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Oct 13 paulus22 commented on Bob Dylan Doesn't Deserve the Nobel Prize In Literature and He Shouldn't Want It.
So simplistic. Pick a better quote, man. Many of his lyrics resonate without the music and beautifully express poetic technique and nuance. Plus, he also wrote books, one of which was standard literary poetry.

Dylan totally deserves this award. If Shakespeare is considered Literature, Dylan should be too.
Oct 12 paulus22 commented on Evicted Ballard Resident Who Has Autism Stares Down Homelessness.
Perfect example of how big money ruins life for everyone except those with the big money. This city is starting to disgust me. Homeless sweeps. Evicting people with special needs. We need to do something before this place looks like some scary Ayn Rand 'utopia'.
Oct 10 paulus22 commented on Hillary Clinton Won the Town Hall Debate.
I'm an avowed liberal, but I thought in some sense Trump won last night. He pretty expertly doubled down on the conservative talking points and deflected the 'pussy grab' controversy well by making it all about evil Hillary crooked Hillary shouldn't-support-her-rapey-husband Hillary. In real, intelligent political terms, he lost by miles. By this election's warped reality terms, he did better than most pundits are giving him credit for, I think. Well enough to pull undecideds? Yes, some. Enough to win. Probably not.
Sep 30 paulus22 commented on Edward Scissorhands Made by Director Who Wants to Be True to White People.
I'm torn here. I'm a fan of Burton's (generally...much of his later work is not so great), but I'm also a white person that values and promotes diversity. Yet, I get what Burton is saying. His personal world, especially his suburban childhood, was white, and there IS a lot of variety in whiteness as there is in blackness. His new film takes place in England at a time when it wasn't very diverse there, so it fits the period and place. I don't know. I think this was stupid of Burton to address the way he did, but I also think that Mudede is intentionally blowing it up as well. And I'm sorry, but Edward Scissorhands is as close to perfect as Burton has ever got with his 'Burton-esque'-ness, and part of it's perfection is the disturbingly precise white world that it fact, I see it as somewhat of a commentary on the shittiness of American white suburbia. Eh. Burton can improve, but to claim racism is a bit of a stretch.
Sep 26 paulus22 commented on Gary Johnson Is a Moron (And If You Vote For Him, You Are Too).
@30 - I've done the relaxed, calm, rational approach for months, and it didn't help a lick because the uberleft won't listen to rational arguments; it's always about how Hillary isn't quite good enough, never about voting strategy or her actual progressive record. And I'm tired. I'm tired of people being shit fucks toward me simply because I support Hillary. I'm tired of stupidity ruling the day. I'm tired of the discourse. Pardon me for getting mad and succumbing to the vitriol. But here's the deal: if y'all uberlefties can't accept the fact that protest votes will help Trump win, then you really are stupid. Undeniably. So, I guess I could frame that in a nicey-nice way. But I'm done with that. Because when I do, some fucker gets up in my shit about "should have picked Bernie because he'd win when Hillary won't". That exact comment proves my point that the uberleft will be the reason that Trump wins this election. It's not that Bernie would win, its that the uberleft would actually vote for him. If the uberleft won't budge, they WILL lose this election for progressives. Period. Most people will vote for Hillary, some of us even think she'd be a good president. But if you absolutely WON'T vote for her for not being left ENOUGH, it ain't me that's losing the election, it's you. And if you think Johnson supports anything left in the slightest beyond legal drugs, you most certainly haven't done your research.
Sep 26 paulus22 commented on Gary Johnson Is a Moron (And If You Vote For Him, You Are Too).
The repetition of "Hillary isn't good enough to win" by the uberleft is getting old and is abhorrently stupid and, if it continues, will leave us with Trump as president. Fuck all of you that keep perpetuating the idiocy of voting for Johnson or Stein. Get a clue and vote for the only viable progressive candidate - unfortunately for you she happens to be an old lady that you don't like all that much. Suck it up, use your fucking brain, and vote for the candidate with the experience and ability to actually push liberal agenda items into reality. Stein has no experience and would be horribly ineffective. Johnson's positions are antithetical to liberal values. It's not that hard.
Jun 17 paulus22 commented on Bernie Sanders Is Still Running for President.
At first I thought it was dangerous for him to keep stretching it out. Now, I think it is just sad. If it helps adjust the Dem platform in good progressive ways and keeps his fans in the mix, great. If it increasingly becomes some old dude wagging his finger in the wind and keeps his maniacal fringe people all lathered up, knock it off.
Jun 16 paulus22 commented on Wait. Where Was Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) During Yesterday's Fillibuster?.
Bernie's gun record is one of the reasons that I didn't get all Berned up over him in the first place. Odd to be so uber-progressive but not in the realm of the 2nd amendment...
Jun 16 paulus22 commented on Watch the Powerful End to Democrats' Filibuster for Gun Control.
It is strange that I perceived this filibuster as such a brave, bold action when it was over such a minute addition to gun control. The fact that just seeing congress talk about this is so shocking is seriously disturbing to me. I hope that the NRA and Republicans will start to hear it from their constituents in such numbers that they cannot continue to support such idiotic 2nd amendment positions any longer.