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Jul 22 blackhook commented on Americans Don't Love McDonald's as Much as They Used To.
I'm excited that several McDonalds have closed in Seattle, including one right in the middle of the U District.
May 12 blackhook commented on The Devil Made That Lesbian Do It.
Hail Satan!
Apr 24 blackhook commented on Yet Another Reason to Hate the Blue Angels.
lol, MacCrocodile @2!
Apr 24 blackhook commented on Saints Preserve Us.
Please have some respect for the Catholic voodoo, superstitions & fairy tales! ...bring on the swinging incense ball, with the Archbishop & his entourage clad in their finest dresses & party hats! Praise the Pope and all who contribute to this bizarre criminal empire!
Mar 17 blackhook commented on Mars Hill's Mark Driscoll Apologizes for Being "Angry Young Prophet," Promises Change (Kind Of? Maybe?).
Please! Calling Mark Driscoll an attention-addicted bigot is not fair to the rest of the attention-addicted bigots!
Mar 2 blackhook commented on Slog Bible Study: Mark 11:20.
I always suspected Jesus was treephobic.
Feb 26 blackhook commented on Jan Brewer About to Announce Decision on Arizona's Turn-Away-The-Gay Bill.
Arizona should pass a law requiring Idiot bigot Joe Walsh to change his name, lest he & his Neanderthal rants be confused with the great guitarist of the same name.
Feb 26 blackhook commented on More Evidence About the US Army Spy Who Befriended Local Activists and Encouraged the Purchase of Guns.
People who say they have nothing to hide and so are not concerned about the NSA collecting data on all Americans would be wise to pay heed to this story of shameful exploits by our military intelligence groups—carried out it seems in conjunction with the FBI & other intelligence orgs.

Kudos to The Stranger & to Brendan for shedding light on this story!
Feb 24 blackhook commented on Mayor, Chief Say They Were Wrong to Remove Cop's Misconduct Verdict.
@40, Dominic is not the cause of this problem. Officer Marion acted like a sociopath with very real anger management issues. As such, he should not be in a position of protecting the public as a police officer. So yes, he should be fired ...better yet, he should never have been hired in the first place. Seattle PD hiring practices & training are related topics that need to be addressed.
Feb 24 blackhook commented on Mayor, Chief Say They Were Wrong to Remove Cop's Misconduct Verdict.
Dominic, I applaud your forceful & forthright reporting on this issue. By shining a spotlight on this shameful episode by the Seattle PD, you have forced the City of Seattle to deal with it—finally!—in the right way.

No doubt Mayor Murray wanted to make a public show of support for his police chief—but at the same time, i also have no doubt that discussions were going on behind closed doors to find a way out of the mess. Had you not continued to bring this issue to light, the mayor would most likely have let Chief Bailey's unfortunate decision slide.

Conscientious reporting like this is the *only* way to rein in the ongoing egregious behavior by Seattle's Finest. Bravo to you Dominic, keep up the good work!

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