Jan 31, 2016 Linda J commented on Trump Supporters Rallying at UW Saturday Were Outnumbered by Anti-Trump Protesters.
@21 More Dems voted for Bush than for Nader in Florida. Can't hang this on Nader, altho every freakin' Dembot in history seems to get on the internet and spread this misinfo.
"In a 2004 article Tony Schinella broke down a lot of polling numbers ... pointed out that more registered Democrats voted for Bush than voted for Nader..."
Jan 14, 2016 Linda J commented on Suspicious Package Empty Box Spotted Outside a Planned Parenthood Roosevelt Health Center.
Was trying to take back a video back to Scarecrow and couldn't get in bc police tape. Glad it turned out to be nothing. #PlannedParenthoodforever!
Jan 6, 2016 Linda J commented on Washington's Working on a Draft Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution, But There's a Twist.
Hey Max. I had the exact opposite response: I think "constipated" should be appended before every use of the word "Democrat". Repugs couldn't do the things they do unless they had help. Witness: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news…
Jan 6, 2016 Linda J commented on Washington's Working on a Draft Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution, But There's a Twist.
Gaia says goodbye to the surface dwellers who continually make the wrong choices about living in harmony with the rest of the planet.
Dec 3, 2015 Linda J commented on Never Mind the Paris Climate Summit, Bikes vs. Cars Shows How Fucked We Really Are.
"That quote about the air quality PPM threshold is chilling." ironic, considering warming is our problem.

Thanks, Charles.
Oct 24, 2015 Linda J commented on Paul Allen Gives to Arts with One Hand but Takes Away with the Other.
"Why do these questions seem to plague the arts community more than other sectors?" asks a commenter.

These questions plague our whole system. Why do billionaires who dodge on taxes (http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-mic…) get to tell us what diseases should be cured, what games should be played, what plays should be shown?

Because we LET THEM! They suck up resources while they make themselves wealthy without paying taxes on their wealth and then play King Louis doling dribs and drabs on the things they fancy.

We all need to be artists, play sports and involve ourselves in the arts. If we did that, we would not have to sit on our tuffets and wait for Mr. Big Stuff to fund us.

Oh, and yes, we need to convert our political system to one that is managed by the people it serves. We know better what is needed than billionaires.
Oct 22, 2015 Linda J commented on The Mental Health of a Brilliant Black American.
lark, Blacks in Simone's America were actively resisting the racist power structure in so many ways. true, people are waking to that struggle again, but I don't think America could be termed "better" now. please remember: we are NOT post-racial.
Aug 11, 2015 Linda J commented on The Bad Politics of the Black Lives Matter Protesters Who Interrupted Bernie Sanders.
..."because I think making white liberals uncomfortable is really the best way to change." @61 has this right.

Also what @62 said.
Aug 11, 2015 Linda J commented on In Her Own Words: The Political Beliefs of the Protester Who Interrupted Bernie Sanders.
@11 says: "Will nobody address the issue of consent?"

I think the young women WERE addressing the issue of consent. Black people are definitely (and loudly) withdrawing their consent to be dominated by a system that privileges light skinned people to the point that young black men are disposable, more or less.

The young black leaders Bernie marched with were assassinated under regimes run by Bernie's predecessors in power. Not much has changed, has it?

I see why people are screaming. Don't you?