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Apr 2 sgt_doom commented on Racism Has Nothing to Do with Capitalism.
Perhaps, but slavery and capitalism are intimately intertwined.

And technically, one must agree with The Mudede, the oldest existing corporation, at least in the Western Hemisphere, the City of London Corporation [probably established by the Roman Empire as it predates the Norman Invasion] did establish the Bank of England, fronting for Anglo-Dutch money masters or bankers, paying off the English royalty in exchange for the private right to create money. (They leased their land holdings throughout London and in the outlands, at discount prices of the early 1700s, for perpetuity --- i.e., the royalty pay them, the City of London Corporation, the same exact rate established around 1700, while in turn leasing out and renting out said lands at present day's rates/values!)

Mar 31 sgt_doom commented on Young MIT Economist Argues that NIMBYism and not Financial Assets Is the Source of Inequality.
Mudede's comments, although valuable, a really simply red herrings. The tax system is structured to favor capital gains!


The line of thinking Mudede is following is the status quo line, placing emphasis on the CEO, and while it bears some validity, it is really the super-rich behind the scenes who are the perpetrators in this situation.

Piketty's only major mistakes are that he went by income tax data primarily, and avoided foundation and trust wealth/ownership, offshore finance centers' monies and wealth, etc.

That really explodes the entire inequality construct.
Mar 31 sgt_doom commented on Young MIT Economist Argues that NIMBYism and not Financial Assets Is the Source of Inequality.
Oh lordy, so many stooges have come out of MIT the last few years, throwing shit at everything and hoping it sticks.

I will attempt to make it as simple as possible, and in the process negating what yet another MIT simpleton spews forth. (BTW, anyone ever heard of any whistleblowers coming out of MIT? Anyone ever heard of Noam Chomsky ever naming names, or always coming across as Prof. Nebulous? Thought not. . . )

According to a study performed in 2009 by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, over $20 trillion of securitized debt was sold (by the bankers and investment houses) between 1997 to 2007. My reckoning would place it at $23 trillion approximately.

Now, according to a study undertaken by Alan Krueger when he was at the Dept. of the Treasury (he's at Princeton presently, I believe), US households lost $17 trillion during the global meltdown of 2007 to 2009. Add to their losses the further losses of investments by state, county and municipal governments, and pension funds and superannuated funds, etc., plus other categories, and the total figure is $23 trillion.

Now, the amount of equity or monies or credit pumped out by the Federal Reserve Bank, including the TARP bailout funds and overhead and including those QEs or Quantitative Easings, and you arrive at $23 trillion!

So, in essence, the banksters sold $23 trillion and profited thusly, the people lost $23 trillion, and then the banksters refunded or refinanced themselves to the tune of around $23 trillion.
Mar 31 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: Bertha's Cutterhead Pops Up, And So Do Indiana Boycotts and Exploding Head Syndrome.

We are told that Sgt. Bergdahl must be held accountable for his actions in Afghanistan.

Oh really?

What exactly were the events leading to the American military presence in Afghanistan? The facts never seem to be reported on either Fox or NPR.

Two women's work lives sum up those events: Julie Sirrs, formerly of the DIA, and the CIA's Alfreda Bikowsky Silverstein; one a stalwart American patriot, the other a complete submediocrity who could screw up a wet dream!

American Patriot

Julie Sirrs was an intelligence analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and back in the late 1990s she went to Pakistan and Afghanistan on a fact-finding mission --- and man oh man did Ms. Sirrs ever return with the facts! Her trip --- plus her meeting with the Great Lion of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Massoud, the leader of the Northern Alliance (forbidden entry into the USA, unlike members of the Taliban????) --- revealled evidence of Unocal and the CIA financing and arming the Taliban. She also returned with a warning of an impending attack on US soil by al Qaeda, --- said evidence was confiscated and her security clearance was revoked, effectively forcing her out of the DIA. [Accountable for 9/11: Gen. Patrick Hughes, director of the DIA]

Perpetrator --- Judge --- Jury and Executioner

The CIA's Alfreda Bikowsky Silverstein, the epitome and personification of the governmental super-loser: she either screwed up everything royally, or was the banksters' finest lackey!

Alfreda not only sat on information which could have prevented 9/11, but she ordered others not to pass on this information to the FBI!

She was responsible for sending teams on wild goose chases all over the place in search of nonexistent al Qaeda cells; she was responsible for the torture of innocents to extract false confessions; she was responsible for lying to congress about both the CIA's torture program, but it's actual ineffectiveness!

She was also responsible for finally pointing the SEAL hit team to where Osama bin Laden was supposed to be, ensuring his murder, instead of his capture! [Accountable for 9/11: Alfreda Bikowsky Silverstein, head of the CIA's Global Jihad Unit]

Her husband, David Silverstein, is with the rightwing extremist group, Foundation in Defense of Democracies, which finances the publication of books attacking anyone who questions 9/11!

Today the US government --- the Obama Administration --- is supporting al Qaeda in Yemen (fact!) and has supported, either inadvertently or purposely, al Qaeda in Syria. And the same jackholes are in place in the CIA, DIA and NSA --- expect another 9/11-style event in the future!







Mar 30 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: Ivar's Goes Tipless, Mayor Rules on Indiana Issue, and Boudinot's New Board.
From time to time, someone at The Stranger makes a snarky comment, supposedly linking those who question the events surrounding 9/11 with extreme rightwingers (the majority of whom support the 9/11 Commission Report, in the same manner Noam Chomsky also supports it --- certainly doesn't appear to be anything but outside the status quo, excluding real rightwingers and Noam.

So answer me this, Editors @TheStranger.com:

If 9/11 wasn't an inside job, the kindly explain Alfreda Bikowsky Silverstein --- of the CIA --- to us.

She was in charge of the information, which she refused to pass on to the FBI, and ordered others to also refrain from doing so, which could have prevented 9/11.

She sent teams on wild goose chases seeking al Qaeda cells, including to Montana!

She ordered the torture of innocents --- even while knowing they were innocent --- obviously to extract false confessions!

She lied repeatedly to congress about the illegal CIA torture program, while delighting in flying around the globe to see people tortured!

She was appointed to head their Global Jihad United, and was supposed to be the one who led them to where Osama bin Laden was in hiding, the same place which Robert Parry had so succinctly described some 7 to 8 years previously!

In other words, Alfreda Bikowsky Silverstein controlled the entire 9/11 script, from start to finish!

And if that wasn't damning enough, her husband, David Silverstein, belongs to the rightwing extremist group, the Foundation in Defense of Democracies, one of three groups which came into existence with past members of PNAC (Project for a New American Century) when it was dissolved. The FDD finances the publication of books attacking anyone who questions 9/11!

We will be awaiting your response, Mr. Editors!
Mar 30 sgt_doom commented on The Trans-Pacific Partnership Isn't Boring. Here's What it Means for Seattle..
Also, it should be added that Brookings also houses the Hamilton Project, the misnamed project, established by Robert Rubin, to privatize everything!
Mar 30 sgt_doom commented on The Trans-Pacific Partnership Isn't Boring. Here's What it Means for Seattle..
Outstanding article, Ms. Brownstone, although one must add that any comments from former Wall Street Journal hack and stooge, David Wessel, should always be ignored: Wessel has the deserved reputation of never responding to his detractors or those who question his typical ongoing bullcrap.

Many a time I've asked for proof on his many bullcrap assertions, and never --- I repeat --- never, has Wessel ever responded! (Even Catharine Mann, bullcrap pseudoeconomist for the Peterson Institute and former Federal Reserve stooge, sent me a graph with her useless assumptions as the basis for the "evidence" in support of offshoring American jobs: assume two new jobs are magically created for every one job offshored; problem is, assumptions are not valid sources in the Real World!)

What the TPP means, is that instead of the 10% owning 90% of everything, with the remaining 90% fighting over the 10% crumbs, the .01% will then own 99%, with the remaining 99.9% fighting over the 1% of the crumbs.

Not a positive future for anyone buy psychopathic greedheads and their descendants.

Mar 27 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: Godden and O'Brien Kick Off Council Campaigns, and the House Ponders the Fate of Light Rail.
Amazon and Domestic Surveillance

One cannot always assume that news releases are honest --- recall Judy Miller and planted stories from her bud, Dick Cheney, regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, over at the NY Times some years back.

What can be more studiously looked at are proximity events --- events which take place in temporal proximity which may very well be connected, e.g., a murder takes place on the same block when a drug deal is going down, etc.

Amazon announced a $600 million contract to develop the "cloud" for the CIA, and shortly thereafter they announced they were going to deliver future products with drones.

At first they appeared to run into problems, but then they breezed by the FAA, and really, some news stories to the contrary, they appear well on track to do so.

Odd, given that the CIA already has cloud contracts with other private companies, but perhaps it really isn't about the Cloud at all (although Amazon may work on that segment for them), but more about using Amazon's friendly neighborhood drones for further domestic surveillance.

Worth a thought . . . .

Mar 26 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: UW Has No Plans to Raise Wages on April 1, Mayor Defends Fish Truck in the Middle of the Road.
Fact Review: those pesky facts which somehow get lost

We are constantly bombarded with the fact that Henry Kissinger appeared in the Nixon administration, but what is often removed from bios and articles and papers, is that Kissinger first appears in the Johnson Administration, as Lyndon Johnson's defense policy advisor.

So old Heinz Kissinger (Henry or Dr. Kissinger to the masses) lays the foundation for Vietnam, advising a massive buildup of troups in Vietnam, then eventually is supposed to have something to do with ending that war years later, for which he receives a Nobel Prize.


During the previous Bush Administration, we see that Victoria Nuland (whose husband, Robert Kagan, was a founding member of PNAC) is Dick Cheney's defense policy advisor!

Next, we see Victoria Nuland appear during the Obama Administration as Asst. Secretary of State, involved with the disbursement of $5 billion to overthrow the democratically elected government of the Ukraine (and training of snipers to aid that overthrow).


(There appears, from running pattern uncovering programs, to be some hidden connection between Victoria Nuland (State), Alfreda Bikowsky (CIA) and Buzz Krongard (formerly Alex Browne investment firm, then CIA, now CIA's In-Q-Tel) --- not sure what it is, but hopefully it will eventually be deciphered)

Today reports that US government is aiding those beheading-loving guys, the Saudis, in invading and bombing the Shi'a of Yemen? Aiding the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia?

Anyone recall that it was 19 Sunni Moslems (15 Saudis, 2 Yemenis, 1 Egyptian, and 1 holder of a false Kuwaiti passport of undetermined origin) who attacked America on 9-11???

WikiLeaks has released further information on the highly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership, and further proof that it extends down to a more minute level the WTO's protocols: removing sovereignty from countries and giving priority and power to the corporations and multinationals, hence more progress to the day of One World Corporation, owned by the One World Bank, which also owns the One World Financial Exchange.

The future doesn't look too pretty . . . .

For the real lowdown on Noam Chomsky, propagandist extraordinaire:


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