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Dec 17, 2014 Spike1382 commented on Sony Now Says It Will Not Release The Interview In Any Form.
I think it was a corporate espionage group that North Korea hired.
Nov 28, 2014 Spike1382 commented on Returning Column!.
If I come up with a unified field theory can I be the new god? I've got some ideas...
Nov 28, 2014 Spike1382 commented on Slog Poll: What's the Dumbest Thing You've Seen This Week?.
@16 Is that when she says that because there are single celled organisms evolution doesn't exist? That's when I had to stop.
Nov 22, 2014 Spike1382 commented on The Return of Police Reports Illustrated! (Mom and Pot Edition).
What kind of asshole robs a bake sale?
Nov 22, 2014 Spike1382 commented on Capitol Hill to Get Its Own Pot Shop?.
People will finally be able to buy weed on Capitol Hill.
Nov 22, 2014 Spike1382 commented on You Really Should Go See Whiplash This Weekend.
Looks super triggery for me. Thanks grad school!
Nov 19, 2014 Spike1382 commented on Is Viagra for Women a Sham?.
Viagra might be useful to a woman who has difficulty orgasming during sex if her clit isn't getting erect. The clitoral tissue around the vaginal opening not getting erect would substantially reduce the stimulation during penetration. Fixing that would make a big difference. Really viagra is used for a lot of things, we just narrow it down to penial erections when we talk about it.
Nov 7, 2014 Spike1382 commented on TV Ads: Where Smart, Funny Women Play Dumb.
I'm with @15. The second is supposed to be absurd and ridiculous for anyone to act that way. The first is about how ridiculous women are.
Oct 31, 2014 Spike1382 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Drag ≠ Trans, Trans ≠ Drag.
Well said Dan.