Dec 7, 2011 bagel commented on Savage Love.
Catballou, but it seems that your "downright prudish" girls have rebelled against you, at least in the sense of them going against what you apparently represent to them, an "extremely permissive" and open person. Rebellion can take many forms. But hey, don't worry, once they're a little older and grow out of their rebellious stage they'll probably realize ole' mom made pretty good sense, most of the time and will likely turn it up a notch or two....
Nov 25, 2011 bagel commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sex and the Demanding Boyfriend.
The GF says "he can't get things done", so maybe there is some associated anxiety with the guy, leading him to practice this avoidance behaviour of chasing an orgasm, instead of getting on with what needs to be done in his life. Sex and orgasms release all kinds of neural soup stuff in the body that makes one feel good and relaxed. I kinda had the same prob when I was his age (minus the obliging GF), and jerked off instead of doing shit I should have.

The guy's gotta practice being still, meditation would be the best, but 90% chance he wouldn't be motivated enough - also helpful would be more sports, more exercise, more focusing on what he should do with this life....
Nov 17, 2011 bagel commented on On Glitter, Transphobia, and Hate Speech.
Dan, remember that really, at the end of the day, you have no control over what other people may think or how they behave. People are going to think, say and do things for a myriad of reasons, due to issues in their background, their personality, hell their hormone levels. Rest assured that you are (and you are seen), as a shining light and warrior in the push for getting persons who may in some manner fall outside of the bell curve, more rights and be more accepted into society - and you do it with compassion, albeit with a sprinkle of off-beat humour from time to time. The fact that this person or persons fail to grasp this notion, shows that their views are an aberration (you sure the whole thing wasn't staged by some right wing Republicans?). Don't take it to heart and let the incident slide off into the muck where it belongs - keep trudging forward.

Perhaps the main take-a-way is that you are no longer the fresh faced not-to-be-taken-seriously 'hey faggot', but have attained some level of celebrityhood, so in the future, be sure to take sufficient measures to protect your physical security.
Sep 8, 2011 bagel commented on Malled in America.
"the administration has been promoting programs like "See Something, Say Something" and the "Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative."

another small step towards becoming a totalarian police state - sounds omniously similar to what went on during the cultural revolution in China back in the 60s.

Try to keep the public terrified of terrorist threats in the heartland of America - gotta keep the vigilence up, otherwise the bogeyman 'll get ya.... When the fact of the matter is there is basically zero threat from bonafide terrorists / much less threat than from "normal" crimes like carjacking or getting mugged or shot in a drive by..... All leads to less civil liberties and increased oppression by our "democratically elected" leaders.

Sep 7, 2011 bagel commented on Savage Love.
DARE, you genuinely sound like a beautiful person - for some reason you have the right mix of neurotransmittors flowing through your brain -however that came about, good on you. I have seen and met enough people in my life to recognize purity, truth and intuition in people, and in my opinion you possess these traits.

Now, surely you should have realised that putting yourself out there on this type of "forum", would subject you to the dark side of human nature - sadly, most people enjoy tearing down those that shine an inner light a little brighter than their own, similar in fact to the anger or confusion that your positive energy incites in certain persons you look straight in the eyes. It's not only about sexuality, it runs much deeper. Actually, this is pretty important point - it is not only about the sexual energy between people, it is much more....

These people are living in pain - whether they realise it or not - in my opinion partially a consequence of (don't excuse me, while I hop on my soapbox), our socialization and the reality of the "American" lifestyle we are born into and raised to accept (without having much of a choice). They live in a "world" that is disconnected from the reality of the problems on this planet - and perhaps this is the cause of their pain and distress. These are the people that are horrified and pained by a little puppy getting maltreated, but eat animal flesh and wear animal skins, the people that can close off the killings and suffering caused to other humans by their government's armies in far away lands. They are intelligent and know and surely even feel somewhere deep inside what is happening, but they are unable to connect the dots and just go on living this disconnect which causes stress and pain. Consequently, they will not be motivated enough to take any action. It's very stressful for all intelligent people in all modern societies worldwide lving in this era, having at a click of your mouse, this information, yet living a life that basically perpetuates the suffering, or at least does little to change things.

If there were more little bright lights, like yourself, the world would be better. So, this perhaps is a suggestion if you are looking for more depth and meaning in your life. I dont know what it is, but as you go on your journey, continue to listen closely to your intuition and you will find it.

Peace little brother,
Aug 24, 2011 bagel commented on Control Tower.
yep, as the above poster said, preaching to the choir by posting this in Stranger. Now, just like me as a tradesperson, taking up grievance up with my union, for example, MM, as a worker in this shadow industry, would be advised to do something about it, or at least try. Organize and try to make some changes....
Aug 23, 2011 bagel commented on I, Anonymous.
the try cocaine comment is totally stupid, given the type of stupid addictive drug it is, but there are several entheogens out there, including front and centre, MDMA, to help the lad break out (only to be used after sufficient erowid type research) - much better and quicker and permanent positive changes than any SSRI type medicine out there, in my opinion.

And as someone commented, you can gain some assurance from the fact that eventually you will feel better about yourself, comfortable in your skin and become more confident over time - age has a way of dulling the normal sensitivities that some feel as youth....
May 4, 2011 bagel commented on I, Anonymous.
Move to Shanghai....
May 4, 2011 bagel commented on Savage Love.
He not only has a right to know, but he also has a right to influence the girl's decision to abort or carry to term. This notion that it is the female's 100% undeniable right to decide based 100% on her own is just not right. The courts have made it pretty clear that if the baby is born, then the sperm owner will have to contribute financially until the child is an adult. Therefore, the owner of the sperm should have some rights on this big decision.
Feb 17, 2011 bagel commented on Savage Love.
probably most simple and best advice given to most common complaint for monogamous couples. Now just all of us who have this problem have to ball up and do it.