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May 23 paulus22 commented on Your Donald Trump Reader.
Anyone who honestly thinks that Trump and Clinton are indistinguishable should have their head examined. I don't care what polls say, the facts say something very different. One candidate on that list has experience, has definitively supported a center-left agenda and has spoken repeatedly about bridging divides and supporting the middle class. The other has no experience, talks incoherently in vitriolic anti-rhetoric, and has threatened to allow war crimes if given power. They are not even close to the same.

What is most dangerous is that so many people seem to be slurping up that absolutely flawed message so easily.
May 18 paulus22 commented on Is Portland Berning?.
@9: Exactly. This election, when it comes down to it, is about the Supreme Court and down-ballot Senate and House races in the future. Any #BernieorBust moron that argues taking votes from the Democrats (as flawed as they may be) and helping Trump to win clearly doesn't understand the import of this election with regards to their policy positions. The Right is coalescing around Trump right now. The Left needs to start that process as well; Hillary ABSOLUTELY cannot be equated with Trump in any way, even with her glaring flaws. If Trump wins, the Supreme Court goes conservative (Trump has already said he would appoint conservative justices). And that means the progressive agenda dies for a generation. There is more to a presidential election than one's own personal position on things, or even the office of the President itself (which doesn't really have a whole lot of law-creating-or-changing power anyway, more a checks and balances position than anything). Learn how our government currently functions before you burn your own position to the ground and don't help the Right win. Keep the grassroots pressure up high after the election to change the system in the ways it needs changing. That's the most intelligent way to proceed.
May 16 paulus22 commented on French Housing Official/Hero: It's Time to End the "Ghettos of the Rich".
I've been saying this for years. The REAL way to fix our problems of class, race, etc. is to LIVE with each other. When we actually interact with people who are different from us, it is a lot harder to hate them. We can see the humanity inherent in them. When they are always somewhere else, it's harder to see them as true neighbors.
May 16 paulus22 commented on Does Not Look Good: Sinéad O'Connor Is Missing.
Those first two albums are amazing. 'Nothing Compares 2 U' is great, but 'Three Babies' and 'Feel So Different' are spectacular. It's always sad to see a public figure melt down. I hope she's ok.
May 11 paulus22 commented on Red Mill Burgers Owner John Shepherd Accused of Sexist, Transphobic Online Comments.
@7 - Indeed it is a free country, so people have the right to stand up for their beliefs and not support a business who's owner is a dick. There are loads of hamburger joints in Seattle. If Red Mill went kaput (which it won't), someone else would start a new place where it used to exist. I've had a problem with Red Mill for years...mostly because the employees are jerks and they still don't take credit cards. Anti-trans and woman rants seal the deal. No more Red Mill for me.
May 6 paulus22 commented on Bernie or Bust? Kshama Sawant Debates Former Mayor Mike McGinn.
Sadly, any third party vote or refusal to vote for Hillary will only help Trump win in our current system. I hope that enough #Bernieorbust folks will recognize the truth of this and make a good choice in the general, and also keep up the pressure from the left to change the makeup of congress and the house so that progressive agenda items have a chance. The stupidity rampant on the internet right now freaks me out, though. We might have another 2000 style thing happen. Ugh.
May 5 paulus22 commented on Sound Transit Should Consider Fining Those Who Place Bags in Seating Area for People With Disabilities.
I'm so fucking tired of people blaming "Seattlites" for this kind of shit. I've lived here my whole life...and from my perspective it's all the fucking transplants from other places that don't know how to behave. People used to be nice, welcoming, and generally helpful here. Now, not so much. Quit blaming this city and the people that actually should claim the title 'Seattlite' for all the flaws that decades of people moving here from elsewhere have amplified or created entirely. Seriously, it wasn't until the last ten years that there have been so many entitled assholes running rampant in this town.
May 4 paulus22 commented on Watch What Is Possibly the Funniest Parody of Synth Composers Ever.
This is fucking brilliant.
Apr 26 paulus22 commented on You Gotta Read These Comments About Integrated Busing and What It Meant to Seattle's Public School Students.
I too would like to echo #4's comment about segregation in bussed schools. Ingraham High in the early 90s during bussing was definitely the most diverse environment I'd ever been in as a north-end white boy, and I made some great friends that crossed color lines that I may have not made otherwise. But for the most part, what wound up happening was that people grouped up by race or neighborhood. Bussing did little to nothing to break down those fact, it often made them worse. The students that bussed up north didn't participate in after school activities as much because of the commute. Tensions between groups were high. Bussing seemed to emphasize those differences rather than mediate them.

I absolutely value the exposure to people that had different cultural contexts than my own, and feel like I did learn a lot from it. I wouldn't be who I am today if not for that system. But it really wasn't great. It was pretty crappy for a lot of people, and emphasized differences more than it broke down barriers.

I would much rather see more work done to diversify neighborhoods. We need to make the city affordable and accessible to all, everywhere. That is how these colorlines will break down and become easier to cross; if we actually LIVE with each other, are neighbors and close enough to be real friends and companions in life, THAT is when we'll see more positive change. Shipping kids around the city and wasting hours of their lives DID NOT work. Solving the real problem is where the focus should be, not putting a retroactive band-aid on it.

Also, I would argue that, as a current SPS teacher, the diversity of the city HAS changed for the better already. Ingraham is not as diverse as it was in 1991, but it IS a diverse school and the north end is much more diverse demographically than it ever was at that time. There is a predominance of white folks for sure, but there is a lot more people of color and a lot more culture represented in the current student body than one would think.
Apr 21 paulus22 commented on AP, Billboard, and BBC Are Now Reporting that Prince is Dead at 57.
So. Sad. About. This. I've always thought, ever since I first heard Prince at about 7 years old, that he was a true genius, always a bit misunderstood, never recognized as much as he should have been. Let the bandwagoneers commence in their lofty praise. Seriously, one of the most versatile, accomplished, talented, prolific and FUNKY artists of all time. I've never stopped loving him, and I never will.