Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Apr 25 bgix commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
@2 -- So now the cause of "bad parenting" is the "living together out of wedlock"?

No. What "Danny" is saying is:
"Children need loving, fit, qualified, sane, and—speaking from experience here—infinitely patient parents".

@2's qualification requirements include none of those, since obviously "getting married" doesn't cure insanity, make you fit, give you patience, nor make you qualified.
Mar 14 bgix commented on Good News for Wall Street Bonuses.
I feel like holding a sign: "Will work for Bonuses"
Mar 12 bgix commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.

So you took my entire post and boiled it/paraphrased it down to "a lack of tips would dis-incentivize an employee from working hard".

I stand by my harsh judgement of your reading comprehension.

What I don't want to dis-incentivize is tipping in general (by the tipper, not the tippee). It is a very good way for servers/employees to share in their employers success. Flat rate employees will get the same pay per hour regardless of how successful the establishment is. Tipped employees do better as the business (restaurant) does better.

I can see where you could take one sentence out of it's context to make it look like I am in favor of making employees dance like monkeys for scraps. But the post itself is 180 degrees in the opposite direction to where you took it.
Mar 12 bgix commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.

I would be tempted to vote for all 3. Maybe even 1.... I'd have to think about it. My biggest worry is that the absolutist "15 or bust" crowd will sink *all* of the livable wage proposals.

I think "15 or bust" is a good starting point, but the pragmatist within accepts compromise.
Mar 12 bgix commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.

This is vastly overstating the affect of the 1.5% of Seattle Workers who would get a raise, on those already over the 15/hr line.…

Direct labor cost is *not* the main driver of inflation. The main drivers are *demand* and *availability*.

If a grocery store thinks it can clear more profit by raising the price of a roll of toilet paper by 5 cents, they will do it whether or not they are paying their cashiers a livable wage.

Yes, perhaps if 1.5% more people can *afford* that roll of toilet paper, then *demand* will go up, but weyerhaeuser will undoubtedly be willing to churn out a few more roles, solving the *availability* issue.

Is it possible that some businesses will try to pass the cost on to consumers directly? Sure. But they probably didn't understand that if the market could bear a "$15 burger" after the min raise hike, then it probably could have beforehand as well. And not to many of the 1.5% are going to be buying those $15 burgers anyway.

The only valid argument is really businesses with margin *so thin* that changes in the cost of direct labor are the actual tipping point between staying in business, and going out of business. And the number of those businesses is extremely small. And those businesses that do fail for that very reason will create a void in the market which can be filled by newcomers, creating a zero sum game at worst.
Mar 12 bgix commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.

If you resent a co-worker that gets a raise when you don't, then yes I could see that you could have a problem with this. Even if that co-worker is still not making as much as you. However, I would point out that you haven't actually gotten a pay cut, so begrudging your co-worker a wage that will feed his family might not be the most compelling argument to make out loud.
Mar 12 bgix commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.

You wrote:
"The "cost" of a $15/hour minimum wage increase will "paid" for in unemployment, reduced hours, general price increases and decreased opportunity for those whom it was intended to benefit most."

Keynesian economic models in fact suggest that while some individual businesses may suffer downsizing and/or impose price increases, that overall it will result in *increased* opportunity as more disposable income enters the market at the bottom. Businesses come and go all the time, for large numbers of reasons, and a $15/hr min wage would undoubtedly be one more "reason". But it will be a reason both in the negative (downsizing) *and* positive (more money being spent, means more opportunities to earn those new spent dollars, more demand, etc)
Mar 12 bgix commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.

Wow, I'm not sure that came from. My proposal guarantees a livable wage (defined as $15/hr, for the sake of argument) without eliminating tip income. If anything, it incentivizes restaurant/bar owners to create the quality and ambiance that maximizes their employees tips, thereby minimizing their labor costs. And it keeps the majority of tips in workers pockets where it belongs.

Is that "lording tip money" over my "inferiors"? I'm sorry, I'm going to give you a "flunk" and ask that you re-check your work.

Honestly, from your post, I can't tell if you would be against it because tipped employees get tips and non-tipped employees don't, or because well tipped employees would in effect be easing the "labor cost" burden of their employers.
Mar 12 bgix commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.
The argument for $15/hr has always had the potential for side-tracking and derailing by side issues. My biggest fear for Sawant and the $15/hr coalition is always that through inflexibility they will gain *nothing* by insisting on a hard-line *everything*.

I am a big believer in the $15/hr minimum wage, but I am also willing to pragmatically accept solutions that advance the "livable wage for all" mantra at the possible expense of line item details.

For instance, we all know that McD employees will never get tipped, so a hardline $15/hr for them is appropriate. But if you are working at a high end restaurant where the serving staff are making $40/hr in tips, then their livable wage has been accomplished already.

That leaves the vast middle. Sure I would like perhaps a European system where the livable wage is standard, and tips are rare, but as a believer in meritocracy, I don't think we should dis-incentivize those who work hard for their tips. Perhaps a standard, where say 25% of a servers "tip wages" could be used as a "Minimum Offset", while the hard base remains the current $9/hr. That would allow workers to *always* benefit from their tips, and by the time they hit $24/hr in tips they start keeping all of it. If they made only $10/hr in tips, $2.50/hr would be used to offset their minimum wage up to $15, giving them a "non-tip" regular base paycheck of $12.50/hr ($15 - $2.50), and $10/hr in take-home tips. The $40/hr tip maker would still be paid the hard base of $9/hr but would be taking home the $40/hr in tips.

A sliding scale as it were. And it could be expanded to other vocations that "pay on commission".
Feb 20 bgix commented on Seattle Chief Overturns Discipline of Cop Who Threatened to Harass Me at Work.
We need to lead from below.

It really *IS* a big deal when those placed in a position of authority abuse that authority. The fact that it was a very minor run-in is beside the point. The SPD is *SUPPOSED* to be cleaning up it's act, and holding it's officers accountable for their actions. Every time you allow abuses of authority slide, they will continue to slide. Honestly, this was probably minor enough that a slap on the wrist was sufficient... But when the bully's mommy comes out and says NO to that slightest wrist slap, it is a sign of something worse. It is a wink and a nod.

I *want* the SPD to clean up it's act. I *want* fair treatment of Seattle's citizens. I want a professional police force that deescalates and defuses situations.... Not one that is a good-ol-boy everybody covering for everybody club.

And for gods sake. If your own disciplinarian board finds discipline is warranted, let them do their job. As for "lead from below": I have sent my very brief email complaints to the Mayor and SPD.

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