Apr 29 gromm commented on The Return of Youth Pastor Watch.
Don't forget! These are the guys that were actually *convicted*. Considering what rape statistics are like (about what, 20% of rape trials result in convictions? And the number of rapes grossly exceeds the number of charges), it's likely a vanishingly small fraction of the number of actual rapes by youth pastors.

If that thought doesn't make you throw up in your mouth, you have no soul.
Apr 19 gromm commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Girthless And Mirthless.
Thanks Dan, this advice was spot on. Yes, size does matter, and it matters for different reasons to different people.

Personally, I like big dicks. There's a limit of course, but still, there it is I personally think that 8 or 9 inches is just perfect.. And I've been with people (women mostly) who think that my 7" is way too big for them. And I'm all like "Whaaa?" I've also been with women who think I'm exactly perfect for them (my wife included). Any longer or thicker, and she's just "no way, uh uh". She physically can't take my biggest sex toys, even vaginally.

So there you go people. More fuel for the debate.
Apr 16 gromm commented on Savage Love.
"Forgive me for being harsh, PART, but I think standing up to your wife, not dropping your friend, is the best approach to this situation."

Haven't been married to someone who's the slightest bit jealous, eh Dan?

While it may be true that he might be well rid of someone so insecure and jealous, he also has to weigh the distinct possibility that this will first, make matters worse, and second, soon be without a wife. The guy didn't say anything about any other details about his marriage. It's quite possibly the least bad option to *not* fuck it up.
Apr 8 gromm commented on Bigots Blow Up KOMO News Facebook Page.
Also, never read the comments section in any mainstream media outlet. American local news (not national, I mean) is about 20x worse in this regard too, because their local news is basically just troll bait.
Apr 8 gromm commented on Bigots Blow Up KOMO News Facebook Page.
Quick reminder: the haters and bigots live largely outside of the city. *Any* city. Why? Because in a town of 5,000, there's too few people who are different from them. Everyone tries to fit into that tiny culture. There are no sub-cultures. So the ones who totally belong there, feel confident in their belief that everyone is like them.

And then they start to get loud. Especially online.
Mar 17 gromm commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Open Couple May Lose Close-Minded Friend.
@6 "Casual is better, fucking friends is bad news for the marriage."

Don't tell my wife that then, because we've been fucking our friends for about, oh, 15 years now. But maybe being married for 15 years is bad news for the marriage too?
Feb 9 gromm commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Knows She's Bi Now—But Does Anyone Else Need To Know?.
I totally agree with what Dan has to say here, but as an out bi dude, there's a bit of a hitch.

"The socially monogamous, bi, married-to-a-dude lady opens her mouth and says, "I'm bisexual," as often as circumstances allow/demand"

You'd be stunned how little that happens. What you don't understand as an out gay man, is the way that you normally come out to strangers. Just think how you normally do it:

"Hi, I'm Dan, and this is my husband Terry".

Then you just kind of let them assume that you're both gay. I see it happen all the time actually, at parties and other social gatherings. Queers very rarely say "Oh hi, I'm gay, by the way." That's just socially awkward when it *does* happen anyway. Culturally, we don't really have any other way of declaring our sexuality in mixed company.

Being bi and married to someone of the opposite sex (or really, to any one person), I can't do that. If someone's sexuality comes up in conversation, then sure I try to wedge it in there, but it comes up so infrequently in straight circles. Work is especially hard for an out bi guy to come out without brining up actual sex and that "oh yeah, I've got a girlfriend and a boyfriend on the side and we all got together on the weekend and had a really good time."

Which is, um, yeah. More than a little much.
Feb 7 gromm commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Tall Order.
I don't get it. What they're technically asking for, is a three-way relationship with this girl and what basically amounts to her very close friend.

So she wants a relationship with a boy and she wants to keep her friends.

This is weird how? Oh yeah, because she wants to make it weird. She can just hang out with people, with her friend in tow, and let it happen naturally. Oh. Shit. I just realized. Everyone dates on the internet these days (and how that basically amounts to you posting a laundry list of specific things you want in a mate), in spite of a whole generation of people figuring out what I found out 20 years ago, that dating and meeting people in person works way the fuck better. In spite of the fact that I'm a huge geek and I do everything on the internet.
Jan 15 gromm commented on New York Daily News to Ted Cruz: Go Back to Canada.
Trump: And I have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that Ted made.

Awwww, did widdle Twump get a boo-boo on his bum? Whatever happened to your lack of concern for people's feewwings, hmmm? Who's a big baby now?
Jan 13 gromm commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Same Old Question, Different Kind of Response.
Actually, I think the guy in letter 1 sucks balls at sex, and his girlfriend just doesn't feel aroused by that.