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Nov 11, 2013 Bean commented on Will Elizabeth Warren Challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination?.
Um... didn't Warren just sign a letter with the other ladies of the Senate urging Hillary to run??
Nov 4, 2013 Bean commented on The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!.
Haters all of you!!!! LOL

Hey, what was the deal with someone feeding rats to the walkers? Either they haven't gotten there or I dozed off during the last couple episodes...
Oct 11, 2013 Bean commented on Conlin's Inept Smear Campaign Is as Stupid as It Is Dishonest.
Erica... seriously?? 100k income is ABOVE middle class? Shit, I would call it just getting by in the Seattle area. Sure, 40 to 60k might be what republicans are calling middle class but the middle class once was able to do much more than live paycheck to paycheck. I shudder to think what people making 20 to 30k have to deal with.
Aug 23, 2013 Bean commented on Florida Man Denies Threatening 5 Point Cafe Over Gun Free Zone.
"We need a cultural dialog around gun ownership". Wow. Just awesome. As a gun owner (as you know Goldy), that is exactly the language we need. I don't own guns for some hypothetical threat. But the guys who do need to re-evaluate the narratives they got wrapped up in. Otherwise, to me they are just as dangerous as a criminal with a gun.
Aug 15, 2013 Bean commented on Orson Scott Card May Be a Hateful Homophobe....
I'm a bit burned out on this Card shit. If you get down to it, we all might as well toss the TV to the curb, empty our bookshelves and move out of our homes and go live in a DIY hut in the desert. Because some shit-bag either filmed it, wrote it or built it (or distilled it?). We are living in times where the bad ideas are dying out and Card, and even us, Paul, are all on that same path. And if there is any weight to be given to this boycotting homophobic assholes, we have some far bigger targets that need our attention.
Jul 22, 2013 Bean commented on Watch Me Make Grover Norquist and Connie Mack Throw Up (Almost).
I absolutely love the fact that in all this discussion on "da gay", Dan can insert (bad pun I know) humor into the conversation. Because that shit was made me laugh and I just love how disarming humor is. We don't have to be afraid of "gay".
Jun 18, 2013 Bean commented on In Which Peter Steinbrueck Peforms in Blackvoice.
Completely incredible that "Candidates" show up to read aloud books as part of a campaign. Only in Seattle (I guess). Is it just me or is this absofuckinglootelynutz!!??
Jun 15, 2013 Bean commented on Maybe the Mayoral Candidates Should Just Get Out of the Way and Let Their Consultants Duke It Out by Themselves?.
I've got 20 on Wyble for the 2013 Political Consultant Death Match!
Jun 14, 2013 Bean commented on Pandora’s Promise: A Documentary That May Change Your Opinion of Nuclear Power.
Will @ 11... You cannot mix nuclear energy production with weapon material production when you discuss health affects of radiation. The Columbia Generating Station is not part of the weapons complex. The weapons materials activity was long before the safety standards we have in place today as well.

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