I just like weasels.

ferret is fighting the demons of chlorine.
Sep 7 ferret commented on EOD: Would You Move to Humptulips? What About Bacon? We Could Move to Bacon.
Oh come on! Omak! is not on the list, the greatest town name in Washington State.

Dike Access Road is not named either, (in Southern Washington off I-5 near Kalama)
Sep 7 ferret commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
@8 any state can be in play, but the only reason the main Presidential Candidates will come to Washington State is to raise money for ads in the battleground states..

However, vote, it is important, not just for President but for all the other political offices on the ballots besides initiatives..
Sep 7 ferret commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
@1 "I'm going to vote my conscience this election and give my vote to the candidates that best suit my values."

Well, if you want Robert Borks and Anthony Scalias on the Supreme Court, besides an Administration that will send $14 billion in cash to another country from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York in a panic move, by all means vote your conscience..

541 votes was the difference between having a President in 2000 who wouldn't start the Iraq War, put bozos on the Supreme Court, and actually try to address Climate Change/AGW.

You don't have to vote with your gun to your head, but you have to use critical thinking to vote for the best candidate to have a chance in winning, plus a winning coalition to control at least one wing of Congress..

Sep 6 ferret commented on Phyllis Schlafly.
As much as I should just write RIP and say a Kaddish to the Dead, I do hope she has a long time out in Purgatory and perhaps Limbo, besides she has to watch her gay/Homocon son taking on the entire USC Football team in an orgy, like Clara Bow.

Sep 2 ferret commented on Surprise! Trump Flip-Flops on Immigration in Arizona Speech.
I wish people would stop with Trump's "Wall" idiocy, and look at something even scarier that he wants to do. Trump has threatened an all out Trade War with Mexico, even though it will be against NAFTA and GATT. Trump wants to pay for wall with sanctions against Mexico, hence this is how in Trump's eyes and duplicity Mexico will "pay" for the wall.

So Trump in his recklessness, wants to pay for an idiotic wall that won't work, wreck the US economy in order to pay for it, and put the US in a severe recession or depression, when he withdraws from GATT, plus he has threatened a trade war (or an all out war) against China.

I can't believe any Hedge Fund manager if supports Donald J. Trump, because they worried about their tax rate, or worried about losing their carried interest status, when the US Stock Markets may lose 10-30 percent of their total value, if Trump implements his Don Quixote trade war crusades.

Basically, Trump wants to wreck the US economy in order to pay for his megalomania project. Oh besides imprisoning and deporting millions of people that would create a humanitarian disaster..
Aug 30 ferret commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.

I thought this is pretty good article on the phenomenon/sexual harassment on line issue..
Aug 30 ferret commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.
@65 "If this man has some sort of mental disease, then a great percentage of the male population is also suffering from it."

No. I am far from condoning unsolicited dick pics, but there are different circumstances in some of the dick pics sent, mainly by younger males looking for a hook up, than what Anthony Weiner had done. I feel there is a difference, even if they are all revolting..

If a male sends a dick pick and gets punishment like losing his job, jeopardizing his marriage, and continues to do this plus makes them more shocking, there is something besides lusts that is fueling this behavior..

We are getting a new generation that has grown up online their entire lives. I think the similarities of those males who sent unsolicited dick pics and Anthony Weiner's actions, both have serious issues in how they interact with others, especially with women. What separates Weiner from many dick pic takers, is that Weiner continues his self destructive behavior, even though he knows it is self destructive.

I highly doubt this recent episode of Weiner's sexting is his only incidence. He probably has numerous sexting partners. The guy cannot control himself even though he knew it could destroy his marriage and any of his media gigs..

Not all the males who do dick pics have a highly probably mental illness as Anthony Weiner. They would if they continue the same pattern as Weiner, if continue sending unsolicited dick pics,even losing their job, getting criminal prosecuted, having trouble maintaining relationships. I do think majority of idiots who send unsolicited dick pics to women can change their behavior, those who cannot probably have the same paraphilia that Weiner most likely has been diagnosed to be suffering from..
Aug 30 ferret commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.
@63. This is little bit more than passing moral judgment on Weiner... Yes, he is dumb and impulsive, but I think given his self destructive action, this is more of a serious compulsion than a conscious decision.

What Weiner most likely has is a serious medical condition, he should be treated and looked at his problem as a medical issue. It could be labeled as a mental illness. Exhibitionists have a very high recidivism rate. Much like Pedophilia, it can be treated, but it isn't curable.

As much as Weiner's photo of his crotch with his child nearby, is disturbing, his sending unsolicited photos of his crotch and body to young women on Twitter and other avenues is just as much as disturbing. Weiner is not having a mid life crisis, Weiner has a serious problem in relating to people. As I mentioned he probably has something that falls into the Courtship disorder. He has difficulty relating to people. He either gets arousal from the shock people get with his photos, or believes his arousal is reciprocated when he sends unsolicited photos or photos with his son and his crotch in them..

Weiner wrecked his career because of his exhibitionism, any little chance he had for his race for the mayor of New York was lost with his other texting/sexting episode. He pretty much wreck his marriage because of his paraphilia. This isn't about being a dumbass, but signs of a pretty serious mental health issue..
Aug 30 ferret commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.
@55 "Did he make that joke? I thought he said "someone just climbed onto my bed"- not that he was sleeping with him."

The point, in my opinion, is to get another crotch shot with a new twist, the child is in the background of the picture, while the emphasis is on Weiner's genitalia. To most people, including me, the photo is really disturbing, and it is actually difficult to see. Weiner's emphasis was to shock, as anyone with an exhibitionistic paraphilia. The guy has a very serious problem, maybe a very serious mental illness, (as is Pedophlia)

Whether Americans are prude or not, (I see my fellow Americans as more crass, and self righteous on sex and reproductive health) is kind of immaterial for Weiner's problems. Weiner's intent is to get aroused by shocking someone, thinking they will get turned on or at least shocked and disgusted, which would arouse him as well. The guy needs help. His paraphilia has destroyed his life and his career.
Aug 30 ferret commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.
@42 "That's weird, problematic, icky, a libido killer, all those things. If she had been the child's mom, I could see that it could be interpreted as "ha ha, look what parenting has done to our sex life- I'm texting you and our child interferes"

This is the reason why Weiner has to be intense therapy or he has to be treated with a mental health disorder. Much like pedophiles are romantically attracted to children and believe the feelings are reciprocated, exhibitionists or those with exhibitionistic disorders, believe their shocking behavior (photo with child with a crotch shot) is mutual with the recipient. It is a courtship disorder. The person with the paraphilia doesn't realize how behaviorally wrong is his or her actions..

Even if Weiner didn't take the photo with his child, he has done so many disturbing things before this with his paraphilia, (mainly sending these type of photos to non consenting adults, except one, Andrew Breitbart) He needed to be intense therapy after his first public shaming.

Look, I don't see Weiner's paraphilia as curable, I see it as treatable. He should have very strict rule and time restraints on his internet usage. He should basically have filters on his computer and smart phone. He needs to take some powerful anti depressants to help with this serious behavioral and mental health issue. The guy wreck his career, his marriage and his relationship with his child, I don't know how much more self destructive can he be right now..