Feb 4 bigyaz commented on An Anonymous Website Is Asking for Amazon Employees' Horror Stories.
Plenty of stories can be found from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc., about a tough corporate culture, demanding long hours, on-call weekends and worse. Some people thrive in it and stay; others don't and leave (I know I would hate it).

People are being paid well and getting good benefits, and there is a steady stream of people eager to work there.

Does anyone really think "wide-ranging legislative action" is a good idea? How can Sydney let that one just slide by without comment?

Jan 8 bigyaz commented on King County's "Unprecedented" Prostitution Sting Has Shut Down a Popular Vetting Tool for Sex Workers.
Those who simplistically think that legalizing prostitution will solve the problem of sex trafficking haven't done even the minimal amount of research. Because it's clearly not true, and there is plenty of real-world evidence to prove it.
Dec 15, 2015 bigyaz commented on The Seahawks Are the Best and Funnest Team Again, So That's Cool.
Yes the Seahawks have a tougher schedule. But they have pretty much only beaten the weak teams on that schedule: 49ers (twice), Cowboys, Ravens, Bears, Lions.

They have put some things together, but they still have a lot to prove.
Dec 3, 2015 bigyaz commented on How Politicians Who’ve Been Funded by the NRA Re$ponded to the Shooting in San Bernadino.
It's San Bernardino. What, it hasn't been in the news enough for you to spell it correctly?
Dec 2, 2015 bigyaz commented on Crosscut Is Merging with KCTS 9, Promises There Will Be No Layoffs.
Merger is a bit of corporate-speak that Slog is lapping up. Crosscut is being gobbled up.
Nov 9, 2015 bigyaz commented on Some Local Journalists Think the Anonymous Protest Yesterday Was Really Scary.
The Times tweet was simply an update for those who don't want to get caught in traffic. But that wouldn't fit your narrative, of course.

And we know you're humorless, Ansel, but that little jab about the masks coming from Amazon was amusing.
Sep 24, 2015 bigyaz commented on UPDATE: Central Seattle Blood Donation Center is Fully Booked for Today and Tomorrow. 206.292.6500 to Schedule Monday.
It would be terrific if those donating were to become regular donors rather than waiting for a disaster to happen. But in any case thanks to all of you.
Sep 18, 2015 bigyaz commented on An Old Driver Hit a Pedestrian at a Belltown Crosswalk.
Senior drivers, on the other hand, almost never text or look at their phone while driving, don't speed up to make it through a yellow light, drive at night (by far the most dangerous time to be on the road) far less often and are far less likely to exceed the speed limit. All that far offsets their slower reaction times.
Sep 3, 2015 bigyaz commented on Olympia Police Officer Who Shot Two Black Men Won't Face Charges.
So if I bash you over the head with a baseball bat I can say I was "unarmed"???
Sep 2, 2015 bigyaz commented on Here's How to Help Washington Wildfire Victims on the Front Lines of Climate Change.
Climate change is decidedly real, but attributing these fires to it is akin to denying its existence because the Northeast got buried by record snowfalls last winter. It grossly oversimplifies the science and makes you look naive.