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Jun 6, 2014 MemeGene commented on Hugs, Tears, Grief, and Sighs of Relief at Seattle Pacific University.
Thank you for sharing the stories of heroism from people who were able to act to help others.
Apr 28, 2014 MemeGene commented on Parents Call Police on Kids Giving Sherman Alexie's Book Away at a Book Giveaway.
Does anyone know of similar situations in other states where a copy could be donated? I want to buy and send one of his books somewhere just to stick it to the Censoring Man.
Apr 28, 2014 MemeGene commented on I Love Everything About You Except for Everything About You.
@11 - maybe he sent it to the wrong girlfriend?
Apr 26, 2014 MemeGene commented on The Saturday Morning News.
"He belongs in the heap of child molesters in my book." - that actually sounds like an interesting mystery-thriller:

A Heap of Child Molesters: the Sins of Keynes and His Ilk
Apr 24, 2014 MemeGene commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Ronald McDonald's New Makeover?.
@13: interesting. I hadn't realized that the Japanese changed his name to "Donald McDonald."
Apr 21, 2014 MemeGene commented on Punished for the Crime of Being Female on the Internet.
Regarding the use of "female" vs. "woman": I've seen many of my students doing this, and after some reflection, I think that there is a discomfort with the old-ness implications of "man" and "woman" that make many in the younger generation uncomfortable with those words (it makes them feel like their parents). There is a general trend towards neoteny - appearing or acting more young - and so I think that the use of "female" and "male" is an attempt to be more precise and neutral in terms of gendering - "woman" can carry very strongly gendered assumptions that many aren't actually comfortable with.

It may indicate that we need another word - a noun version of "feminine" and "masculine" - that doesn't make one feel old but that also acknowledges the gendered angle.

(I come from biomedical studies, so I use "female" and "male" often in context of reproduction and gametes, as do many of my colleagues, so it was a surprise to hear it's considered insulting in other contexts)
Apr 17, 2014 MemeGene commented on Conservative Gun Nuts Proudly Defend Rights of Man to Use Federal Land Without Paying.
I'm trying to imagine a bunch of Black men holed up with guns in that situation, and it doesn't end any way but in a massive blood bath. Doesn't matter that they put their wimmenz up in front to get gunned down first.

As to the bigger issue, see: Tragedy of the Commons.
Apr 10, 2014 MemeGene commented on The Morning News: Peacekeeping in Africa, Sriracha Problems, and Where's the 911?.
Is this a new ultimatum against the Sriracha factory? Like they're REALLY serious this time?

Oh, and the Nigerian bride should be Next Top Chef ... for great justice.
Apr 9, 2014 MemeGene commented on Eighty-Six Sixty Nine!.
@7 (maddy811): Could you give me a title or author, please? That is actually an interesting topic in my field of study, and I'd love to read the original article for my own edification. There is a lot of that rejection of technology because it supposedly objectifies women, and I'm trying to find better ways to frame those discussions in a less binary fashion. Thanks!
Apr 9, 2014 MemeGene commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pretty Little Hippie.
When people announce things like, "I have so much love/sensuality so share!" as an excuse to go after other people's dates, I want to show that I have so many bitchslaps to share.

Total power-tripper, loves being able to impose himself in situations where he has power over others. Spot on, Dan.