Oct 24, 2015 dak7e commented on The Morning News: A Worrisome Poll for Patty Murray, a Council Majority Against Sawant, and Free Healthcare!.
I voted for Sawant last time around. Partly a protest vote, partly with the hope that she'd grow up a bit and learn how to move the system in the right direction.

It's clear that's not happening. If she spent a fraction of the time she spent on polishing her image as a pseudo-revolutionary on learning how to work the system, her recent braglist wouldn't be so pathetically short.

Cut her loose. She'll be more effective from the outside anyway.
Sep 21, 2015 dak7e commented on I, Anonymous.
You sound like a tedious asshole. Perhaps that's the problem?
Jul 7, 2015 dak7e commented on Leaked Housing Committee Report Argues Against Single Family Zoning.
I'm confused. Is the Stranger now against urban density? Does it want to keep property prices and rent well outside the reach of the middle/lower classes?

What the hell are you whining about here?
Jun 21, 2015 dak7e commented on White Walker Leader the Night's King Revealed to Be Living, Sentient Being.
This would be cutting edge humor in a college paper. Well done.
Jun 20, 2015 dak7e commented on Ed Murray Shits His Facebook Pants Over Presidential Mention.
Ansel, you're being a whiney little bitch.
Jun 19, 2015 dak7e commented on Guest Editorial: Municipal Broadband Is Far from Dead In Seattle.
SROTU is a troll or a gullible idiot if he actually believes those service availability maps.
Jun 3, 2015 dak7e commented on Second Comcast Internet Outage in Two Months Hits Seattle. Meanwhile, City Report on Municipal Broadband Is Way Late..
It isn't that Comcast's junk occasionally locks up, it's what happens when you try to do something about it.
Apr 20, 2015 dak7e commented on I, Anonymous.
And I'll admit, you might be one of the few good players out there. Aside from referring to a group of women as a "stable", you seem to genuinely care about your business. Unfortunately, you are just an aberration. It's probably time to move to another city or find a different line of work.

Or maybe work for Uber :)
Apr 20, 2015 dak7e commented on I, Anonymous.
Arthur, you are flat out wrong on many points. Their service is regulated, unless you missed that little kerfuffle that happened in city council a few months ago. Also, the situation with their insurance is pretty well satisfied. Even if the driver's personal policy craps out, you're also covered by Uber's umbrella policy.

But even if I were to buy your old, easily disproven talking points... I still wouldn't care. The cab industry here in Seattle is a bad joke and has been for decades. While I'd normally be inclined to support the "little guy" in this situation, your business is rotten to the core and nothing short of a complete reset seems appropriate. Surly drivers who arrive late, if at all. Getting crap if you dare pay with a card. Poorly maintained cars. Scarce availability. Finally some new outfit comes along, shows you how it could be done, and you belatedly offer a few half-assed bandaid solutions. Of course, only after your attempts to sue/legislate your competitors out of existence fails. Why on earth should I care whether your business survives at this point?

Oh, and if you honestly think Uber is just a "taxi dispatch company" you really haven't been paying attention. Uber is getting into the delivery market and has invested tens of millions (if not hundreds) in driverless tech.

Yeah, they're run by a bunch of creepy libertarian types. But they're still infinitely superior to your corrupt, shiftless, irredeemable business.