Jun 6 Hutch commented on In Frantic Texts, Mayor Threatened to "Pull Police Off Enforcement” If Council Moved Forward with Jungle Plan.
Let me guess how this article came together - Heidi did some public records digging to find the text message threat and (rightfully) wrote a good story about it. And then Ansel was all "hey that's great but we should really throw in some unsubstantiated character assassination from an anonymous source" and then slapped his byline on it.

I'm by no means a Murray fan, but this is tabloid bullshit, guys.
Jun 1 Hutch commented on Mayor Signs On to Kshama Sawant's "Carl Haglund Law" Banning Rent Increases at Substandard Apartment Buildings.
I'm skeptical of rent control broadly as a solution to our housing crisis, but I have a hard time feeling bad for landlords who allow buildings to get to that state of disrepair and then jack up rents.
May 31 Hutch commented on Wallingford Community Council Accused of "Prejudice Toward Renters".
@11 - It's a (unfunny and unhelpful) parody account.
May 31 Hutch commented on Wallingford Community Council Accused of "Prejudice Toward Renters".
I'm getting a huge kick out of "our meetings are open to everyone" in an article where someone had their civic commitment questioned when they attended and voiced a dissenting view.

I've read some comments from neighborhood groups questioning why they weren't invited to be on the HALA focus groups. Perhaps it has something to do with the company you keep - a few exceptions aside, these neighborhood councils have functioned as de facto anti-density political interest groups, intent on keeping out new residents.
May 26 Hutch commented on Seattle Times Editor Kathy Best Steps Down, Heads to Montana.
"In her last year at the Times, Best has worked alongside her newsroom through staff buyouts and a couple publishing clusterfucks involving coded racist language."

Oh and also, a Pulitzer prize for their coverage of the Oso Landslide: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news…

I'm no Times fan - the Ed Board has consistently shown that they don't share the same values with the community they represent, and inflammatory, biased headlines on perfectly reasonable and balanced news stories has become frighteningly common (see today's front page story on Renton and Sound Transit). But I'm with Jen Graves - Seattle is better off having a newsroom of 100+ working journalists in it. A lot of major cities can't say that any more. Best (heh) of luck to Kathy in her next job.
May 25 Hutch commented on After Criticism, Mayor Backpedals on Timeline for Clearing the Jungle.
Clear out however and at whatever pace you want - the bottom line is that it's delusional to suggest that the city can do anything to keep people out of there permanently. No amount of fencing is going to prevent someone from finding their way in there.
May 25 Hutch commented on 50 Places in Seattle That You're Taking for Granted.
Am I missing a joke on "Sunday's Restaurant"? 620 1st Ave. N is the Lower Queen Anne Met Market building.

Thanks for this list. Imagine if, instead of spouting off about romanticized visions of what Seattle used to be, people supported local businesses that make Seattle what it is now. So many neat places in this city that sit empty for days at a time.
May 23 Hutch commented on Cafe Allegro Has a Sharps Container in Its Bathroom.
@8 - Thank you for your thoughtful comment and best of luck in your sobriety.
May 23 Hutch commented on Four of Nine Seattle City Council Members Are Millionaires.
@4 - It's low, but not that far out of the realm of possibility. The 50th percentile net worth of those age 35-44 is about $35,000.


Would be interesting to see how many of these councilmembers' net worth came via the natural wealth generating aspects of homeownership vs. the unnatural wealth generating aspects of housing supply suppression via zoning regulation in single-family neighborhoods.
May 23 Hutch commented on Four of Nine Seattle City Council Members Are Millionaires.
Lorena Gonzalez, a working attorney for more than a decade, has a net worth comparable to the price of a new car? I know she's (admirably) done a lot of pro-bono work, but that's pretty incredibly low.