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Jun 12 blackhook commented on Invitation Declined.
Yes absolutely @16 straight man secure in his own sexuality would give a gay bar much thought, much less consider something violent.
Jun 12 blackhook commented on Invitation Declined.
What @5 said...! Dan, you could get this message out very eloquently, as we've seen you do on Bill Maher et al so many times.
May 3 blackhook commented on Donald Trump Wins Indiana, Will Be GOP Nominee.
Hahahahaha!! ...The Repugs get EXACTLY what they deserve. They nourished their "Southern Strategy," of veiled racism, it took root & now has grown to monstrous proportions. Hillary will destroy him in November.
May 3 blackhook commented on Donald Trump Solves JFK Assassination, Mocks Puny Human Concepts of Reality.
This race is not between Donald Trump & Ted Cruz is all about whether 'God' is dead—or whether He is just an imaginary fairy-tale being. If He doesn't deliver, it is high time to disband Christianity once & for all, and to worship the one true Deity: Praise Bob, and may the Hour of Slack reign forever, hallelujah!!!
May 2 blackhook commented on Carly Fiorina Pulls a Bob Dole/Gary Bauer.
Curses, I'm melllttting!!!
Apr 26 blackhook commented on Donald Trump Sweeps Five NE Primaries, Hillary Takes Three, Possibly Four.
Republicans get EXACTLY what they have created, and what they deserve. The roots go back to their infamous Southern Strategy—with all its veiled racism—only now it's out in the open, along with rampant xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia and outright hatred of anything perceived to be "different" from a phantom 1950's American ideal by dimwits & other dregs of our country.

That said, Trump has ZERO chance of actually being elected. Hillary will destroy him in the general election, and hopefully will bring Congress around from the Dark Side as well.
Apr 26 blackhook commented on Vegans Are Worried That Bamboo Garden Is Serving Animal Products.
I don't get the "faux meat" thing. Since vegans are deliberately avoiding meat—among other things—why would you want a fake product dressed up as meat? (btw, that does look & sound horrible). There are so many delicious vegan foods that don't masquerade as meat, so why bother?
Mar 29 blackhook commented on Oh, Look. A Gun That Folds Up To Look Like a Cell Phone..
In what sane world should this be legal? ... I immediately also thought of @1's possible use; i.e., political assassinations. But so many other chances for abuse by the lunatic fringe.
Mar 29 blackhook commented on Prepare Thyself to Deal with This Essential-Looking Rahsaan Roland Kirk Doc.
Can't wait to see this ...thanks for the heads-up!
Mar 24 blackhook commented on Alabama Governor Robert Bentley Accused of Affair Because he's Just so Gosh Darn Lovable.
I can't think of anything more attractive than an extremist evangelical crypt keeper.