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Dec 29, 2013 heartfelt commented on Making the Right Connection.
Thank you for posting this Charles. It is a surprising and interesting response by the people of Portugal that is worth pondering. I am curious about how they made the connection between the bin collector strike and the banks. Low pay is clear, but usually it is the employer that gets the backlash and not an external player such as the banks. Have the banks done something recently that raised their ire?
Nov 30, 2013 heartfelt commented on And Our Viral Videos Are Better Than Yours, Timmy.
Love the hockey video :) It is the first Christmas themed media that has made me smile so far this year. Refreshing and sweet.
Nov 28, 2013 heartfelt commented on Put on Your Thanksgiving Thinking Cap!.
Number 8 is NOT part of Thanksgiving and neither is KLABC SRHTUYAD. I am very thankful that I live in Massachusetts where KLABC SRHTUYAD is illegal.
Nov 25, 2013 heartfelt commented on "White House-Backed Gay 'Activist' Dan Savage Slams 'Kiddy-F*cking Catholic Priests'.
Good interview Dan. I was impressed with your compassionate understanding of how anger would bring out the 15 year old's expletives even after the mature mind has evolved. I remain surprised though at the concurrent failure of compassionate understanding in regards to the empathy gap being filled when people have personal experience that defies their ideology. People naturally believe whatever those they trust and respect tell them, right up until personal experience tells them otherwise. No one has the capacity to be an expert on everything so we rely on trusted others to fill in our knowledge gaps. We should celebrate when experience brings folks empathy, rather than shake our heads at their "hypocrisy."
Nov 21, 2013 heartfelt commented on Art Museums Should Be Therapists, Not Art History Teachers.
I like this interesting approach that Alain de Botton has created. To provide a new way of looking at things IS art, so this is a sort of meta-art, an overlay of art upon art. Art stretches us and expands our views of reality.

Thinking about my favorite artists and (favorite works), Van Gogh (Starry Night) and Piero Manzoni (signing eggs for patrons to eat to transform their inner cells into art), in the de Botton context allows me to see that what I love about their work is their passion for life itself that reveals what lies invisible at the heart of life rather than just the exterior surfaces.
Nov 21, 2013 heartfelt commented on SeaTac $15 Minimum Wage Initiative Leaps to Landslide 57-Vote Lead!.
I am pleased to see that the Sea-Tac $15 minimum wage has a shot at going through. It is an experiment that needs to happen. According to many economists there is a clear lack of demand causing the current slow growth and recovery. It has been theorized that giving people a livable and meaningful minimum wage would create growth and recovery by increasing demand. It is interesting that the very people who claim that this economic theory is wrong spent millions of dollars to try to prevent this experiment from happening. You would think that if they were sure of their position they would encourage an experiment in order to see it fail. If the $15 minimum goes through, I wonder if they will also attempt to undermine the outcome...
Nov 17, 2013 heartfelt commented on The Saturday Morning News.
Contrary to other comments, I thought the video was pretty progressive given that it appears to come from Australia. Perhaps I am behind the times, but my impression of Australian culture is that this video is quite out there at the cultural edges of feminism in that country. As such, I felt great pleasure at seeing it, and enjoyed the poem. Thank you Ansel.
Nov 9, 2013 heartfelt commented on The Closet.
Thank you for sharing this Dan. Being ones "real self" seems to be a universal challenge. None of us perfectly fits the stereotypes our cultures produce of who we are supposed to be and the fear produced by the idea that we will be found out and "lose face" when the mask falls is very real. I love how Ms. Beckham so gently tells us that the stress of keeping that mask in place is worse than letting it fall and allowing us to not only feel the relief of letting it go, but of giving permission, in that moment, to others to let their mask go as well. I hope this will inspire people to let their masks fall as gently and kindly as Ms. Beckham suggests. To allow others to accept us at whatever level they are able to is perhaps as hard as showing them who we are.
Nov 7, 2013 heartfelt commented on Should Movies Adopt a Bechdel Test Ratings System?.
Films provide role models that we all learn from whether consciously or unconsciously. As such, the introduction of the Beshdel Test is a meaningful measure of something currently in rather short supply... Main named characters who are women who speak to one another about matters that do not involve their interest in a man. To see women speaking to one another about other aspects of life, is to widen the image of women past the current stereotypes. This enriches us all for it helps us to remember that women have valid interests in all aspects of life and living. Anything that encourages film makers to remember this fact is worthy of support.
Oct 21, 2013 heartfelt commented on Asexuality Conquers Japan!.
The world's population continues to grow. Fewer people is a good thing because humanity is using up the Earth's resources. Having fewer births rather than higher deaths is a good thing. Though I agree it is sad if people who want children are being prevented from doing so, the problem appears to be the loss of balance between the percentages of old people and the younger people needed to provide support for them. A solution would possibly involve new ways to care for the elderly that either give the elderly more ways to contribute to their own care or more efficient ways for the youth to care for them. Technology/robots that the elderly can control might bridge a gap or two, or new forms of community living. Natural experiments are going on everywhere to try to find solutions since the problem is immediate and ongoing. The two solutions we know fail miserably are the "hospital/institution" model that strips the elderly of all personal control and deprives them of reasons to live, and the "neglect" model that destroys those who have survived only to fall through the cracks.