fetish is masturbating.
Jun 22 fetish commented on A California Woman Is Accusing Donald Trump of Raping Her When She Was 13 Years Old.
So, the claim is that Trump and another fellow had ritual gangbangs with a 14-year old (and, implicitly, many other underage girls)? To borrow a phrase from sports, this is a STRONG TAKE.
Jun 20 fetish commented on Eight Days After Orlando Shooting, Senate Rejects Gun Restrictions.
Realistically, the only answer is a gun ban. As long as you can easily get guns in other states and freely transport them to other states, there will be guns everywhere in America.

The terrorist watch-list was a terrible idea then [remember when Liberals were against it, because they feared the GOP would arbitrarily put political enemies on it?] and using it to restrict gun access is a band aid on a bullet hole.
Jun 20 fetish commented on Eight Days After Orlando Shooting, Senate Rejects Gun Restrictions.
That filabuster [hey, remember when the GOP were immoral for using such a tactic?] went down exactly as all the astute folks predicted. But hey, at least you grandstanded for 18 hours or however long; no one had heard of you before, but you get to keep your hero status. Great job, great job by all.
Jun 11 fetish commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Dramatists Club.
b) she was jealous that he had successfully eradicated my depression in a way she had never been able to.

This is a fundamentally problematic statement which I suspect is involved in all the downriver problems LW is having.
Jun 1 fetish commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Do All Gay Men Have Anal Sex?.
@23 I mean, the plays right into the stereotypes of female communication: He feels entitled to superficial agreement and isn't used to being directly challenged in this way; meanwhile, it's a fairly safe bet these men, as boys, were taught to stand up for themselves from the age of like, 4. This doesn't read to me that they were treating LW particularly differently as a non-cis man; they were explicitly treating him as a man, and he doesn't have the skills [yet?] to cope with that.
Jun 1 fetish commented on The Bachelorette Recap: Episode 2 - The Rise of Chad.
Sadly, the Chad's of the world get what they want and will die with a smile on their faces. Although he's obviously 10 years older than he says he is and is a raging alcoholic who's lifetime over/under for restraining orders is 2 (denied petitions count for one half), who will spread 1000x more misery than joy in his life; and will leave behind 3 emotionally vacant children when all is said and done, he'll have enjoyed it more than any of us :/
May 27 fetish commented on Do You Still Trust Hillary Clinton?.
@36 it's amazing how quickly these folks take up the intellectual ethicacy akin previously reserved for the Troglodyte Wing of the Republican party, where one can claim a sunset is the apocalypse and it's unknown if it will ever rise again. Perhaps they aren't any smarter and are just as easily moved as the barely educated exurban people who reflexively vote GOP; or, more tellingly, perhaps those people are just as smart as them.
May 27 fetish commented on I, Anonymous.
I've lost my wallet a number of times. At least 4 times (including once in midtown manhattan) it was returned to me, with all the cash in tact. Although most people would decide to do nothing; I suspect there are more people out there willing to go out their way to return it to you than there are who would want to steal your identity or the cash.
May 27 fetish commented on Do You Still Trust Hillary Clinton?.
Do I still trust Hillary Clinton what?

If the question is:

"Do I trust Hillary Clinton to not drive the United States off a domestic policy cliff, and not treat international issues with benign neglect until the situation is so dire that military intervention is needed on a large scale?" then the answer is yes.

Like, I get it. She's a Connected Washington Insider; she's a disingenuous phony; she's no dove. But at least she's the only candidate for whom the expectation is "responsible governance".
May 26 fetish commented on When She's Not Making PiƱatas, This Bainbridge Island Artist Is Selling Donald Trump Voodoo Dolls.
So wait, is this woman a fellow traveler or dirty, disgusting cultural appropriator?