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Jun 25 carnivorous chicken commented on Sean Hannity's Logic: Ban Confederate Flags? Then Ban Rap Music! (WHAT?).
What the fuck is the "h word"? "Hell yeah"? "Hell"? "Hooker"? I am hoping it is Hannity thinking that all those records say "honky". Hannity is a fucking honky.
Jun 13 carnivorous chicken commented on Slog Poll: Are Shell's Attractivists Hotter Than Greenpeace's?.
Sorry, but you're not an activist or an "attractivist" if you're a corporate shill -- spokesmodel at best.
Jun 9 carnivorous chicken commented on To Nude, or Not to Nude?.
Denny Blaine has for decades been somewhat clothing optional, depending on if the fuzz is cracking down or not.
Jun 9 carnivorous chicken commented on Does Chris Christie Want to Invade China?.
Let's not forget two very important facts missing from this (likely in the Reuters article, I am assuming). First, the Spratlys and other regions in the nine dotted line region are rich in natural gas, and there's a lot on the line in terms of fishing rights and other natural resources. Second, just about every littoral state in the South China Sea has disputes with China over their claims, not just Japan. The US should be using this to leverage diplomatic support from ASEAN states -- well, it is, to some degree. But it's not a US-vs-China-with-Japan-thrown-in kind of thing...
May 10 carnivorous chicken commented on This Week In Music In Memorandum: Errol Brown.
You been smoking that hippie dirt weed again? I think you mean "memoriam" not "memorandum" and unless I missed it I'm pretty sure Apple didn't release a 45-inch record. Unless they were smoking that hippie dirt weed too.
Apr 23 carnivorous chicken commented on Bobby Jindal Seeks Corporate Support for Gay Jim Crow Law.
Weak. If you want to create a neologism, do it the same way santorum came to be: ask for submissions, have a vote on the best.
Apr 23 carnivorous chicken commented on New WaPo/ABCNews Poll: Support for Same-Sex Marriage at Record High.
Anyone catch Bobby Jindall's rant in the NYT today? It's extremist liberals and Hollywood that are setting the agenda. Dude just shot himself in the foot (again).
Apr 2 carnivorous chicken commented on Live Tonight - The Sonics: If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old.
If it's not loud enough, you're too young!
Mar 30 carnivorous chicken commented on An Extremely Attractive Group of Greenpeace Activists Is Stalking Shell Oil Rigs Across the Pacific Ocean.
While their attractiveness is obviously subjective and debatable, I would like to see the butt ugly activists get some press too. This is total bullshit.
Mar 17 carnivorous chicken commented on Are There Bands You Once Loved But You Can't Listen to Now?.
Geezus, I hate to be a total dick but with all of this shitty taste in music I'm not surprised so many people dislike that cheesy shit years later.