It's not very popular.

Jun 24 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
This week's theme: questions to which the answers are painfully obvious to all but the writers themselves.
May 20 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
MistressJoan @36 makes a good point that there could be much worse hurt feelings from a profile posted by a not trans friendly person that doesn't state that fact (and ending in a date with a trans person) than the hurt feelings experienced by trans people (or other minorities) merely reading profiles. She also gives a good example of how to state a preference ("Seeking cis-gender woman"), rather than the harsh "No trans people". Only problem with that is most non-SL readers would probably respond to "Seeking cis-gender woman" with "Say What?"
Apr 4 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
@Marcelina, 320::: "@318: All he has to do is close the damn shades if he doesn't like it. She doesn't owe him anything."

A curious thing, to address the poster in the third person; almost dehumanizing one might say. Also, he DID like it, he just felt like he was led on, which he didn't like. I completely agree with undead's post @324 that he had unrealistic expectations, & about flirting, but I also say to him: Thanks for writing, NotASpeck, because you offered another perspective that everyone gets to take in and think about (possibly including the LW if she somehow managed to wade through all the vitriol, as Spidieweed aptly described it). This is the great value of Savage Love as I see it. As far as the "She doesn't owe him anything." part, I strongly disagree. I believe she owes him the same thing commenters here owe each other: civility and to be treated fairly. Some have treated you unfairly here (Eudaemonic, Allen, Chase come to mind) and you have returned the favor. The conversation becomes less interesting and less useful, unless, like avast, you have popcorn......
Apr 3 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
@LavaGirl, 253: "The sensitive meeting of men and women at their sex, is all but fucked."

One would certainly think so from reading this thread, even with the random reasonable posts in-between the madness. Why do people want to believe the absolute worst things must be absolutely true of people on the other side of an argument? Guess it's just the human condition.
Apr 2 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
@Marcelina - You seem to upbraid and insult posters with equal opportunity, including even those who would be your natural allies if your posts weren't so over the top. Eudaemonic took the bait and ran with it, but most others seem to have offered reasonable comments or counter arguments, and in response got blasted. Nice strategy to win people to your cause!
BiDanFan got it right @105.
Apr 2 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
@71, BiDanFan You're right. I should have said "porn addiction" instead of "sex addiction"; relating to the first letter. Thought people would be all over that, but the conversation has taken a slightly different tack- i.e. ethics of porn instead of whether porn addiction is a thing and whether the boyfriend's use of porn is an addiction.
Apr 1 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
Please goddesses & gods, spare us another tortured thread on sex addiction and whether or not it's a real thing.
Mar 20 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
Allison, For me, attraction isn't a finely calculated political exercise.
Mar 20 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
@Alison Cummins- It seems like what you call yourself (or disavow) is more of a political statement than an acknowledgement of who you find sexy/are attracted to. For me, this seems somewhat backwards. No offense intended, just an observation.
Mar 18 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
@Erica,64 Yeah, that makes the whole thing seem more plausible.

Also agree with your comment @59. That aligns more with the idea I have of cucks. The males on here (in general) seem to have a more limited (negative?) impression of cucks than is borne out by reality in my opinion. I think there could be any number of other reasons, besides the rather weak ones mentioned, why someone might have this kink, or for no reason at all that could be written down in words.... Watching your partner's pleasure from a different perspective- kind of an out of body experience- that alone would be pretty interesting (assuming she was really into it). Freaky. Some people like to get freaky.

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