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Apr 3 theophrastus commented on Gun-Crazy Country: Man Allegedly Shoots Neighbor While Spraying For Weeds.
or as Florida calls it, "Tuesday"
Apr 2 theophrastus commented on Cavity Search: I Found the White Cadbury Mini-Eggs!.
screw this, did they have the @!$#'n dark ones?
(why advertise them, then turn it into a @#$'n mystery quest??)
Apr 2 theophrastus commented on US Politicians Can Ignore American Billionaires No Longer!.
linking to Goldy after forcing him out is indeed more than a bit bizarre, and seems huffpo/ruthless. why not get rid of everyone, give them severance gift-cards for opening their own webpages, wait ten minutes and link to them?
Mar 28 theophrastus commented on Watch the Mudslide Area Change Over the Last 10 Years, as Reconstructed by Google Earth.
there are certainly a lot of curious details coming out about these local geological issues, and one could certainly do worse than to check out the blog of local geologist (and one time Whatcom county council person) Dan McShane (he's been understandably getting a lot of ink now in the seattle times)
Mar 27 theophrastus commented on Murray Pushes Progressive, Reform-Oriented Former Chief into "Retirement".
@13 there's irony in your hyperbolic complaint about a wish to conserve the hyperbole, or else you live a notably happy and sheltered life if my humble comment asking for perspective is "stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard".
Mar 27 theophrastus commented on Murray Pushes Progressive, Reform-Oriented Former Chief into "Retirement".
this is not a good move of the mayor, and Dominic is right to point it out. Murray hasn't yet transitioning well from the tar-pit of Olympia, but he's neither anti-progressive in his nature, nor a "fucking disaster for this city". there are levels of competence between god-level (which some of you unaccountably assigned to McGinn) and apocalypse incarnate. that is, hold fast to a bit of perspective and save up some of your precious hyperbole for if seattle really approaches some detroit or new-jersey behavior.
Mar 25 theophrastus commented on In Culture News: The Obamacare Comic, Cormac McCarthy for Kids, and Shteyngart's Next Book.
@3, @4 and me too, that included comic is set for a fixed width somehow. so rendering it smashes down all the text to the left, leaving mostly whitespace.
Mar 25 theophrastus commented on Yes or No on This Virginia Gas Station Item?.
@17 "Fresh" Egg Salad Sandwich ("what's that black cracker?" "...tomato" etc)

in-any-case, this certainly is some of the more vital Slog faire ... might there be "eating suggestions" on the obverse side of the package?
Mar 20 theophrastus commented on Dispatch from the Bay Area.
There is a periodic rejection and embrace of technology and technocrats ("nerds!", geeks, burn the witch! etc). they are the problem! (e.g. anti-intellectual right-wing, the GMO imbroglio) and then they are the solution (often Hollywood, mostly unsung during epidemics and similar crises). but the one constant to both states is that those evincing the emotion are displacing it from the proper target (typically economic forces)

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