It's not very popular.

Apr 14 Ricardo commented on Today's Right-Wing Talking Point: Hillary Clinton Is Too "Hideous" to Be Elected President.
@ 39 - Reasons the Obama presidency has been a failure:

No new war was started on false pretenses.
The US economy is doing better.
Some people who had no medical insurance did get some. Poor people.
Relations with Cuba have improved.
Gay rights have advanced tremendously.
The rest of the world likes the US a bit more (although that NSA thing seems to bother us more than it does you people, but it can be traced back to W, so we can't really blame Obama for it).
Republicans made fools of themselves over and over and over again.

Yeah, I can see why people like Raindrop would consider the whole period a failure.
Apr 14 Ricardo commented on Today's Rightwing Talking Point: Hillary Clinton Is Too "Hideous" To Be Elected President.
I'm sure if they keep coming up with clever nicknames for her like "hitlery", they'll even manage to convince Ted Nugent to vote Republican.
Apr 13 Ricardo commented on Bill Maher: Extremists Don't Hijack Religions. Moderates Do..
@ 26 - "If your religion is peaceful and loving then your fundamentalists should be the most peaceful and loving people on the planet. If your fundamentalists are violent, oppressive, and mean spirited it's because those ARE in the fundamentals of your religion, no matter what your moderates are like."

Perfectly said. I'll need to write it down and repeat it to very believer who denounces extremists.
Apr 13 Ricardo commented on Bill Maher: Extremists Don't Hijack Religions. Moderates Do..
@ 20 - Yes - that's what I meant by "the roots". I was merely referring to the time-scale and the way it is perceived by almost everyone except perhaps scholars. I am pretty sure Venomlash was basing his comment on this commonly believed separation, too.

The birth of christianity (I don't think religions and the religious deserve capital letters, if you're wondering) clearly didn't happen in a void, and apparently, JC himself wanted to renew judaism, not create a new religion, which is mostly Paul's doing. And it took a long while, too, with many disputes between the different branches, which were wiped out except for the Greek orthodox one (yes, the christians were killing off people pretty much as soon as they had a chance to, even their own). And all this in the Mediterranean, with its numerous competing gods and religions, all surely having had their influence on the nascent creed.

So obviously, we cannot say that the history of judaism and the Jewish people had no bearing on how christianity came into being or on its values (which include savagely massacring your enemies - it's in the book!). That said, the catholic church sure did everything it could to make it look that way by rewriting its own history (for example, dubbing Peter the first pope when he was a) opposed to this new religion and b) dead long before there was such a title). The point was to make followers believe that after Jesus died, everything instantly and magically fell into place and christianity was born, creating an absurd before/after dichotomy that even our dating system reflects.

And it worked! That's how people see and express it to this day. I doubt most christians even see the link between their religion and that/those which helped shape it.

As for Jesus himself, according to a rather interesting book I read (Las mentiras fundamentales de la iglesia catolica, by Pepe Rodriguez), there is evidence that such a prophet did live... and that very little of what he is meant to have said or done has any relation to his actual life story.

Apr 13 Ricardo commented on Bill Maher: Extremists Don't Hijack Religions. Moderates Do..
@ 13 - Venomlash only mentioned christianity and islam, so you're not actually disagreeing with him.

There is a difference between the roots of christianity (judaism) and its early history, which starts with this guy supposedly called Jesus Christ.
Apr 13 Ricardo commented on Bill Maher: Extremists Don't Hijack Religions. Moderates Do..
@ 10 - No need, you just did.
Apr 13 Ricardo commented on Bill Maher: Extremists Don't Hijack Religions. Moderates Do..
@ 1 - I think you are right, but what extremists do is merely to apply every single rule of their holy book all the time, something which organized religions - having always been political as much as spiritual organizations - knew they would do best to avoid doing. I guess you could say that "to every rule there is a season" was their motto.
Apr 13 Ricardo commented on SL Letter of the Day: Unscrew the Pooch.
@ 34 -The one who's imagining things is you.


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