Aug 27, 2013 fif commented on The Revolution Happened and You Killed Me.
Thanks Maged for this thoughtful piece. I can identify with the loss of hope time after time, the anxiety, confusion, and the terrible position to be in when one needs to choose between evil and more evil.
This comes from a neighbor from the north-east although living here in Seattle for a long time now.
As you may suspect I belongs to the other group of people described as "passive" by that student, though I'm wondering where the idiot got that khara from.
Kulna majanin fi'l sharq al awsat.
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@seandr- 52
While you seem to be smart and funny I really don't see anything wrong with asking the doctor something like "Will enemas break my pooper?" I agree that you shouldn't ask her about grandma's clit though. Grandma should do it herself.

In a true progressive society, where our tax money is used to benefit the public, we should not feel ashamed to discuss all of our health concerns with our providers as the costs are kept at a reasonable rate.
Jun 26, 2013 fif commented on Savage Love.
@seandr 28,30
Thanks for your detailed responses. I was trying to make a point that we, the people, should all have an access to an affordable health care system in which we feel free to discuss the most intimate parts of our lives with knowledgeable professionals without feeling ashamed/ embarrassed/ intimidated, and so on.
Unfortunately we are raised to be ashamed of our sexuality, and our health care system sucks big time.

I agree that both Dan Savage and Nina Hartley are doing a wonderful job helping humanity. Bless their heart! I wish the government would acknowledge just that and incorporate their knowledge and compassion in our health care system.

Wishful thinking, I know, but we can still try and push our legislators to do so. Who would have thought the supremes will ever recognize same sex marriage ten years ago?
Jun 26, 2013 fif commented on Savage Love.
Sorry Erica P- it ain't you , it's "seandr"
You're still a certified organic "thoughtful, progressive commenter"...
Jun 26, 2013 fif commented on Savage Love.
@11- to Erica P- the otherwise mostly thoughtful, progressive commenter...
Why not bring it up, and why should we consider it as "shit"???

If we ask our health providers all the questions that really matter to us they'll have to answer it. And if not we will go to others who will. It may put Dan and Dr. Torres out of business, but it will make society as a whole so much happier and a little less sexually frustrated.

Also, why should we consult Nina Hartley, an aging porn star for those of you who never heard of her, when we can trust our family doctors for an honest, professional answer?????????????
Jun 25, 2013 fif commented on Savage Love.
What strikes me in this week’s questions is the fact that many, maybe even most of us, are reluctant to bring up essential parts of our lives with our supposedly trusted medical providers because of fear, “taboo”, shame, or whatever.

Masturbation, enema, lack of sexual drive, where the hell is my clit, and all other questions we may have should all be addressed in a confidential and professional manner. And if a provider is refusing to do so or is giving us a speech about our poor, immoral choices then they should be prosecuted for malpractice with the possibility of loosing their license.
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So sorry Meg, just couldn’t find anything else to stir the coffee with.
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Just another opinion about religion, bible, and lgbtxyz-related stuff, coming from this bigender person
who happened to be ritually circumcised while few days old (yes, it was painful, but considering the first all-the-way blow job I got some 20 year later as a result it was well worth it!!!)
Ladies and gentlemen, I am a proud member of the chosen people and as such I got to read the bible in its original version. Despite growing up with the secular section of the tribe way back in the land of milk and honey, we didn’t have much to do with the New Testament. But we did read and debated the old one. As history, as a way of life, not a doctrine, as “the doctrine” was a socialist one that professed hard manual labor for the sake of it. Quantity, meaning the number of hours you stood under the fucking sun, counted so much more then the quality of what you actually produced.

Intros are very important, but lets not forget the reason we’re all here, shall we? So… the bible at some point lists some set of rules, and in that list you will find homosexuality alongside with the no-no’s of… making clothes out of flax fibers mixed with other types of fibers, as well as planting those seeds next to each other.
This vague list didn’t stop all homophobic religions- and aren’t they all anyway?- to list homosexuality as the worst crime on earth. And just to clarify the matter, “homosexuality” is always so much worse when it is between men, because even back then the ruling guys were secretly masturbating to lesbian porn…

So what does the bible says, ha? The bible tells us about Joseph, not the one whose wife was cheating on him and once she got knocked up told him it was “the holly spirit”. The other, earlier Joseph was Jacob’s son who was viewed by his older brothers as “a little different”, an embarrassing kinda dude who used to dress up in fancy striped gowns. So they threw him in a dried well and later sold him to nomads, who must have viewed him much more charming than their occasional camel encounter. They also took him to Egypt where, being the only Jew, he became Pharaoh’s both shrink and economic adviser.
Years later, when the family moved to Egypt due to economic hardship, Joseph confronted his brothers and they all hugged and kissed him and asked for forgiveness. Yes, economic hardship can do a lot for your liberal set of mind.

The other famous gay person is King David. Surprised, aren’t you? Well, back in the days the kings could fuck anyone in site and get away with it. So on top of watching that woman washing on the roof in Jerusalem and then sending her husband to the frontline and make sure he is killed so he can fuck his wife, the red haired musician had a boyfriend named Jonathan. And at some point he told him something like, “my love to you is greater than a love to a woman”, which I’m guessing all religions interpret this as a sign of “an asexual friendship that stands so much higher than any sexual contact”.
Because sex is dirty, it’s horrible; we should all refrain from it as much as we can. And besides, you only do it with someone you really, really love. And married to. And that person has to be a member of the opposite camp; otherwise it’s a sin!

Well, ladies and gentlemen- and everyone in between- FUCK IT!!!
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@46 Biggie- Please follow my responses to #16 and others, #27 and up, before becoming so "sad". As I did state it's not necessarily the language skills that triggered my initial response.

In any case, I did have my doubts and expressed them. Other people corrected me in a civilized manner and I did come around as stated @41.

I assume your "bar lowering" statement meant mostly to make yourself feel so superior to others, but so be it.

This is going to be my last comment this week and I still wish all of us, even you "Biggie", happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.
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@43 and @44 (identical for some reason)
Please check my admission and apology @41