Sep 27, 2012 Sahoyah commented on I Love Sureshot in the U-District.
Sureshot is great. Got me through my years working on the Ave. If you see a short girl with blond hair behind the counter tip her extra, she's rad.
Sep 25, 2012 Sahoyah commented on Mitt Romney Is Not Stupid, but He Is Very Unfunny.
Can't we just agree that he's stupid AND unfunny?
Aug 9, 2012 Sahoyah commented on Want to See The Inside of Basic Plumbing?.
I think you misspelled "renamed" as "reamed."
Freudian slip, Dominic?
Mar 30, 2012 Sahoyah commented on Christopher Martin Hoff Has Died.
That sucks, I used to see him around every once in a while. Really lovely work too.
Mar 29, 2012 Sahoyah commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Do You Wanna See A Girl Make Out With A Tree?.
More like Scary Katherine Gallagher.
Mar 19, 2012 Sahoyah commented on Someone's Gonna Get Glittered.
Not cute.

As for the word "tranny" I don't have a ton of trans friends but for what it's worth they all use the word pretty liberally. I think it's currently in a grey area. Hopefully as they get a more of a voice on the national stage they can help to establish more firmly whether it's a term of endearment or a slur.

Context also plays a big role, as with any taboo language. This particular context is dated and upsetting.
Mar 16, 2012 Sahoyah commented on What Do You Think of the Dark Shadows Trailer?.
I'm not on the "I hate Burton and Depp" bandwagon but Alice in Wonderland was definitely lame. This looks a little more my speed, nice that Tim isn't taking himself so damn seriously for once. Cautiously optimistic.
Mar 12, 2012 Sahoyah commented on The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!.
Loved Shane but glad they offed him finaly. They kept him along for a lot longer than they did in the books which I didnt mind because they mostly succeeded on extrapolating his relationship with Rick. Occasional plot holes and slow episodes aside I've fallen in love with this season. Even when it's not working that well its still appropriately moody and interesting. Also for everyone who thought Darabaunt's departure was going to doom the show he had nothing to do with any episodes after the barn incident and I'd say the show's strongest episodes happened in the second half of the season.

Last episode I predict we witness the destruction ofthe farm and then meet Randal's friends, maybe with the governor as their leader. Also I bet Merle is with them.
Mar 8, 2012 Sahoyah commented on Mitt's Plan for America: There's Always Money in the Banana Stand.
I want to see Mitt's chicken dance.
Mar 7, 2012 Sahoyah commented on Breitbart's Sites Scooped on "Shocking" Video of Obama Being a College Student.
The only thing controversial about this video is his pocket usage.