second cloudiest town in US- Rochester, NY
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BrotherBob is tryimg tp get past this silly profile and post a comment .
Jan 17, 2014 BrotherBob commented on A Douche In the Life.
I am an old geezer. I want the car and the skinny body. I'll leave the rest
Dec 1, 2013 BrotherBob commented on Rush Limbaugh No Longer Cutting the Pope Any Slack.
And we don't want befuddled gas bags wandering around NYC. They might wander into Wall Street and get hurt...
Sep 7, 2013 BrotherBob commented on Rural Island Community Rallies to Support Gay Bakery Owners.
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. I am sorry the Bakers were so polite that they took down the Freedom Flag for even a day so as not to offend the anonymous "other eastsound business person and his anonymous triangulating friends. A menorah in every window and a freedom flag on every flagpole and the REAL american spirit in every heart. That is Eden!
Aug 31, 2013 BrotherBob commented on Completely Heterosexual Rightwing Talk Show Host Thinks Long and Hard About My Butt, Plans to Send Me a Sex Toy for My Birthday, Calls Me a Faggot.
what a vicious queen! Interesting that he knows about anal play. I am sorry he has breath.
Jul 24, 2013 BrotherBob commented on If Kids Got Raped at Denny's As Often As They Get Raped At Church....
The Cooch hasn't gotten around to protecting children from molestation by pastors yet. he's still working on protecting children from the b.j. happening behind closed doors across town!
Jul 23, 2013 BrotherBob commented on Heartbreaking: Dying Gay Man Flies to Maryland to Marry His Partner of Twenty Years.
Thank you, Seattle Blues, for your openness and forthrightness. I much prefer your methods to the "I don't want to use the government to forward an issue," or "I think the government should not get involved" refusal with no ownership I have been exposed to here in Rochester over not being able to fly the rainbow flag at County Hall for Pride Day. If you should ever ask for me or my brothers and sisters to sell you any merchandise, spray water on your burning home or remove a tumor from your brain, I hope that you will understand our reluctance to disturb your God Given destiny.And your right to live your life without outside interference.
Jul 13, 2013 BrotherBob commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Secret to Making Monogamy Work (And Some Bonus TMI).
Never mind H.A.R.D.O.N., dan. I have decided that I want to change your monogamish marriage into a polyish one. When can I move in, 'cause I am fuckin' in Luuuuv witchoo!
Jun 10, 2013 BrotherBob commented on Youth Pastor Watch.
Part and parcel with the claim that the Tea Party/ Republican slide in the polls has nothing to do with their dissing of women, gays, Latinos and other "nieblancs"
May 13, 2013 BrotherBob commented on Watch Minnesota Senate Vote on Marriage Equality Bill.
Montana will have to take her. She will be the celebrity refugee there. Canada would send her back.
Apr 30, 2013 BrotherBob commented on What He Said: Frank Bruni On Jason Collins and When Gay People Will Shut Up About Being Gay.
When I am not pointed at by people with power, when my fellow citizens stand up and tell a bigot to shut up, when little boys don't automatically know that there is something wrong with them, then I will shut up. Jesus, do I have to change my last name to Joad to make people see???