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Apr 14 ferret commented on "I'm Not Lying": One of Mayor Murray's Alleged Victims Tells His Story.
You are going places Sydney. This is very good reporting, a really good piece..
Apr 13 ferret commented on The Attorney for Ed Murray's Accuser Wants to Depose Murray On The Mayor's Birthday.
@19 There was either a criminal complaint or an investigation was undertaken on Simpson's accusation in the 1980s. It is not about proving or disproving the accuser, it is about evidence to take a complaint forward whether for criminal prosecution or a civil lawsuit. Both legal avenues show that the evidence is mainly just allegations, whether they are true or not, they have to be proven.

If D.H is solely thinking that his lawsuit will go forward with what is publicly available or what file another brief with specific detail of sexual abuse by Murray. There has to be some strong evidence that Murray had sex/statutory rape with D.H when he was underage, the case will probably be dismissed.
Apr 13 ferret commented on The Attorney for Ed Murray's Accuser Wants to Depose Murray On The Mayor's Birthday.

To me, the case boils down to Section II, Number 7 on page 3. D.H's lawyers want to depose Murray without revealing his name, or reveal too much of the allegations are revealed.

Whether the assignations happened when D.H was 15 years old or not, there has to be some strong evidence that Murray had a sexual relationship with D.H /and or Murray statutory raped D.H.. Right now, they are allegations, sensational allegations, but allegations no less.

I also feel that if D.H were not doing this for political reasons, he would be suing all his clients, plus his drug dealers from this time period.

This is hardly libel. It is a lawsuit that was filed in County Court, Ed Murray is a public official who's position gives him little protection for a defamation tort.
Apr 12 ferret commented on The Attorney for Ed Murray's Accuser Wants to Depose Murray On The Mayor's Birthday.
@9 "There are multiple accusers. The accounts of Simpson and Anderson or even DH cannot be discounted"

There are three accusers, two of the accusers have had their lawsuits dismissed, or their case fell apart before filing their lawsuit. Simpsons accusations were investigated in the mid 1980s in Portland, and no charges were filed.

The accounts can be discounted. If you read the complaint filed by D.H and his attorneys, it seems like a weak case. The details are Murray's former phone number, his apartment and an alleged mole on his genitalia. There is nothing about detailed abuse, or something that Murray did to keep D.H on drugs or continue to be a prostitute.

The lawsuits kind of leans that the purpose is to get to depose Murray, so it can asked a wide array of questions about his sexual history. There is really not much about Murray abusing D.H, except if Murray knew D.H was underage for consensual sex, which could be the only merits of the case..

If D.H were doing to right past wrongs and not doing this for political reasons, (or most likely the law firm is pretty much using him), he should be suing all his clients, and demanding some sort of punitive damages. It is vague what is exactly D.H is asking for, or what specific abuse that Ed Murray did to him.

A possible reason what the Seattle Times is asking Murray to leave the race, is that they have some other stuff they haven't published yet. From the stuff that is out there, Murray shouldn't be too worried, this lawsuit is weak. The accusations are sensational, but the details and what exactly the damage that Murray caused to D.H is weak. D.H needs to show letters, receipts and strong corroborating witnesses to have his case to move forward in legal proceedings..
Apr 7 ferret commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: After 15 Years, Her Husband Still Looks Like A Child & She's Not Into It.
@125 "Obviously no one bothered to click on the link"…

Yes, I did read it, and this is the quote that stuck..

"Wing ( Dr.Rena Wing,) says that she agrees that physiological changes probably do occur that make permanent weight loss difficult, but she says the larger problem is environmental, and that people struggle to keep weight off because they are surrounded by food, inundated with food messages and constantly presented with opportunities to eat. "

People can lose weight if they are having only 500 calorie Opti fast diets. Much like Contestants at the "Biggest Loser" tend to lose weight by exercising constantly and eating asparagus and jello..

The key is eating a healthy well balance diet. People like to look at the French, with their diet with lots of cream, eggs and cheese, and why 34% of the population is not obese like in the US. Do they have different genetics? No. One reason is that Americans are renown snackers, besides very large portion sizes at meals. The French are not known as snackers and their meals may have rich and fattening dishes, they are not as large portion size..

I just read a book called "Eggs or Anarchy" about rationing in the UK during Second World War, and the key was nutritional requirements with Britain under blockade, especially for children and pregnant and lactating women. One doesn't see obesity epidemics popping up during this time.

There is a difference between overweight and obese, both are unhealthy, but those who are obese have to confront their problem, without throwing in the towel, or feel attacked if people and especially medical professionals are stating they need to lose weight. Anyone who is obese, has to make an effort to try to lose weight.. That is 34-35% of all Americans..

Apr 7 ferret commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: After 15 Years, Her Husband Still Looks Like A Child & She's Not Into It.
@121 "saying that 99% of the people who are fat could be cured if they wanted to be"..

First, there is overweight, and then there is obese to morbidly obese. There is no cure as much as there is perseverance. The big problem is maintaining healthy eating habits and maintaining one's weight..

Anyone who is obese to morbidly obese, and I will put out some explosive in this mix, someone like Lindy West, should seriously work on losing that weight. It is not good for a person to run out of breath by walking up a flight of stairs, nor they are limited in what activities they want to do, because of their obesity to morbid obesity.

It is a medical problem if someone is obese to morbidly obese, they are running the risk of numerous health problems, like hypertension which begets other health problems like renal failure. It is not the same as sexual identity..

I understand that obese to morbidly obese people are discriminated, and those who are obese to morbidly obese are stereotype as lazy slobs. However, they have a serious medical problem, they have to address. They can't do what Fat Acceptance activists like Kate Harding and Lindy West have done, be in complete denial that obesity can cause serious health problems..

One can argue that long term cigarette smokers don't have a choice, they are addicted to very powerful drug: nicotine. It is very difficult to stop this addiction, and in many ways it isn't a choice given the strength and withdrawal symptoms of nicotine..

However, for obesity and morbid obesity, one has to change one's lifestyle to lose weight. It can be done. The most important part is change of diet, and eating properly. Going to a dietician helps.

My interest is people maintaining healthy eating habits. If a person maintains healthy eating habits, exercises regularly, they stop being obese and morbidly obese. Whether it is a choice or not, we are all homo sapiens who have pretty similar physiology, that uses ADP and ATP for cell metabolism.. Obese to morbid obese people are not a different sub species of homo sapiens, that somehow can't metabolize nutrients..

People can make a choice in losing weight. The difficult part is perseverance, and it is not a short term project, but a lifetime project..
Apr 7 ferret commented on Seattle Times: Kent Man Files Lawsuit Accusing Mayor Ed Murray of Raping Him as a Teenager.
@65 I read the complaint. It is really not much there. I like how some of the lawsuit is savoring to get Murray deposed so it can asked him, "Have you ever been with an underage boy?".

If lawsuit is going to have any traction, phone conversations, letters, financial transactions, eyewitness corroboration has to be shown in discovery, and the filings by the plaintiffs have to be very good. The Defendant is not going to be known as "D.H" for long.

Yeah it is juicy allegations, but if the plaintiff is not doing for any political reasons, why isn't he suing his other clients? Given they probably gave him as much trauma as he alleges Ed Murray caused trauma to him (D.H)
Apr 7 ferret commented on So What the Fuck Happens Now?.
First, these are allegations and anyone can file a lawsuit. The last thing that Ed Murray should do is resign his job as mayor from this filing, no matter if the allegations are true or not. If there is no other information that comes out, like who is exactly "D.H", and some prima facie evidence that Murray and D.H did know each other, the lawsuit most likely be dismissed.

Ed Murray has lots of defense strategies and can get the lawsuit thrown before the discovery phase. Right now, I just see this lawsuit as similar to the lawsuit filed against Donald Trump and Geoffrey Epstein last summer, juicy allegations, but not much on corroborating evidence.
Apr 7 ferret commented on Seattle Times: Kent Man Files Lawsuit Accusing Mayor Ed Murray of Raping Him as a Teenager.
@51 I think you have a reading comprehension problem...

From the Seattle Times Article..

"D.H. said he is taking action now, in part, because his father’s recent death has freed him of a desire to keep the abuse secret."

"He (D.H) said his parents were crack addicts and died of drug overdoses. For years, he said, he has struggled with shame over the alleged abuse."

I wasn't discounting the story, just showing discrepancies in the reporting. I also read the complaint, which seemed more on sermonizing than an actual lawsuit.

For the lawsuit to go forward, D.H has to show more than memory of Ed Murray's former phone number and his distinct genitals. He has to show some proof of that they had some sort of interactions, like financial transactions..

If I want to victim blame, I would focus on his prostitution arrest and criminal record. I am looking on how this case would go through the court system. It probably will not unless there is more evidence of physical and sexual assault, whether when the plaintiff was 15 years old or afterwards, when he was of legal age to have a consensual relationship.

The lawsuit sounds very "Courage to Heal"-ish...
Apr 6 ferret commented on Seattle Times: Kent Man Files Lawsuit Accusing Mayor Ed Murray of Raping Him as a Teenager.
Let's say the allegations in the lawsuit are true for argument's sake. There has to be a record of interactions between Murray and D.H. There should be phone records, canceled checks, some sort of payments, like money orders, any sort of financial records..

There also should be corroborating witnesses. If they met over 50 times, surely it didn't happened in a vacuum, people should had known, or saw interaction.

Now if there was pressure to rape as D.H has accused Murray, there should be some medical records, no matter if D.H was a homeless teen/drug addict.

The allegations are juicy, but the overall evidence is weak, unless they have some strong corroborating evidence, I think the lawsuit will be dismissed. D.H has to show some pretty strong evidence that he even met Murray. His allegations that he is clean and come to terms with what happened, is kind of sketchy, given he has also stated his parents were drug addicts and literally abandoned him, but he didn't file the lawsuit until his father, (maybe a foster father or adoptive father) passed away..

The Seattle Times Article seemed to delve more on the previous allegations, which are sensational, but they seemed with not much merit. Anyway for this lawsuit to move forward, whether it is true or not, there has to be some strong corroborating evidence, especially that Murray caused physical harm to D.H...