper commented on The Death of the Obedient Pedestrian and the Rise of Sidewalk Rage in Seattle.
This can be solved with an app which directs people along the sidewalk, warning of collisions through distinctive beeps and vibrations.

The ad-supported version may occasionally steer you into a sponsoring shop now and then.
Jun 12 GlibReaper commented on A Vision of the Great White Hunter Spotted on a Beacon Hill Bus.
What if the Great White Savior was one of us? Just a stranger on the bus.

Colonialism isn't dead, it just wears a corporate logo instead of a pith helmet.
May 19 GlibReaper commented on Why Is Shell So Bent On Losing Money in Arctic Drilling?.
From hell's heart I stab…

…ilize oil prices for an energy hungry and climatically irresponsible world.
May 18 GlibReaper commented on Yes, We Protest Shell Oil with Products Made from Oil. Duh. Now Join Us..
@70 yeah, you actually can call up City Light and ask for "only clean electricity" to be generated on your account. It's called Green Up!…

Besides driving an electric car charged with clean energy, people can eat less meat and consume less dairy. There's a great deal we can do individually. However, all of these lifestyle choices won't be enough if Shell goes ahead and drills the Arctic for oil which will be exported to Asia and India. Same goes for increased coal and shale oil exports.

The United States has the highest energy usage and emissions per capita in the world and has benefited tremendously from a history of energy-intensive industrial activity. Trying to extract monopoly rents through onerous intellectual property regulation such as the TPP and TTIP is counterproductive to maximum emission reduction globally.
May 18 GlibReaper commented on Yes, We Protest Shell Oil with Products Made from Oil. Duh. Now Join Us..
@67 This may just be what the international spotlight brings: thirsty shitmoths

@68 Perhaps it is a concerted effort. What does astroturf smell like when it burns?
May 11 GlibReaper commented on I, Anonymous.
@27 if you take a bit off the top, more people will just move into the rage-vacuum.

Basic physics, yo.
May 8 GlibReaper commented on This Guy Found an Unexploded "Blast Ball" on Capitol Hill After May Day.
Better or worse than leaving a rifle on the trunk of a patrol car?…

I'm going to go with "worse" because a grenade can easily blow off someone's hand. The rifle may not have even been loaded.