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Feb 23 Racing Turtles commented on 46-Unit Apartment to Be Built Across the Street from the Beacon Hill Library.
This sentence is so fucking annoying, can you make it unexist? It is bothering me.

"(The kind of architects who love vertical gardens, love quirky designs: both offer middle-class white Americans a way of doing something without really doing or changing anything.) "
Feb 19 Racing Turtles commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Another Weirdo Waving Around a Knife, This Time in Ballard.
I really love those strips, they're quite fascinating. Thanks!
Feb 13 Racing Turtles commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Great Blumkin.
Whenever I hear about couples defecating with the door open... why the fuck would anyone do that?! So gross.
Jan 13 Racing Turtles commented on A Sinkhole Opened Up After Bertha Started Digging Again Last Night.
"So when we find out that this report was nothing more than speculative bullshit, you'll come clean, right? After all, it's not like you're a civil engineer, geologist or have any actual actual expertise in this."

"OHMIGAWD the Stranger reader attitudes = No Empire State Building, No Hoover Dam, No Transatlantic fucking flight for god's sake. FUCK YOU naysayers"

Thank you thank you.
Dec 28, 2015 Racing Turtles commented on We're Overweight for the Same Reason We're in Debt.
Sugar in large amounts or unaccompanied by fiber is basically poison. The science is clear and there's been a ton of research on it. And no - many, many people in our country can't really control the amount of it they consume: it's cheap, and they're poor. Please compare the cost of ingredients for a chicken salad full of hole ingredients and a frozen pizza, or Top Ramen, or chips, or cereal, or a frozen meal. And not only is sugar cheap, but addicting.
Dec 13, 2015 Racing Turtles commented on Don't Listen to the Austrian: The Sound of Music at 5th Avenue Theatre Is Good, Especially Act Two.
Also Hans Altweis is hot! I couldn't look away from him.
Dec 9, 2015 Racing Turtles commented on Trump Makes Cruz Seem Palatable, but Don't Forget They're Still Both Awful Awful Men.
Funniest sentence I've read in a long time: "Personally, I'd go even further: I'd rather see a phone book elected president than Ted Cruz." Haha :)
Dec 2, 2015 Racing Turtles commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sniff Sniff..
Good question Polyphemus - fake letter I say!
Nov 30, 2015 Racing Turtles commented on Is Donald Trump a Fascist?.
Well this sentence is just a titch dramatic (my god):

"America, thanks to Trump, has now reached that fork in the road," Neiwert writes, "where it must choose down which path its future lies—with democracy and its often fumbling ministrations, or with the appealing rule of plutocratic authoritarianism, ushered in on a tide of fascistic populism."

Admittedly, I just can't seem to get myself worked into a lather over Trump. Sometimes I think this country just NEEDS to satisfy its impulse to go full-on batshit, speed up the inevitable, let the shit hit the fan, and let all the resulting suffering bury us in a tidal wave starting at one coast and plowing straight through to the other at last. Only then we'd learn. Only then could true progress proceed.

Other times, I remind myself that democracy is an extremely poor premise for good governing in the best cases, and since companies can essentially buy votes in our case, we're way, way worse than that.

Sometimes I think to myself, "have I gone batshit?" There are actual people who maintain jobs and vote Republican, who accept Rush Limbaugh's wind baggeries as god's own truth. There are people in this day and age who accept that Santa Claus is real as the war of Christmas! Mon dieu.

It's Monday. I'm bitchy. Donald Trump! God bless us everyone.