Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Apr 3 bigyaz commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Want a Bag of Onions? You Better Ax Somebody.
@3: Yes, that would be an excellent use of police resources.
Apr 1 bigyaz commented on Seattle, It's Time to Retire the Phrase "Asian Fusion".
What evidence do we have that this phrase -- which I never hear or see advertised these days -- is suddenly becoming a thing again? Only this: "...which I've heard in various incarnations..."

Nice job: Create a hook for a non-existent trend and then spend 2,000 words blowing it up. You definitely have a future here.
Mar 30 bigyaz commented on Lynn Shelton's New Project Is Set in Seattle. She Can't Shoot It Here..
Substitute sports stadiums in the above post. What's the difference? Oh yeah, Charles LOVES film. How hypocritical.
Mar 27 bigyaz commented on Why We Must Learn to Love Potholes.
If Charles rode the bus or bicycled he might have a less self-centered perspective on this.
Mar 26 bigyaz commented on Seattle Driver Blocking Bicycle Lane to Cyclist: "I Literally Don't Give a Fuck About Anything You Say".
Those posting here recommending keying cars or letting air out of tires are far bigger assholes than she is -- and she's a major asshole for sure.
Mar 26 bigyaz commented on Pre-Season Mariners Expectations Crest with Sports Illustrated Cover, Will Certainly Not Blow Up in Our Faces.
It's only a 25% jinx, since it was only one of four regional covers SI produced for this issue.
Mar 23 bigyaz commented on One Year After the Oso Slide.
@6: Seriously? That's the best you've got?
Mar 23 bigyaz commented on Leaked Audio: Port Commissioner Bill Bryant Mocks Seattleites and Reveals More About Arctic Drilling Rig Deal.
"Mocks Seattlites"??? That's the best you can come up with for outrage?
Mar 23 bigyaz commented on One Year After the Oso Slide.
@4: Came to say exactly this. So exploitative.
Mar 22 bigyaz commented on Why Won't You Accept My Ello Invite?.
Slog writers were touching themselves in excitement when Ello launched, asserting it would quickly wipe that evil Facebook off the interwebs.

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