Jan 19, 2015 Moag commented on Heroic Seahawks Are Going to the Super Bowl After Journeying Into the Heart of Darkness.
@16 I think its actually pretty common, to the point of routine. The kicking team always wants a good blocker on the kick, so they send in a lineman instead of a receiver. And the lineman habitually reports as eligibile, just to keep the defense on their toes, but 99.9% of the time, the team just kicks the ball. So the defense probably doesn't think about it too much.

Still, one of the responsibilities of the defense is to watch for the fake. The end rusher, especially, is supposed to be paying attention. When Ryan got outside the first rusher, the play had already succeeded.
Dec 29, 2014 Moag commented on The Weekend in Review: Long Live the Dutchess and the Duke and Berry Berry Kix.
The unicorn scene in Blade Runner makes an awesome movie significantly awesomer.
Oct 16, 2014 Moag commented on A Majority of Our City Council Is at a Swanky Resort With the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
@33, 34, 49

Any discussion of city issues is considered an action under the Open Public Meetings Act. It does not have to be discussion of specific legislation, nor include a decision on the issue. So if a majority of councilmembers are in the room and one or more of them talks policy, it is supposed to be announced in advance and open to the public, with a recording and minutes taken. (And if they aren't talking policy, why are they there?)

This is not a slam dunk legal case, but it's pretty close to one. If anyone has the time and energy to pursue a legal case, they'd probably win.
Aug 28, 2014 Moag commented on Hillary Clinton Issues Statement on Ferguson.
She is a "we" when she talks about white people. It's not exclusionary, just factual. I'm sure she also says "we" when referring to groups that include both her and black people, such as "Americans". So why should that suck?
Aug 25, 2014 Moag commented on Henry Rollins Apologizes for His Comments on Suicide.
I emailed Rollins via his website, and he emailed me back. It seemed personal from him, definitely not a generic boilerplate. At first, he was defensive (and my email was angry, so fair enough), but after some back and forth, he talked about listening and learning from the people writing him, especially the children of people who had committed suicide.
Aug 22, 2014 Moag commented on No, Henry Rollins, Fuck You and Your Stupid Ideas About Suicide.
@84 Nobody is "defending suicide" here. We are defending a man against mean-spirited attacks on his moral standing, for the "crime" of having a disease that killed him. And we are hoping to protect other depressed people who don't need any guilt and shame dumped on them by people like you who don't understand how this disease affects someone.
Aug 21, 2014 Moag commented on No, Henry Rollins, Fuck You and Your Stupid Ideas About Suicide.
@23 Another person missing the point entirely.

Your explanation would be fine in the case of, say, a person with a treatable infection who decides it is just too inconvenient to take their antibiotics, what with all the hassle of opening the pill bottle every day, and so they die and leave their kids as orphans. But do you ever hear of such a situation? No, because no mentally healthy person would do such a thing.

But a mentally ill person is, by definition, NOT MENTALLY HEALTHY. Thus their ability to make good decisions can be severely impaired.

Consider a different kind of mental illness: If a person with alzheimer's disease forgets to take their antibiotics and dies of infection, do you blame them for being irresponsible? Or do you blame the alzheimers that destroyed their ability to remember?

Like other mental illnessness, depression can lead people to make bad "choices". The ultimate cause is the disease, not the victim's moral failing.
Aug 21, 2014 Moag commented on No, Henry Rollins, Fuck You and Your Stupid Ideas About Suicide.
@17 Yes, suicide is a choice, but only in a very narrow sense, because it is a choice made by people who are in such bad circumstances (real or induced by mental illness) that it actually appears to be a good and reasonable choice. To address suicide, don't address the "choice"; address the circumstances that lead to it.
Aug 21, 2014 Moag commented on No, Henry Rollins, Fuck You and Your Stupid Ideas About Suicide.
"I think it is incredibly important for a person who is depressed, or looks like has a mental illness like depression, to seek out treatment and help from loved one and professionals. I know it is difficult, but anyone, with children or without children, owe it to their fellow human beings, to seek help."

ferret, you're missing the point entirely. Yes, it would be wonderful if every depressed person sought and received treatment. But one of the symptoms of depression (often, not always) is the INABILITY TO SEEK TREATMENT. (Yes, all-caps, because I'm yelling at you.) Thus, telling them they ought to do it, that they owe it to their loved ones to do it, is nonsensical. No, it's worse than that, because they probably know intellectually that they should seek treatment, but they still can't, so now you're just making them feel guilty about their illness. (In other forms of mental illness, they may not even realize they should seek treatment because, again, mental illness.)

"Even if a person seeks out help, goes to therapy, take medication, etc. therapy won't work unless the person wants to change..."

And now we're back to blaming the ill person for their illness. Thanks, asshole, that really helps.

Here's an analogy: Your arm is paralyzed. There is a medical treatment that would fix it, but the treatment requires that you MOVE THAT PARALYZED ARM. You try to move the paralyzed arm, because you want the treatment, but you can't do it, because YOUR ARM IS FUCKING PARALYZED.

That's what it can be like for a depressed person. They need real help to get them into treatment, not "encouragement" like yours. Once in treatment and once the depression eases, they can often help themselves stay out of it -- mostly, but on occasion their "arm" gets "paralyzed" again for a while -- until they are fully healed.
Aug 21, 2014 Moag commented on No, Henry Rollins, Fuck You and Your Stupid Ideas About Suicide.
@5 If someone has mental illness, an inability to seek out medical treatment or otherwise care for themselves is often A PART OF THE FUCKING ILLNESS. In the case of depression, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to bring oneself to call a doctor and make an appointment. It is not a choice, and not laziness. It is an illness THAT AFFECTS YOUR MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL CAPABILITIES.

Stick your "reckless and irresponsible" up your ignorant ass.