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Apr 30 Brooklyn Reader commented on A Few Reasons to Feel Really Optimistic About the Supreme Court and Marriage Equality.
@2 That was the most stupidest, convolutedest bullshit you've posted in some time. Not to mention completely bass-ackwards. If ever there were two Justices who let the Law be trumped by their feelings, it is Scalia and Thomas, the two Opus Dei members who clearly feel more allegiance to Rome than to the founding principles of this nation. To serve their Church in this instance, they're clearly willing to throw away their own conservative principles of dispensing with laws and regulations that diminish liberty, and allow government to observe religious dictat that serves no secular purpose..
Apr 29 Brooklyn Reader commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Great Expectations.
I'm not even sure that was a relationship. At most, it was a part-time roommate with benefits. (PTRWB?) My advice to the letter-writer is STOP BLAMING YOURSELF! (or your expectations.)

Boyfriend was an asshole who was lucky to have you and too stupid to know it.
Apr 27 Brooklyn Reader commented on Anti-Gay Bigots: Here's What You Should Do Instead of Getting Gay Married!.
1) What @5 said.

2) The world has enough bigots already. I hope Breda isn't going to breed any more.
Apr 23 Brooklyn Reader commented on Bobby Jindal Seeks Corporate Support for Gay Jim Crow Law.
How about... "Going limp at the last moment while trying to penetrate someone?"
Apr 23 Brooklyn Reader commented on Hillary Is Swimming in Russian Cash, Ted Cruz Doesn't Hate Gay People.
Do any of the Clintons draw a salary from the Clinton Foundation?

If not, please go away and take this "scandal" with you.

It's mighty hard to argue that funding to a charitable foundation that you don't explicitly benefit from, is enough to make you sell out your office.

Unseemly, perhaps. Indirectly, maybe. But that's not a quid pro quo chain of evidence. And if some bunch of Russians want to throw money at your favorite charity while you do what you were going to do anyway, why disabuse them?

It does, I will admit, give the Republicans something to sink their hooks into, though.
Apr 23 Brooklyn Reader commented on New WaPo/ABC News Poll: Support for Same-Sex Marriage at Record High.
@22 It has less to do with morality and more to do with class. Jesus was preaching to the slaves and lower classes that they had just as much right to a place in heaven as the masters, priests and rulers.

Why do you think they put him to death?
Apr 23 Brooklyn Reader commented on New WaPo/ABC News Poll: Support for Same-Sex Marriage at Record High.
If by "end of Christianity" you mean "Fundamentalist homophobes unable to pass bigoted legislation," then yeah. Perfect.

If by "end of Christianity" you mean the end of people who pay attention to Jesus' teachings and follow the Golden Rule (or ignore Jesus but follow the Golden Rule simply because they're decent ethical people who Jesus, if he ever lived, would probably embrace), then nope. Not happening.

Those ("Believers" and not) who treat each other with Equality will continue to grow, furthering the New Testament's dream of Peace on Earth. In fact, by Jesus' standards, the only people in our country who are antiChristian are people like Maggie Gallagher and her followers. And, ignoring them or even denouncing their spoken stupidities, is not persecution. It's what Jesus would do.
Apr 23 Brooklyn Reader commented on It's Earth Day, Don't Throw Those Clothes Away.
My concern with donated clothing is, where is it going to end up? Boatloads of the stuff gets shipped to poor, third-world countries, where it undercuts any local textile industry. And most of that is not donated, but sold. When foreign shippers sell used clothing into a poor economy, they make it poorer in two ways: by expropriating cash from the local economy and undercutting local jobs. How can someone make a living there making clothing when they're competing with imported $.25 t-shirts? How can you stimulate a local economy, when the already-rare available medium of exchange is being sucked out of it?

Better that old clothes should get buried in a landfill than impoverish already poor people.

That said, I do donate to entities I know for a fact will not ship it offshore, such as a local church that distributes it to attendees of their community dinner.
Apr 22 Brooklyn Reader commented on Jon Stewart: Don't Forget to Google Santorum.
@5 Maybe you could use a better browser. It doesn't autoplay on Win8 Chrome.

And, Dan, never stop posting clips! This one was a blast. And yes, some savage love readers are geniuses. But, then there are those like raindrop...
Apr 18 Brooklyn Reader commented on SPONSORED CONTENT: A Note to Our Readers.
There must be a suitable corollary to Poe's Law for this.

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