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Jan 18 robotslave commented on An Insufferable Seahawks Championship Game LIVESLOG.
Yes, everyone get in here at 3pm to watch the game!
Jan 16 robotslave commented on Google Glass Dead?.

If you're arguing that the true purpose of Glass was to popularize wearable computing in general, then I think you are completely incorrect in deeming the program a success.

Glass managed to stigmatize wearable computing.

Thanks to Glass, normal people everywhere will now be put off when they encounter workers outfitted with wearable computers, be they ticket agents, security guards, or any other public-facing employee who might benefit from the contraptions.

If the purpose of Glass was to drive public awareness, then GOOG has driven it in exactly the wrong direction, doing enormous damage to most of the potential market for this kind of gizmo.

That's a huge failure, not a success.
Jan 16 robotslave commented on Google Glass Dead?.

Given the fact that @14 was indeed presenting the statements labelled "postulate" as axioms from which the conclusion that followed could be drawn, the use of that label was entirely appropriate.

Or perhaps you'd like to give us your own private definition of "axiom," too?

Of course, the fact that the word was used correctly doesn't mean Tyler Pierce isn't a pompous, irritating dorkbag for using it. It could have been worse, though-- at least he didn't say "whereas."
Jan 16 robotslave commented on Google Glass Dead?.

If you've got a better general-purpose term for a secret project, group, or facility within a larger organization, then by all means, let's hear it.

The dorks will just have to keep using Lockheed Martin's coinage, if nobody offers up an alternative.
Jan 15 robotslave commented on Swingers Encouraged to Put a Ring On It—And, Wait, How Many Swingers Are There?.
Sure, sure, swingers are super-eager to let everyone know they're swingers, and not at all interested in keeping it quiet.

That's why you see so many of them wearing "I'm a swinger, and I'm proud of it" T-Shirts, right?
Jan 15 robotslave commented on Broadway Cycle Track Bollards: Still Broken.
I thought these things were designed to be easy to move? Has that requirement been dropped?
Jan 15 robotslave commented on The Morning News: Mayor Murray Now Supports Tent Cities, Microsoft Now Bargaining with Unionized Workers.

Yes, they still live there, at least for now.

And the new owners haven't said anything to current commercial renters yet, despite weeks of pestering; those nearing the end of their leases are getting pretty anxious about it.
Jan 12 robotslave commented on New Year Brings New Bike Lane (And Now, Cycletrack!) Blockages.
These reports do give us a bit of insight into the sociology of the phrase "check your privilege," no?
Jan 12 robotslave commented on Scenes from the Portland Counter-Protest That Drove Off the Westboro Baptist Church.

Westboro's MO is to make sure their media stunts are so intrusive that they can't be ignored.

But also, you're right, it's pretty damned dickish to celebrate or contribute to shutting down the speech and peaceful free assembly of people who happen to hold beliefs you really, really don't like.

These sorts of event are useful, I guess, for learning which ideals are most important to anyone burping up opinions about the thing. Not sure that really gets us anywhere, though.
Jan 8 robotslave commented on Re: The Stink Fog That Coated Seattle Last Night.

And we have our first ever SLOG-comments DF joke.

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