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Jul 18 Tovirus commented on The Friday Morning News.
@8 thank you. Most women I know are constantly rewarding aggressive behavior, and are quite turned off by the passive man. I think faults in one gender are almost entirely the responsibility of the other gender, since 99% of the time our actions are dictated by the opposite sex consciously or subconsciously.

The issue gets a little complicated in LGBT individuals of course, but I think male/female archetypes are still pretty well adhered to for the most part even there.
Jul 11 Tovirus commented on Bartender Crush: Rob at AQUA by El Gaucho.
Dilated Peoples
Jul 11 Tovirus commented on Six Members of a Suburban Texas Family Shot "Execution Style".
His own mother also had a protective order against him as well.
Jul 11 Tovirus commented on Six Members of a Suburban Texas Family Shot "Execution Style".
It was NOT his ex-wife. It was her sister.
Jun 25 Tovirus commented on The Soft Pink Truth: The Blackest Techno Metal?.
Isn't black metal cultural appropriation for the sake of hipster popularity a little passé these days? And the whole "Queer critique" of politically incorrect ideas and themes has been done quite a bit too. Seems like he's a bit late to the trend-hop.
Jun 24 Tovirus commented on Tumblr of the Day....
I think a few commenters are missing the juxtaposition aspect of the tumblr...
Jun 20 Tovirus commented on Friday Slog Poll: Should It Be Legal to Give Your Pet a Tattoo?.
I assume everyone bitching about pets being tattooed is vegetarian. Otherwise it seems pretty hypocritical. I've been subjected to hundreds of hours of tattooing and sure it hurts, but it's better than being killed and eaten.
May 23 Tovirus commented on Hipster Twilight.
Worst movie ever! Jarmusch didn't get get the memo alright, but not in the way you imply.
May 15 Tovirus commented on Funny/Not Funny: Mandatory Vagina Inspections.
Hi-larious! I used to want to put a sign that read, "Vaginal Wellness Clinic - walk ins welcome" in my apt window.
Never did it though.
May 13 Tovirus commented on What the Neofolk? Death in June Live in May at Studio Seven.
Oh well. We shall see I guess. It's a bummer that so many supposedly open minded individuals can be so closed minded when it comes to things that make them feel uncomfortable. I'm glad I get the opportunity to see them.

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