Feb 13 Ricardo commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Facebook Stalking Pharmacist Questions His Ethics.
Number 1, absolutely absolute rule of flirting with clients in service jobs: you only do it with those who flirted first (if you're interested, that is). You leave all the other ones alone.
Feb 13 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
Griz @ 132 - I found the perfect antidote (or more truthfully, a client found it for me): I'll be working for 15 hours tomorrow (Tuesday).

Bi @ 134 - I usually just say (not that it happens every day) "I don't think this position is going to work" without mentioning why, and even then it's too much for them sometimes!

CMD @ 142 - And I thought that's what we did the whole year round.
Feb 12 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
I meant your, not you're
Feb 12 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
Griz @ 125 - Yes, and I can empathize back.

@ 127 - You're extremely depressing (and absolutely realistic) description of Valentine's day rituals and revellers hit the nail on the head for me. Now I know why I've always refused to celebrate that day.
Feb 12 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
Lava @ 108 - Irritable bowel syndrome.

It's the gift that keeps on giving: there's always one more thing that irritates your colon. This week, I discovered I was intolerant to potatoes. Luckily, they're not an important part of my diet, but that's precisely why it took me a couple of years to figure it out.

Griz @ 110 - "If it's any consolation, I am a recovered Type II diabetic"

It's not a consolation that you got Type II diabetes - I don't take pleasure in other people's suffering (unless they're Trump supporters). That said, I am very glad for you that you managed to beat it. It most definitely is a bitch of a disease.

90% dark chocolate... mmm, my favourite. And that tiramisu sounds lovely. I'd be sick for a week if I tried it (cream), but deserts have a way to make my willpower evaporate, so I probably would anyway.

BDF @ 114 - "The man I met last weekend had this really weird, bent penis. Getting sex with him was easy; having sex with him was difficult."

That's exactly the image I had in mind when I wrote this. The worst part is that some men's ego is so linked to their penis that you can't even suggest a position that might work, as that would be drawing attention to the fact that their equipment is non-normative, and they'd just feel so humiliated. As if it wasn't staring them in the face every time they go to the toilet!!!

Feb 11 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
Griz @ 99 - You're not old-fashioned, you're just uncomfortable with random fucking. Everybody is different. The difficult part (for everyone, I think) is finding someone who's compatible with you.

I'm not sure I agree with the assertion that "gay men can already communicate (...) well with each other. Men in general aren't necessarily good at communicating. Very often I've found that for men, a conversation is a monologue (by them) where the audience (be it one or many) says "huh-huh" to show that they agree; anything else is what they would call an argument.

And you're right, I should have said "they're not likely to get accidentally pregnant."

@ 100 - "Red wine and dark chocolate helps."

I have IBS. I may still be sexually active, but I so envy you your ability to indulge in red wine and dark chocolate, two of my favourite substances, unfortunately now forbidden to me.

ChiTodd @ 102 "having sex with a man is easier than having sex with a woman"

I agree with what you meant, but I would state it differently, as I think your formulation actually says something else: "Obtaining sex from a man is easier than obtaining sex from a woman." Because once you're having sex, it may not turn out to be that easy with or for either gender.
Feb 11 Ricardo commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Engaged to a Beard.
Harriet @ 52 - What exactly do you call our "deviancy"?

"The idea of having very little sex primarily because of a libido-suppressing medication also struck me as more likely (more likely only) to be a straight woman's rationalisation"

You need to meet more men on anti-depressants.
Feb 10 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
Griz @ 93 - "society's definition of acceptable sexual approach is so different between men and women"

That's why I said earlier that sex (and only sex) is easier for gay men to get. Unfortunately, from what Bi tells us here, we can't say the same of their female counterparts, who either can't break away from the behaviours they've been raised to believe are the only socially accepted ones for women, or are pointlessly applying the strategies they've acquired through evolution in order to only find worthwhile mates to have sex with and thus avoid having to carry and raise genetically inferior offspring, as that would be a gigantic waste of their time and energy (for those who believe in evolutionary psychology, as I do). Or both, since they reinforce each other. Still, tough luck for lesbians, as there's really no reason for them to do either, since a) they're not likely to get pregnant, and b) being totally accepted by society is still a long way off anyway, and for reasons other than promiscuity.

And yes, cheeky is fun indeed. You can piss me off too, I won't hold it against you.
Feb 10 Ricardo commented on Trump's Sweeping Immigration Raids Have Started.
First they come for the illegal immigrants...

Y'all know the rest.
Feb 10 Ricardo commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Straight Guy Can't Win.
@ 4 - And judging from TTB's comments on another threat, it's got the sarcasm skills of an 8 year old (but fuck does it ever think itself very clever!).