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What subliterate moron is bothering to read this?

Jan 3 sgt_doom commented on Wait. What? Mayor Murray Dreams of a Fourth Tunnel. (For Transit.).
I believe this justifies what I've been saying forever about Murray:

He is a royal dipshit!

My advice to Ansel Herz the next time Murray demands of him:

"Do you know who I am?"

He should respond: "Yup! You are that clown who first ran on the platform: 'Don't vote for me just because I'm gay." (And nobody did) And lost and then could only achieve political office by being appointed to take the place of a dead guy!
Jan 2 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: New Year, New Wages, New Laws.
Moral Authority

With the release of the micro-report on CIA torture (some 200 plus heavily redacted pages from a report totalling 6,000 pages) the various talking vaginas on Fox, CNN, CBS, PBS, NPR, etc., have prattled on and on about whether or not America has lost its moral authority?

America has, or has ever had, moral authority?

That should be news to any sane American today.

The total number of those millions killed by the American Empire may never be known, but the count over the years has steadily increased.

From the innocent Iranians killed during the overthrow of Iran's democractically elected government during Eisenhower's administration, to innocent Guatemalans also killed in that timeframe, to thousands of Indonesian innocents who died later in the Eisenhower Administration in the failed CIA plot to oust the nonaligned Sukarno, many perished!

With the cessation of CIA plots during the Kennedy Administration (yes, there was the Bay of Pigs' invasion, concocted during the Eisenhower administration, taking place with provisions JFK later put in place; no assassination of Castro, no military support by the USA, as Kennedy had been repeatedly assured that a popular uprising would take place, which never occurred, of course. (Eisenhower had meant it to be a fullscale invasion, which would have led to instant nuclear war, naturally enough --- thank god for the Kennedy presidency, before the Rockefeller brothers ordered his murder!)

Then, during the Johnson administration, one-half million Indonesians killed in the successful CIA coup against Sukarno, and hundreds of Brazilians would be disappeared when Operation Brother Sam was initiated, then Johnson laid the groundwork for Vietnam, reversing JFK's planned withdrawal of the military advisors there, leading the eventual 2 million to 3 million plus deaths from bombings of North Vietnamese!

Of course, Chile and other horrendous actions under Nixon, along with further Southeast Asia attacks on innocents.

Then Reagan, Bush, et al.

Moral authority?

Jan 2 sgt_doom commented on High Unemployment and Low Growth Make the Rich Richer.
I think you are overly complicating the issue.

No plutocrat, regardless of their prattle (much in the same manner super-tax evader Warren Buffet bullshits about more taxes for the wealthy) gives a fig about the future, as psychopathic greedheads have no actual time sense (a hallmark of socipathology) but hire mouthpieces and pseudo-journalists who will bullcrap about climate change.

Regardless of whether real economic growth occurs (and debt growth has been the major component of those so-called growth stats) it is designed to screw the majority and profit the minority.
Dec 31, 2014 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: New Law In Seattle Ends Putting Food in the Trash.
@18, correction: That was Freeport Sulphur, not McMoran: very infrequently, even the fabled memory of the roguishly handsome, sgt_doom, lapses.
Dec 31, 2014 sgt_doom commented on A Series of Regrets About The Stranger's Annual Regrets Issue.
My major regret?

That I still haven't experienced intimate physical relations with Kelly O.

(Damn. . . . damn . . . . damn. . .)

Minor regret?

That Minard, who censored one of my comments, didn't leave sooner. Perhaps she moved on to a venue where she could censor even more commenters?
Dec 31, 2014 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: New Law In Seattle Ends Putting Food in the Trash.
Since James Bond is a fictional character, a composite of a British Royal Marine whom Fleming knew during WWII (Patrick Dal-Zel, a Scots/Swiss soldier with multiple language fluencies, a crack shot and an incredible war record), and Ian Fleming's hedonistic tastes, actors such as Daniel Craig and that very low-class fellow, Brosnan, fail considerbly.

That black British actor in the second Brosnan film, I believe (forget his name, but he used to have a BBC series where he played the owner/manager of a restaurant) was the suavest of any actor and should be portraying Bond, they really need a suave actor to follow Connery.

But then, what do I know about anything other than tin foil hats?
Dec 31, 2014 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: New Law In Seattle Ends Putting Food in the Trash.
Regarding Indonesia, the most likely probability is that the airliner was brought down by one or multiple lightning strikes, which was why the aircraft commander requested to fly above the thunderstorm (also, at those altitudes, balled lightning is a possibility, meaning even more concentrated voltages, and the typical lightning strike can encompass 1 billion volts)!

Remarks about Indonesia by any American media should always include the thousands of deaths perpetrated on them under the Eisenhower administration, in the CIA's failed attempt to overthrow the nonaligned Sukarno (known as Operation Hike), and the one-half million deaths later during the Johnson administration, when the CIA-supported coup was successful that time (with far more deaths).

A member of the CIA team was the mother of a future American president named Barack Obama, and his stepfather just happened to be the employee of Rockefeller-owned oil company, P.T. Stanvac Indonesa, and liaison to the Indonesian government.

The oil company profited extremely from the coup, as did another Rockefeller-affiliated enterprise, McMoran Sulphur.

Note that there were ZERO attempts to stage a coup, or assassinate Sukarno, under JFK's watch!

Knowing history makes events much more logical and concise.
Dec 30, 2014 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: Rents Going Up, Bike Rides Going Up, the Mystery of the AirAsia Flight Is No More.
In understanding inequality and the path to inequality it is important to understand the pervasive connections which have created this inequality, sometimes quite abstract, but nevertheless quite concrete.

So let us observe the incredibly expansive CIA family.

CIA Everywhere

(The Obama CIA family, the Mueller CIA family, the Geithner CIA family, the Farrell CIA family . . . )

Recently I read two interesting items: the first, a hatchet job on Jessie Ventura in that rag called, Men's Journal, and the second, a most outstanding book just published from a Canadian academic and former journalist, Andrew Cohen, called, Two Days in June, covering, in great depth with extraordinary balance, two days in the Kennedy Administration when President Kennedy gave two profound speeches; the first on transforming our thoughts and beliefs about the Soviet Union, and the second on civil rights.

The hatchet job article on Ventura suggested he was dishonest, yet the author gave no examples to prove such. He criticized Ventura as a populist and progressive governor, who certainly met the label for extreme liberalism.

The author's primary criticism was Ventura's subtle attempt at humor, asking the Dalai Lama if he had ever viewed the movie, Caddy Shack?

The purpose of the hatchet job? Well, since Ventura was libeled by that author of American Sniper (the former SEAL commando and sniper who died during his program of helping out combat vets with PTSD by bringing them to the shooting range for practice --- bringing sufferers of PTSD, known to exhibit extreme mood changes and instant rages, to a shooting range???? Holy crap!).

The court case brought against this sniper fellow was won by Ventura, because the witnesses which testified on Ventura's behalf were not connected to him, and could prove they were at the bar in question that night, while the sniper fellow's four SEAL buddies who testified on his behalf, couldn't prove they had been there!

CNN's Anderson Cooper, of the Vanderbilt family and who interned at the CIA at Langley during his summers while attending Yale (now how many journalists routinely intern at the CIA, one seriously wonders??????), also attacked Jessie Ventura on this subject.

Wonder why? Could it be since Ventura started asking some basic questions surrounding the Kennedy and King assassinations? The 9/11 attacks? His conspiracy show?


Cohen's book, Two Days in June, is a tremendous read, and truly exemplifies the typical supercharged activity so reminiscent of the JFK White House, completely contradicting the revisionists claiming the JFK administration accomplished anything!

One action President Kennedy and his group took which I was unaware of, was to work to obtain a compromise from Indosia's President Sukarno, who had been the target of assassination attempts during the Eisenhower Administration, when the CIA (Operation Hike) attempted to overthrow his government. Kennedy was doing this on behalf of Rockefeller-owned oil comanies, Stanvac and Caltex (later it would just be P.T. Stanvac Indonesia), when Sukarno was moving to nationalize the operation.

JFK would succeed in an somewhat equitable deal, whereby the refineries and pumps went to Indonesia, and the companies were awarded drilling rights for the next thirty years (had he not done this, the hit on the Indonesian economy would have been detrimental, since they had no petroleum exploration and drilling expertise).

This would all be overturned during the Johnson administration, when the CIA again worked to overthrow the Sukarno administration, and the violence was such that the rivers literally ran red with blood.

The liaison with the Indonesian government, an employee with P.T. Stanvac Indonesia, was none other than the stepfather of Barack Obama, and all information suggests Obama's mother was a member of the CIA team in place to make this coup happen.

Obama's mother would only leave there after the pro-America Suharto was in place, at which time the refineries and pumps were given back to the Rockefeller-owned oil companies and Suharto's thugs murdered the union leaders there, beginning with those at the oil company (which, oddly enough, never complained to the US government about that).

Obama's mother had been given a grant by Timothy Geithner's father, employed at a CIA-affiliated foundation, as a cover.

Timothy Geithner's father, from a close examination of his career, was obviously also CIA, and only worked in the private sector for one year, as a special assistant to the president of a mining company involved with Columbia, where Diana Farrell's CIA family was then stationed.

Interesting to many progressives was the appointment of Farrell, the queen of jobs offshoring, to Obama's National Economic Council (she wasn't even an economist, simply a jobs offshoring specialist with McKinsey), but really it was all keeping it in the great big CIA family.

No wonder Obama reappointed Bush appointee, Robert Mueller III as the FBI director, when Mueller was the grandnephew of Richard Bissell, one of the top three CIA dudes fired by President Kennedy, while Mueller's wife was the granddaughter of Gen. Cabell, another of those top three CIA dudes fired by Kennedy, which would make Mrs. Mueller the grandniece of the then-mayor of Dallas on the day of JFK's assassination, Earl Cabell.

Books have been written about Ruth Paine, who was married to Michael Paine, the couple who originally rented out living area to Lee Oswald and his wife and daughter, but they never mention that Ruth Paine was a member of a CIA family, her sister being a career CIA analyst and psychologist, and her brother-in-law also CIA.

More interesting, is that Michael (Forbes, Dudley, Cabot) Paine was a cousin, once removed, from our present SecState, John (Forbes, Dudley, Winthrop) Kerry.

Michael Paine appears to have previously worked at several CIA-front organizations, just as Barack Obama, after college but prior to law school, also happened to work at a CIA-front organization.

Coincidence? Or one big CIA family?

The CIA, as the other intelligence organizations, have a long record of working on behalf of, and answering to, the plutocracy and their plutocrat masters.

And that road has led to the massive inequality of today.…………

Dec 30, 2014 sgt_doom commented on Your Tag is Okay, Though.
Why would you want to know my mother's name????
Dec 28, 2014 sgt_doom commented on Our Critics' Top Picks for Today.
Public Shaming By Cop? ? ?

New York City, 2014 - - - - - Alabama, 1963

The feeble attempts at the public shaming of New York's Mayor de Blasio by cops of one of America's most corrupt police forces (probably tied with LA's Ramparts Precinct), wherein some coppers turned their backs on the mayor, then later would support an airplane skywriting fiasco, reminds one of Alabama back in 1963.

The attorney general of these United States of America, Bobby Kennedy, journeyed to Alabama to plead with George Wallace to stand down --- to avoid wide scale violence from erupting --- due to the integration of several black American students into the University of Alabama.

Upon the attorney general's arrival at the airport, the state trooper turned his back on Bobby Kennedy when he went to shake his hand.

Upon Kennedy's arrival to meet with Governor George Wallace, further displays by Alabama's state police, along with suggested threats of physical intimidation towards the attorney general, would occur!

Have levels of police corruption, lack of discipline and flagrant insubordination changed over the years?

Most assuredly not!

If those coppers don't like their situation, they are free to quit any time and many would welcome their dismissal.

Their cries of "to serve and protect" sound impotent amid all the occurrences of "attacking and maiming"!

Whether disrespecting the mayor of New York City, elected by the people, or the top legal officer of the nation many years ago in Alabama, the abuse of law by government and municipal employees must end.

Time for mass firings, Mr. Mayor!


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