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Apr 4 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Five Ways to Make Sound Transit 3 Better Before Sending it to Voters.
@17 "Sound Transit needs to provide an alternate "best-case scenario" timeline alongside their existing conservative one."

Eh, the cat's out of the bag now. If they'd originally done that and said, "no more than 15 to 22 years to Ballard, tops, depending on the breaks,"that might have been successful at getting people to focus on the optimistic end of the scale, not the number they don't like. But after saying, "this is what we really think it's going to take," and then they come back, "Oh, what, you hate that? Sorry, here's an answer we hope you like better," I'm going to find it hard to believe they aren't just spinning in desperation.
Apr 3 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Governor Turns His Back on the Democratic Party, Won't Kill Charter Schools Bill.
@19 It's a little out of date, and it's a lot, but you might try reading this:…
and other charter links in their frame.

tl;dr Charter success is cherry-picking.

Admittedly, given SPS upper management's long-standing program to degrade both Special Ed and Spectrum/APP in favor of impossible-to-deliver "differentiated" instruction in single classrooms, I'm close to saying "fuck you" and supporting charters, but at very least, that should happen AFTER McCleary is complied with.
Apr 1 ScrawnyKayaker commented on The Morning News: Uber and Lyft Expand to Sea-Tac Airport, Hundreds Line Up for New Tesla Electric Car.
@14 If AFT had polled membership, I'd be impressed. Union leadership has a habit of being poorly representative of the opinions of rank-and-file. They should have waited 'til after convention to support the D nominee.
Apr 1 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Bernie or Hillary or Both.
@16 Hells Yeah!

(and spoiler alert: I cheated and peeked at the last chapter of the book...HRC *is* a moderate conservative.)
Apr 1 ScrawnyKayaker commented on The Morning News: Uber and Lyft Expand to Sea-Tac Airport, Hundreds Line Up for New Tesla Electric Car.
@3 How about Democrats for Education Reform's support? DFER is funded almost entirely be hedge fund billionaires. Education Reform Inc. (a concept, not a real company) is the rising star for funnelling tax money into deep pockets. They get a real good return on that high-stakes-test software and testing fees. Expect Hillary to continue the DNC DINO's enthusiastic support of that bullshit.

I don't think much of Hillary's five megabucks from "Education" (second link) is coming from support by actual teachers.………
Apr 1 ScrawnyKayaker commented on There Was Another Ride the Ducks Crash Today.
@20 Who would have thought that being unable to turn your head would increase your risk of a crash at an intersection??? (link 1)
Mar 12 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Washington Public Schools Are Criminally Underfunded, But Governor Inslee Won't Commit to Vetoing Charter School Law.
"a bill that stands for everything the Democratic Party opposes"

No, it stands for everything the liberal wing of the Democratic Party opposes.

It is precisely in line with everything the corporatist, neo-liberal, DNC, Clintonista, Arne Duncan, Murray/Cantwell, union-busting, TPP-loving, Republican-in-sheep's-clothing wing of the party supports.
Mar 12 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Coworker Is Vetting Sugar Daddies!.
The missing information here is if she's actually SELLING memberships. If these guys are treating this solely as a speed-date with her, she's robbing her employer of her time. If they buy memberships at a rate similar to the typical potential customer on a tour, no problem. Certainly, the latter outcome would surprise the shit outta me.
Mar 11 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Another Group of Neighbors Fighting an Apartment Building Because It's "Out of Scale".
@27 What gun store? Precise Shooter closed and moved to Lynnwood after Burgess's stupid tax went into effect. Is there another I don't know about? Most Big5 locations still stock guns, but I can't imagine they sell many when you can drive to a store outside of Seattle for less than the fool tax.