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Mar 20 blackhook commented on Take a Peek!: 20 Photos Inside the New Chop Suey.
Really disappointed that they booked Dustin Kensrue—who was Mark Driscoll's right-hand man at the bizarre, hateful, misogynist, homophobic Mars Hill Church—to play at the new Chop Suey. Even though, thankfully, the weirdo evangelical church imploded in a spectacular haze of possibly-illegal financial dealings, we don't need to be reminded of that awful episode in Seattle history. Begone, hateful Mars Hillites!
Mar 14 blackhook commented on Eastern Washington Jurors See Through the Federal Government's Anti-Pot Hysteria.
No matter what they call themselves—DEA, Joint Task Force, Municipal Drug Agency....seemingly ad infinitum—the out-of-control Law Enforcement Industrial Complex entities are increasingly desperate ...they know the writing's on the wall, that their anti-marijuana charade is winding down. These badged bozos of the pot war are thankfully a dying breed—but it's clear they're not going to slink away quietly into the night.

It's amazing to me that the federal government has been peddling this abject nonsense about weed for, like, forever. The upshot is that no college student in America believes *anything* the government says about drugs, because of the blatant fiction that weed is on par with (or worse than) crystal meth, heroin & cocaine.

That's why it is so gratifying that the jury saw through the Feds' BS in this case. Slowly but surely the unjust, costly war on pot is coming to an end ...and btw how much was spent pursuing & prosecuting the Kettle Falls Five? ...$1, 2, 3+ Million? Shame on the DEA, and especially shame on the politicians who continue to give them cover for their nefarious operations!
Mar 12 blackhook commented on I, Anonymous.
Have you considered tying your dog to the end of a long pole & using it to dust windows?
Mar 5 blackhook commented on Ben Carson: Being Gay Is a Choice and Prison Proves It.
I do believe Mr Carson is saying that he's bisexual—so for him "not being gay" is a conscious choice ...must be tough for him with all those cute young male interns in Republican-land.
Mar 3 blackhook commented on Eastern Washington Medical Marijuana Growers Acquitted on Four of Five Federal Charges.
Shame on the DEA, and especially shame on the federal govt for enabling this egregious, out-of-control behavior by the Law Enforcement Industrial Complex.

...so many of these bastards—no doubt 10's of thousands of them—make their livings busting peaceful, non-violent folks who choose to smoke marijuana. Because of the blatant lies that equate pot w/ crystal meth, cocaine & heroin, no college atudent in America believes anything the government says about drugs. I'm so proud of my state for being the first to cut through the bs & emphatically legalize recreational weed ...only shocked that the end of pot prohibition has taken this long. This verdict is one more hopeful sign—but if these folks end up having to serve even a day in jail, it's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham....
Feb 13 blackhook commented on New Records Show Years of Concern About SPD Officer Whitlatch's Behavior (Including a Petco Incident in 1997).
Why is Whiplash still a Seattle Cop? ...why was she *ever* a Seattle Cop? ...for the answers, tune in to the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.....
Feb 7 blackhook commented on Seattle Police Officer Ranted on Twitter About Race, Obama, and Gay People.
Riley - you just talk talk talk, you just talk too much ...not to mention, you are full of shit.

In Seattle, as in any civilized city, we don't have to accept that cops are redneck bastards, like you seem to be. And we never will. Begone, redneck asshole sympathizer!
Feb 6 blackhook commented on Seattle Police Officer Ranted on Twitter About Race, Obama, and Gay People.
Where does SPD find these ignorant, hateful bastards? ...is there any screening process during hiring? ...or any training whatsoever?

It's impossible to blame the current chief, who does seem to be trying hard to set the ship right. But any reforms had better include a change in hiring practices.

To Officer Byrd: Just as you seem to have contempt for a large portion of Seattle residents—who it is your sworn duty to "protect and serve"—we don't want your kind "serving" us. Please do the honorable thing ...don't go away mad, just go away!
Feb 6 blackhook commented on All We're Asking Is for Katy Perry to Apologize to Tacocat in Every Language, Then Take Us on a World Tour.
Besides that, why in the hell in any sense of the word is Katy Perry a "superstar"? Her songs in the SB show SUCKED ...are those her best? ...another bland, talent-free hack.
Jan 23 blackhook commented on OMG One-Thousand-Foot Water Slide Coming to Seattle in July! I Hope!.
Sounds like an ideal incubator for a lot of bad bugs...

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