Oct 28, 2013 roddy commented on Does a Bad Voting Record Make It Harder to Take a Candidate Seriously?.
There are any number of scalars one can use to qualify a candidate for public office--speaking ability, writing ability, good looks.... But, since civic engagement is sort of, by definition, a qualifier, and since voting seems to me to show a basic level of civic engagement, then it should be perfectly fair to rate that highly in evaluation candidates. Sure, someone may not have been civically engaged in the past, but like missing a credit card payment, one should have to explain it. If we can't use something as simple as voting as a qualifier, why should we be using something as arbitrary as gender as Ms Wicks would have us do?
Oct 16, 2013 roddy commented on House Passes Senate Bill Ending Shutdown, 284 to 144.
Cost: $24 billion and 900,000 jobs. Bravo, gentlemen.
Sep 20, 2013 roddy commented on Dear Guy Who Just Took His Undersized Sailboat Through the Drawbridge on 520.
I don't know why everyone assumes that this vessel is just going for a sail. It's a pain in the ass to open that bridge, both to make the arrangements and the slow way that bridge opens. No sailor casually takes their boat through that span. People should remember there are several marinas south of 520, some of them even provide jobs to Seattleites. Those marinas were built long before they built 520. The vessel likely makes its moorage south of the bridge, and for whatever reason--likely she was up repairs--she had to transit north at some point earlier. The construction limits the east side span height, the west side's is 45' and even a 'dinky' 35' boat would have a mast taller than 45'. I gotta say, as a sailor and driver who has long been frustrated by the 520 bridge, whoever designed that drawbridge should be shot. It is the slowest and most fraught span to open and close in the region, and once it actually killed someone. It's a terrible design, and rather than blame the boater for doing something, possibly for their first time ever, that they have every legal right to do, returning their boat to its berth, blame the engineers who designed a bridge where this inconvenience would be lengthy and commonplace. Also, consider the vessel traffic as the bridges of the future get built. I'm looking at you, Montlake.
Jul 31, 2013 roddy commented on Police Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Their Photo Last Night.
Have at it, Dominic. This silly alpha-male territoriality so common in interactions with police is counterproductive. It seems only fair that if there are cameras in parks and transit centers for public safety, the public should be able to do the same thing and point their cameras at our public safety officers engaging in the lawful and proper completion of their work.

Besides, if something illegal was actually going down against the officers in question, your camera could have been the one that could have documented proper police procedure and provided the evidence needed to convict. The police should be welcoming cameras everywhere and at all times.
Jul 31, 2013 roddy commented on City Council Candidate Kshama Sawant Arrested Defending Homeowner from Eviction.
So much for running as the 'law and order' candidate.
Jul 30, 2013 roddy commented on Excuse Me While I Barf, Council Member Burgess.
The city spends over $60/resident for homeless housing. Just curious, but how much does, say, Mercer Island or Bellevue pay per resident?
Jul 25, 2013 roddy commented on Ed Murray's Big Fundraiser.
@12 As someone who founded the campaign for marriage last year I had access to the polling. It was by no means clear that Washington was ready to approve at the ballot box. Given that marriage had failed on the ballot over 30 times before, passing the bill incurred real, and significant risk for the movement if a referendum failed. It took a herculean effort to pull the coalition together, to set the campaign in motion and raise the $12+ million to pass it. Piss all you like on the effort, but as you piss on Murray's leadership in the effort, you splatter on the combined efforts of thousands who worked hard to make marriage equality a reality in Washington.
Jul 25, 2013 roddy commented on Bankrupt Detroit Approves $284 Million in Taxpayer Money Toward New NHL Arena.
Can I have taxpayer financing for my favorite sport, too? I'm an avid sailboat racer. Sailboat racing brings millions of dollars into the local economy and attracts participants from all walks of life. Can I get a taxpayer guaranteed loan for my next Spinnaker?
Jul 23, 2013 roddy commented on Why I'm Not Voting for Ed Murray.
If you take off your tin-foil hat long enough, you might have noticed that the incumbent mayor has managed to alienate nearly every possible ally along the way, including many of you at the Stranger. The only reason I can think of for you to continue to support him is that his vitriolic, bone-headed leadership style makes for good copy.

Blaming Murray for the dysfunctional Senate is like blaming Obama for the dysfunctional Congress. The real culprit for the Senate is Rodney Tom who mislead the voters of his district and his colleagues. Your blaming Murray just lets Tom off the hook.

I must say I'm personally offended at your assertion that Washington merely rode atop a national wave of marriage equality. As a founder of the collation, I can tell you first hand that if it wasn't for Murray's leadership the campaign for marriage would never have been formed. You only need to look south to Oregon and California to see the contrast. No marriage equality down there. The difference? They didn't have someone like Ed Murray to build the coalitions, either amongst their stake holders or within their legislative bodies. True, he didn't do it alone. But it took leadership to put it together. Ed's leadership. The marriage coalition included faith communities (including Catholics!), labor, businesses, and even many Republicans. Waves don't just happen. Waves are built. Do you really think a Mike McGinn could have pulled together that many supporters from all walks of life for something as game-changing as marriage equality?

So, throw all the hissy fits you like. Murray's leadership ability is real. The city faces many challenges and it will take a leader that knows the meaning of governing majority and building coalitions to get things done.

Lastly, Murray has never shown any interest in DC. To suggest that is grossly mischaracterization. But, apparently, you know mischaracterizations.
Jul 13, 2013 roddy commented on Seattle Times Endorses Ed Murray.
@32 I'm an unabashed and avid supporter of Murray, but I don't work for the campaign, for what it is worth. I will admit to being part of the establishment--the part of the establishment that founded the campaign for marriage.