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Apr 5 Mike Friedman commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day:.
No one is going to sleep with you if you demand condoms for oral. No one. Sucking on latex is disgusting.

You need to relax and rethink.....or maybe you're not ready for this.
Apr 5 Mike Friedman commented on Elevated Train Destroys Chicago's Urban Environment Before Your Very Eyes.
I wonder how many times New York wishes it had not torn down the 3rd Avenue El in 1955. Before providing a replacement. The 3rd Ave. subway is under construction and will cost billions by the time it's completed.

There's no reason that an elevated structure has to be directly above a street and blocking the sun (that was the big complaint in New York in the 40s and 50s when the last Manhattan El was torn down). The train Dan is showing you is on a fenced off berm and completely separated from traffic but not generally directly above a street.
Mar 14 Mike Friedman commented on This Will Be On The Test.
This reminds me of the gay male hanky code. 99% of which is a joke thought up by leathermen back in the 70s. And you thought leathermen weren't funny....shame on you. ;-)
Mar 11 Mike Friedman commented on I, Anonymous.
OMG. Trust me, you're making the right choice.
Mar 3 Mike Friedman commented on The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is Suing Seattle Over Its Law Allowing Uber and Lyft Drivers to Unionize.
Um. I'm not an attorney, but how do the US Chamber even have standing. They're not being harmed. They're not even remotely involved.
Feb 24 Mike Friedman commented on Seattle Is Somewhere Between Vancouver BC and San Francisco.
San Francisco's problem was even more fundamental. The population began to grow and the pace of apartment and house construction didn't keep up. Not even remotely. Blocks were put up to any sort of development (they sure were sticking it to the man!) starting in the mid 1970s.

Many of SF's problems are of its own making. People should note that years of shitty elected officials who have no vision, coupled with making public policy through incessant referenda is a recipe for disaster. It's why I moved after living there for 20 years.
Jan 15 Mike Friedman commented on Savage Love.
Maybe people won't date you because you're a stuck up asshole, not because you're Asian.
Dec 29, 2015 Mike Friedman commented on 21st Century Ghetto Blasting on a Metro Bus.
No. It's not novel. It's not new. It's simply annoying and rude. Ask someone politely to please put their headphones in or turn it off.
Dec 21, 2015 Mike Friedman commented on SL Letter of the Day: High Hopes.
Too bad he's not into guys. I really dig short men. :-) I'm short myself (5'7") and when they're smaller than me, I really love it.

I'd also suggest maybe going to talking to a therapist for a bit about how you can be more self confident (without being a douche) and present yourself as a funny, smart, guy. Chicks dig funny smart guys with self confidence.
Dec 11, 2015 Mike Friedman commented on I Can't Believe People Tell Sex Workers to "Go to the Police" If They've Been Raped.
Mistress Matisse is the best. MM I hope you DO read the comments. I think you're awesome. I'm not a masochist or into bondage (or straight), but if I was I'd want YOU to tie me up and beat me. :-)

Your analyses are always really clear and I've heard you on Savage's podcast so many times I can hear your voice reading this piece. Excellent.