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Jun 28 theophrastus commented on They Did It! Save KPLU Campaign Reaches Deal to Keep Station Independent.
(s/allude/elude/ ..alluding to eluding a robber... -sigh-)
Jun 28 theophrastus commented on They Did It! Save KPLU Campaign Reaches Deal to Keep Station Independent.
Well done you hard working folks! (still can't exactly wrap the mind around needing to allude an robber baron acquisitive public radio station, but such was as it was) May the unrestrained voice of Cliff Mass ring out.
Jun 27 theophrastus commented on ICYMI: Gun Advocate Needed Her Guns To Protect Herself and Her Family.
well posted Dr Savage, thank you!

@28 i always wanted to hear someone ask a gun rights nut your bazooka question to hear what the canned response is. because somewhere between a shotgun and a RPG i suspect they'd draw a line (but perhaps not -sigh-) and then one could ask why any automatic weapon, a device who's soul purpose is to kill the most amount of people in the least amount of time, is sane yet a bazooka isn't.
Jun 17 theophrastus commented on Why We Can't Whitewash the Pulse Shooting.
“Never let a good crisis go to waste” --Winston S. Churchill
It's about: "LBGTQ!" "no! Hispanics", "no! gun control", "no! radical religions", "no! xenophobia"... (of course, there's horror enough for all, and one ought to share)
Jun 16 theophrastus commented on ShotSpotter Sounds Great, but Does It Reduce Gun Violence?.
It would be very edifying if some tenacious reporter would attempt to follow the money on this proposal; also: police body cameras, intersection ticketing cameras, and even some of the suppression of municipal internet in deference to private interests. imagine if some of your bits of thumb-tacked yarn tended to converge on just a few agents. [jauntily adjusts tin foil hat]
Jun 15 theophrastus commented on Seattle Youths Vote to Spend Nearly $300,000 of City Budget on Homelessness.
You already know how this poll will come out, yes? It's at the bottom of a posting which demonstrates that the 'yes' option is a positive, (and even mentioning the mayor and city council in this venue is a option death) It's push polling at its most raw. But then you-all know that and post such polls for other reasons, we must presume?
Jun 14 theophrastus commented on The Orlando Shooter Might Have Been a Twisted Closet Case.
Then drop into that social Gordian knot an unregulated pile of weapons designed with the singular purpose of killing the most people in the shortest amount of time and one would be surprised this doesn't happen twice a week ...wait, i believe it does now. Please consider that psychological troubled folks are, and will remain, a social constant, and unfortunately so will dogmatic religious convictions, so of the three critical factors here, where is the only real hope for change?
Jun 10 theophrastus commented on The Morning News: University of Washington to Host Tent City, Road Diet Improves Safety Along Rainier Avenue.
Your provided link to "University President Ana Mari Cauce announced" also goes to the Erica-C-Barnett piece University Police $27million headquarters. i think you want something closer to: here-ish (by-the-bye, here's a tip-sheet clue: if the city copies something SF has done, the mayor has "won". if instead, we end up copying Portland, then Sally-B has held the day. and/or, name three city councilpersons not running for mayor -sigh-)
Jun 9 theophrastus commented on Paul Ryan is now Literally Hiding from Reporters.
Is my faith misplaced that reporters will manage to remember to ask Paul Ryan about pledging his support to someone he himself declared as a racist when Mr Ryan does finally resurfaces to run for president in 2020?
Jun 3 theophrastus commented on Hillary's Foreign Policy Speech was an ad for President Trump.
So you're fretting over folks who have already decided to support Trump? Those people have self identified themselves as irretrievable. Ideally they ought to marked with a large "T" on their foreheads so that they can be avoided in the future; nonetheless they're gone.