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Jul 22 theophrastus commented on All The Awkward Trump Father/Daughter Touching At the RNC.
Incest aside... red face, wide-pupils, and paranoia; this man is addicted to amphetamines. (mind you, there is an occasional precedent for this in the political arenas)
Jul 21 theophrastus commented on For Women's Rights, Ohio Is a "Preview of What America Would Look like If Trump and Pence Get Their Way".
By the bye, here's a Finnish study which finds that teenage girls who have abortions, rather than bring an unwanted pregnancy to term, are both healthier and more successful in later life. Unfortunately I suspect this study won't get the coverage that it deserves in the main media.
Jul 16 theophrastus commented on Here are but a few of the Reasons Why You Hate Mike Pence.
Some touchy-feely columnist needs to write this social analysis story; here's the setup: someone the writer knows and cares about, possibly a close relative, (someone you can't somehow ditch), decides they are supporting trump. The whole column would be what the hell should the response of a sane person be. You can't have the person committed or call in a 'deprogrammer'. And although i'd say you need to get far away from them and they ought to be dumped in the middle of a bunch of Westboro Baptists, you can't do that either. At the least this 'friend' ought to be kept drugged/drunk for the next 115 days. Can we mourn for the loss of those who would vote trump?
Jul 14 theophrastus commented on Look At These Frighteningly Militarized Police in New York.
You don't want the transition from human to (bomb carrying) kill-bots to be a shocking discontinuity do you?
Jul 12 theophrastus commented on Democratic Party Feels the Bern, Officially Endorses Pot Legalization.
with reference to @4 little box "01F44D" for those of us viewing this using netscape/mosaic (or possibly lynx) it's one of many thumbs-up emojis; this one with curiously bright yellow skin. contemplate upon 👍🏻 👍🏼 👍🏾 👍🏿 for slightly more realistic skin tones.

"emojis - they're all that matter now" --🕴 MAN IN BUSINESS SUIT LEVITATING

furthermore, good on Bernie(!) for the practical political maneuver. more progressive influence is possible if you don't burn your bridges as so many angry young men would've preferred.
Jul 11 theophrastus commented on Maniacs Who Played Pokémon Go All Weekend Explain to Me What It Is.
@7,8 thankee, that was educational. i'm stubbornly still unconvinced that someone attempting the "capture" of 'Poliwag' won't look up from their cell until on the train tracks of Carkeek park.
Jul 11 theophrastus commented on Maniacs Who Played Pokémon Go All Weekend Explain to Me What It Is.
"What else do you want to know? I'm an expert now!" ok... how does the company (Niantic, Inc.) ..go about 'placing' the pokemon (aka "poke(ct)_mon(sters)") around a locality? someone at the company is typing in longitude and latitude, perhaps? and/or what steps are they taking not to place one of these on the sound transit tracks?
Jul 8 theophrastus commented on Mark Hughes, Gun Nut of Interest.
One exceedingly rational (hence "pie in the sky") law would be to prohibit all firearms within city limits, (in a true utopia, including police officers; but let's keep our dreams at level one).

There is ample precedent for this; many cities in the wild old west had you check your firearms at the sheriff's office on entering the city (one link). Seattle could conceivably be a city to one day send such a sane policy onto what would certainly be an impressive supreme court fightm (oh that i might live so long to see it tried). yes yes... there would still be bad guys who would have guns in city limits, but just imagine the distinction to the early scenes in Dallas horror where one didn't have to spend time to sort out the idiots with immediate lethal intents from the mere idiots.
Jul 7 theophrastus commented on Baker Refuses to Make a Cake for a Same-Sex Couple.
What is it with bakers and discrimination? Why do we never hear of the butcher or the candlestickmaker ... or car-salesperson or realtor? Do bible-thumpers tend to become bakers rather than cheese-makers?
Jul 6 theophrastus commented on Hillary Clinton Won't Go to Jail, But Will the E-Mail Scandal Hurt Her Chances In November?.
I am sick and tired of Hillary Clinton’s email; the American people are sick and tired about hearing about Hillary's damn emails. We’ve finally gotten off of Hillary Clinton’s emails -- good! Let’s go to the major issues that are facing America.