Nov 30 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
I once shared accommodations with a guy who was constantly fiddling with his dick (through his pants). At one point I told him "Hey, it's highly unlikely it fell off since you last checked, two minutes ago" in front of the whole household. Everybody laughed (except him). He stopped doing it, at least when I was around.
Nov 30 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
@ 14 - Bi - See, we do agree on some things from time to time.

@ 23 - Hunter - He if had crabs, the LW, being his girlfriend, would by now have figured out where the problem lies. (Thanks for the laugh, though.)

I agree that fiddling can't really mean that he pulls it out and plays with it. Who would tolerate that? But if he's grabbing his cock over his clothes in order to imitate male rappers, well, there's nothing less anti-mainstream than that nowadays. Besides, it's an adolescent thing. It's time he stop doing it, or else he's showing everyone that he's not mature enough yet to have a girlfriend (which, judging from his reaction to her complaints, seems to be the case).

Nov 29 Ricardo commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Done Dumped Me Wrong.
"Men going their own way" - Translation: men everyone should avoid at all costs.
Nov 29 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
A lot of guys like to nave their dicks squeezed once in a while during penetration. I do it when I feel like it and I always get a positive response. I'll admit that it's not as much fun when I'm being told to do it, because usually those guys are looking for a very precise feeling that I can't always provide. But still, it's not such a big deal in my opinion.

Perhaps SPAR should try to do it once in a while to surprise him - but first tell him that she'd prefer if it was of her own initiative. Then there'd be less pressure on her to "perform", and she may even enjoy it, or at least enjoy his reaction.
Nov 27 Ricardo commented on How Green Is My Recount?.
@ 33 - First, you seem to think I'm American. I'm not. I'm an outside observer.

Second, philosophically, I most closely associate with the economical/historical Marxist viewpoint (i.e. the Capital, not the Manifesto), and I have never seen any sign of anything that even remotely resembles Socialism in the U.S. Stop fooling yourself. What Americans call "extreme left" is what everyone else calls "center". It seems you took up the Socialist cause without actually knowing what it means. Here's a bit of truth: the fact that people say they're Socialists doesn't mean that they are. Do you know where Jill Stein invests her money? She most definitely is not a Socialist.

Third, your enthusiasm for your cause is touching, but you are clearly way too naive to actually understand how politics work. They have very little to do with causes to defend or with actually changing things. They're about power: obtaining it and keeping it. You'll find very few examples to the contrary in the history of the world.

Get off your high horse now, read The Prince (still relevant after all those years) and stop sounding like a 17 year-old intent on sermoning anyone into agreeing with his/her newfound "wisdom".

And to anything else you might have to say (since you already sound like a broken vinyl record), here's my answer: blah blah blah. You just can't be taken seriously.
Nov 27 Ricardo commented on How Green Is My Recount?.
I'm betting Jill Stein is hoping to become secretary of the environment should Hillary end up winning. That's why she's doing all the hard work. And if it works, she'll be made into a saint of sorts by all those in the U.S. and abroad who were afraid a Trump presidency.

Bonus: Hillary can then say she wasn't a sore loser, as she herself didn't ask for the recount. It's a win-win for them both.
Nov 24 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
@ 36 - The fleshlight is a sex toy for men. Pretty popular nowadays, I gather. Can't tell you much more, as I'm not really into toys.

I understand how you feel. If I didn't have pharyngitis right now, I'd spend my days smoking too!
Nov 24 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
@ 24 - Lava - When the world has become absurd, the only weapon I know is absurdist humour.

And now it turns out I'm misunderstood by everyone except Hunter. Wouldn't you know. But if it's true, as Hunter suggested @ 31, that Undead was actually answering Strange @ 6, my apologies to Undead and my thanks for understanding that I was just making a dumb joke.

@ 26 - Griz - "The wineries are going to make a fortune off me."

Now that's the spirit! A coger y a tomar, que el mundo se va a acabar.
Nov 24 Ricardo commented on Savage Love.
@ 19 - Bi - Okay, you're right - generally. Undead knows me, though.

@ 21 - Nocute - I'm not in the habit of advising people to neglect their significant other. That was a plainly absurd post.

But if it's my avatar that confuses you, it's a shame. I chose it wisely. The marsupilami is a character in a French-language Belgian comic strip I used to read as a child, Spirou. The marsupilami is extremely sweet until someone pisses it off, then it gets really angry and strikes. Couldn't have found a more appropriate avatar. But really, it's a fun character, I swear.

Likewise, no actual harm is intended in my posts (unless it's clearly spelled out). It's all tongue-in-cheek.
Nov 24 Ricardo commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Let's Give Thanks for Threesomes!.
Almost everyone on Earth has a concept of god - it's bloody hard to avoid. Some of us are informed enough to realize it's BS, though.