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Nov 3, 2016 westello commented on Seattle High School Teacher Gets a “Teaching Moment” After Wearing Blackface.
He did this for 18 years and not a single administrator said "Stop it?" I have no words.
Oct 26, 2016 westello commented on The Morning News: New NBA Arena Plans, Lying Cops, and a Very Slow Walk to Protest Comcast.
To note about that PAC to control to Supreme Court - at least half the names in that small group - that raised over half a million dollars in just 6 days - are ed reformers. This is NOT all about business interests; it's also about controlling public education (which is half of what the Gates Foundation does.)

Also, I hate Comcast.
Oct 19, 2016 westello commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 2016 General Election.
Please listen to The Stranger on State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Erin Jones has:
-changed her views on different issues for LGBT people at least twice
- from The Olympian's endorsement of Chris Reykdal:

"Despite her enthusiasm for education, Jones missed several opportunities to vote on public school bonds or levies for North Thurston Public Schools, where her children were enrolled. Reykdal has used this to question her commitment to local schools, but Jones quickly acknowledged to us that she was “irresponsible” not to vote."

In other words, she wants you to vote for her but couldn't be bothered - several times - to vote for school levies.

- two ed reform PACs and Vulcan have paid $167,600 for a mailer in support of Erin Jones. This action comes out of national Stand for Children office in Portland, Oregon.

Here is how it breaks down:
-$50,000 from Stand for Children Inc.
-$9,000 from League of Education Voters PAC (Education Voters Political Action Fund)
-$108,600 from Vulcan Inc.

This is the second-largest independent expenditure so far this election season, after a $194,300 IE from No on I-732 people.

- she's using a former lobbyist for Stand for Children, a notorious ed reform group AND hired Christian Sinderman's group to work on her campaign.

Vote for Chris Reykdal - he has the skill set for an executive job, understands what it means to be an low-income student, and is consistent with all his statements on issues, including LGBT ones.
Oct 19, 2016 westello commented on Guest Editorial: Why A Vote for Steve Litzow is a Vote for the NRA.
Also, if you like ed reform, Steve's your guy. I had one legislator tell me, "He's the smiling face of no."
Oct 17, 2016 westello commented on Citing Her June Position on Conversion Therapy, SEAMEC Revokes Erin Jones's Rating and Endorses Chris Reykdal.
Again, why is she educating herself in the middle of a campaign? If she didn't feel well-versed enough when answering questionnaires, why not say that instead of answering.

It feels like she's trying to play both sides of the fence.

She did not adopt those kids; she took them in. She uses the word "adopt" wrongly in this case and again, confusing to the average reader.
Oct 17, 2016 westello commented on Citing Her June Position on Conversion Therapy, SEAMEC Revokes Erin Jones's Rating and Endorses Chris Reykdal.
Jones seems to have a problem with communications. That is not good.

She seems to say different things to different people on the same issue.

She has changed her viewpoint on LGBT issues, not once but twice. In the space of a campaign season. Who does that?

Very troubling
Oct 13, 2016 westello commented on Amid Sweeps Backlash, Council Members Release Competing Plans for Addressing Homeless Encampments.
A couple of thoughts:

- some schools do bank right up to parks and one, Lowell, right on Capitol Hill, has experienced a lot of concern and stress over people camping there

- What is the difference between "maintained parks" and "improved areas of City parks?" That's the language in O'Brien's legislation and I find this vague. So it should be clearly spelled out.

- What's to stop tourists from learning they can do this? Why get a hotel if you can camp in a park? It's not like cops are going to ask every single person camping in parks for IDs every night.

I think this energy could be better used in finding real housing for the homeless.
Oct 9, 2016 westello commented on At Depths, Andrew Crawshaw Rescores Classic Cult Films.
"...any movie that has a legendary soundtrack. I wouldn't do anything very recognizable or noted, .."

Well, the entire Exorcist soundtrack might not be notable but it's theme - Tubular Bells - you know it the minute you hear it. It was a big song when the film came out.
Oct 4, 2016 westello commented on You May Not Care to Watch It, but Crisis in Six Scenes Is Woody Allen's Best, Most Relevant Work in Decades.
Yes, I am one of the Woody's work supporters. I was watching his work long before his personal issues came forth and I am bound to see it thru until he dies.

As for Crisis, meh. Woody tries but his writing is rehashed and not that sharp. Elaine May is her usual funny self but the book club part is overwrought. As for Cyrus, she can't act. It's a mystery that people even listen to her because all she does is be ungrateful for the help she's getting and needles everyone for their lives. (But she's happy to eat up all Woody's fig newtons.)

I wanted to like it and, luckily, it was only six short occasionally amusing episodes.
Sep 30, 2016 westello commented on Another Ugly Side of Rape Shown in Local Sighting's Film The Tree Inside.
No, this is not even close to the first film/tv show to have this type of rape.