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Feb 17 Brooklyn Reader commented on The Morning News: Trump is the Ebola of Politics, GOP State Senator Dinosaur Rossi Wants Darkness to Fall on Light Rail.
Unlike Ebola, bewilderingly, Trump has aficionados. That seems even a worse disease.

As for the National Guard idea, there is no way that doesn't run smack-dab into the Posse Comitatus Act. Once you federalize the Army National Guard, whatever exception might have existed disappears. And, as for state governors calling them up for that purpose, that won't wash, because it's a strictly reserved federal function, Immigration.
Feb 8 Brooklyn Reader commented on And Then They Came for Nordstrom....
@35 I think you're missing the point. Which is:

@36 Aaaand... They were mostly trafficking in his "luxurious" aura in the first place. The more he spoils it by being a very public petulant, insecure crybaby, and unbelievably thin-skinned bully, the less value there's going to be in the name. They never really made that name for themselves. They've just been travelers on his.
Feb 8 Brooklyn Reader commented on And Then They Came for Nordstrom....
After she hawked her bracelet after showing it off while sitting in with PresDad's meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister, I think that's what soured it with her potential customer base. Tacky. Not classy.

And once you sour that image, sales primarily based on that image rather than substance, are going to go down. Retailers aren't so excited to stock stuff that isn't selling.

If it was just Nordstroms, you might have some sort of argument that it was retaliatory for something or other, but I don't see any other department stores clamoring to pick up the line.
Feb 7 Brooklyn Reader commented on Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos, Biggest Threat to Public Schools Since the Flu that Went Around Last Month.
I'd ask somebody to explain it to me, but I suspect it's largely inexplicable. Aren't Trump supporters the ones most likely to be livid/agitated about "Obamaphones" (the GW Bush expansion of the Lifeline Phone program to cellphones)? If they can't stand the idea that someone is getting "free cellphones" (which are not free, merely subsidized to the tune of $9.25 a month), how are they going to tolerate black and brown people getting "free private school?"
Feb 7 Brooklyn Reader commented on Only Rich White Homos Care About Marriage Equality—Still With This Shit?.
@2 Too many words? Ohmigosh! What could they possibly mean? I mean, other than what they actually say, which means plenty. What do you want, your life's mission boiled down to some pithy slogan?

We're doomed to be trampled into the radioactive ground by jack-booted thugs if the only people who can possibly oppose Trumpbannonism are going to sit around splitting fucking hairs over fee-fees and the right to incur or inspire any.

@1 Speaking of NYS legislators, if we don't evict a) a bunch of Republicans, and b) a handful of opportunistic Dems who caucus with the bastards, from the Albany Statehouse, and soon, New York City could be in a world of hurt.

@People? If we don't hang together, we will certainly all hang separately. These are desperate times. We face a seriously oligarchic/corporatist/nativist agenda (yes, I know some of those are seemingly mutually contradictory, but Reality). Find your allies and quit posing purity tests as to whether they're worthy enough, or allowed, or... anything. Do you think the Tea Party succeeded by nit-picking themselves and each other to fucking death? This is serious. We don't have a radical ideology to push. We just want a decent life for ourselves and everyone else. THAT is the hardest goal to rally around, because it's just... normal. But if we don't rally around normal, we're going to be doomed to live in abnormal for. a. long. time.
Feb 3 Brooklyn Reader commented on Before Nordstrom Cut Ties with Ivanka, Its Three Presidents Sent This Memo About the Muslim Ban to Employees.
@20 First off, 3 million more people voted for Clinton than for Trump. Never lose sight of that FACT. The handful of people who voted third party were far less of a determining factor in those states he swung than the cynical Republican conspiracy to purge minority voters from the rolls in those states using faulty criteria, knowing they wouldn't have time or ability to get back on the rolls in time to vote. Not to even mention the targeted "voter ID" laws intended to keep poor and minority voters from voting.

Next election, and the one after that, I don't care how much the Democratic candidates for national office stink. If you don't vote for them, you're supporting a clearly fascist, Christian Dominionist cabal that is going to make your life suck ever worse. There are only two parties that can win national elections. Pick the one that's not intent on fucking you, stealing your rights, and indenturing your dried husk to whoever pays them the most.
Feb 2 Brooklyn Reader commented on UPDATED: Here's a Leaked Copy of Trump's Anti-LGBTQ Executive Order.
This amounts to an endorsement of a religious establishment, or the creation of one. In order to maintain a consistent Departmental policy, will the Federal executive departments then be able to impose a religious test on all employees? Evangelicals and conservative Catholics need only apply? Will they be able to fire current agnostic and atheist Federal workers?

I keep meaning to order a copy of "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America," by Chris Hedges, but I feel like we're watching it unfold before our eyes.
Feb 2 Brooklyn Reader commented on If Trump Were a Democrat, Impeachment Proceedings Would Be Under Way.
@10 Yeah. I wonder whatever happened to those "Second Amendment Solution" "Patriot" clowns now that we're actually losing our Republic to a madman and his henchmen? I mean, who picks a fight with the only country on Earth who is more like us, and more friendly towards us, than Canada?
Feb 1 Brooklyn Reader commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
@65, @66: Because our offices are elected, including the President, on a winner-take-all basis. There's no proportional representation, no opportunity for coalition national government. A modern parliamentary government can have MPs from a dozen parties. Structurally, mostly due to how large our legislative districts are, ours can't. And our President is elected separately, not by a vote of our elected leaders. There's two sometimes-strongest parties who trade places periodically, and any number of too-weak-to-get-anywhere parties. As the Tea Party activists figured out, the quickest way to power is to infiltrate and bully one of the two top parties.

Of course, they had a huge amount of help from the alt-right and a bunch of conservative activist organizations and their own pet propagandist media.

We don't have our own media to spread outright propaganda. We've made due with mostly-objective, somewhat impartial media, which is most interested in bu$ine$$, not in social or political causes. Progressive media doesn't have much of an audience at present, and by its nature is not great at sensationalism, lying and hyperbole.

I don't know where we go from here, but if we don't get a clue soon, we're looking at a progressive-extinction-level event unfolding in front of us.
Feb 1 Brooklyn Reader commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
@67 Hispanics are a very loose bloc. Puerto Ricans, Mexican-Americans, and Cuban-Americans don't seem to much like each other from what I've seen in my limited experience. And, from what I've seen, class plays a pretty big role within each ethnic group.

As far as abortion goes, this has been a unifying force in a whole range of conservative Christian churches, who are leveraging that beyond this one issue. There's quite a pitch coming from those pulpits for a Christian Dominionist government. Ironic that those are the strongest alarmists against Sharia, when that's exactly what they're pitching under another label.