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Aug 31, 2016 blackhook commented on The Inside Story of a Pot Shop Heist in Greenwood.
Definitely the guard was in on it ...just like Paulie in The Godfather! ...and we all know what happened to him
Jul 28, 2016 blackhook commented on The Six Best Lines From Ex-NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s DNC Speech.
Thanks for the heads-up! ...really wanna catch his speech.
Jul 27, 2016 blackhook commented on Police Investigating Racial Threat to West Seattle Family.
Slimy, hateful coward like this have always existed, but now that Trump has exposed the long-festering Republican core, they feel emboldened to spread their ignorance. Good riddance to the Republican party & all it stands for!
Jul 6, 2016 blackhook commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Taking a Break, Breaking a Heart, Casting a Ballot.
This guy is enough to give pause to all of us who are "wary of guns." He comes across as the stereotype of an insecure male gun owner—who fees the need to carry his gun for protection (from what? bogie men? ...ISIS terrorists? ...little green men from Mars?). My guess is that, over the course of many months, eventually he made some insensitive comment(s) that clued her in to who he really was. And he shows very little, if any, introspection into the vibe he gave off to her ...the just-under-the-surface implied violence in his letter is no doubt an extension of this vibe. Sadly, we'll never know the outcome, but here's hoping this woman stays safe...
Jun 21, 2016 blackhook commented on Washington Judge Says Hospitals that Provide Maternity Care Must Provide Abortions On Site.
I'm appalled that the Catholic Criminal Empire has taken over so many hospitals in Washington state. Reports that young women have been counseled with Bible verses (!) instead of actual medical advice, in Catholic-owned hospitals, are beyond grotesque. Hard to believe this is happening in the "enlightened" 21st century...
Jun 13, 2016 blackhook commented on Invitation Declined.
ok, it now appears that @16 was correct ...the shooter was a pathetic, self-hating, closeted gay man. Hitting up guys on Jack'd & had been spotted at Pulse b4. Perfectly explains his bizarre & violent act...…
Jun 12, 2016 blackhook commented on Invitation Declined.
Yes absolutely @16 straight man secure in his own sexuality would give a gay bar much thought, much less consider something violent.
Jun 12, 2016 blackhook commented on Invitation Declined.
What @5 said...! Dan, you could get this message out very eloquently, as we've seen you do on Bill Maher et al so many times.
May 3, 2016 blackhook commented on Donald Trump Wins Indiana, Will Be GOP Nominee.
Hahahahaha!! ...The Repugs get EXACTLY what they deserve. They nourished their "Southern Strategy," of veiled racism, it took root & now has grown to monstrous proportions. Hillary will destroy him in November.
May 3, 2016 blackhook commented on Donald Trump Solves JFK Assassination, Mocks Puny Human Concepts of Reality.
This race is not between Donald Trump & Ted Cruz is all about whether 'God' is dead—or whether He is just an imaginary fairy-tale being. If He doesn't deliver, it is high time to disband Christianity once & for all, and to worship the one true Deity: Praise Bob, and may the Hour of Slack reign forever, hallelujah!!!