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Apr 22 usagi commented on How Did Hollywood's Leading Men Get So Ripped?.
Look at some gay porn from the 80s or the Leather Archives tumblr (same thing). I'm in better shape & I just swim a few times a week (hell, I felt amazing watching Clark Gable box in a movie a while back--my body looks ten times better than his, and he was the sexiest man alive for a few decades).
Look at the Mission Impossible TV series. They had a strongman on the team who'd be a welterweight in a suburban gym these days. Hell, compare Tom Cruise circa Risky Business vs. MI:II.
Look at the original Rocky or the poster of Rocky IV. Stallone built his 80s career on having that body and Dolph Lundgren looked like a freak at the time. Compared to any movie leading man nowadays, they're both kind of small.
Apr 3 usagi commented on Mozilla CEO Steps Down After Firestorm Over His Anti-Gay Donation.
Cool. Now if they can just fix the issues with the browser.
Mar 26 usagi commented on Young People Aren't Going to the Movies Anymore.
That's why they've announced the slate so far out. To make sure the audience they've been pulling in so far plans to see the last movies in phase 2 and starts talking about phase 3 well in advance. If (and it's a very large if) Marvel keeps being as smart as they have been about managing (and more importantly curating) their interlocked movie universe, they can milk it for another decade at least. Look at what happened with Guardians of the Galaxy. One really good trailer and it went from "Who?" to "Whoa! Who are they?"
Mar 25 usagi commented on Facebook Buys Virtual Reality Headset Maker for Two Billion Dollars.
Reality, virtual or otherwise, isn't intruding into Silicon Valley these days. We're about 9 months from the next crash, and it can't happen soon enough.
No, the headset isn't worth 2 billion and neither is Facebook. Tulip mania is in full swing, again.
Mar 24 usagi commented on Today in Republicans: Mitt Romney Can See the Future, Jeb Bush Kisses Sheldon Adelson's Ring, and Nate Silver Predicts GOP Win in November.
@14 The simpler explanation is that's what happening is the plan. The Democrats jettisoned their base years ago and hasn't looked back.
Mar 24 usagi commented on Today in Republicans: Mitt Romney Can See the Future, Jeb Bush Kisses Sheldon Adelson's Ring, and Nate Silver Predicts GOP Win in November.
On the contrary, there are a whole lot of people who should be panicking (and no small number of people who are paid pretty well to panic about this sort of news). That 2016 looks worse for the Republicans than this year does for the Democrats is small solace if they manage to fuck things up in the intervening two years.
Mar 20 usagi commented on Attention-Seeker Calls for Google's Eric Schmidt to Be "CEO of America".
I'm beginning to worry that this time, the idiots caught up in the tech boom are starting to believe their own bullshit. Even more than usual.
Mar 19 usagi commented on Watch How Target Warns Its Employees About Scary Unions.
A part of the reason I haven't been into one for years.
Mar 18 usagi commented on SL Letter of the Day: Object Lesson.
I'm not sure that even crosses over into unusual anymore. Uncommon perhaps, but maybe the way things appear on my Tumbr feed is impacting my perception.
Not to mention, good grief, Pygmalion. The fantasy stretches back at least to ancient Greece, and apparently had a major renaissance during the 19th century.
Good luck and go find yourself a steampunk Galatea.
Mar 18 usagi commented on The New Peanuts Movie Is Not an Autobiography.
(slow clap)...
Exactly, dead on correct.

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